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Tom Tancredo To Run For Colorado Governor

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Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo is looking at jumping into the Colorado gubernatorial race. With plagiarism and ethics violations coming against the two Republican candidates, Tancredo says that he sees no way that either could defeat the Democrat candidate John "send him a lump of coal" Hickenlooper the mayor of Denver.

Tancredo says that if both Republican candidates do no quit the race by Monday, July 26, 2010, at noon he will seek the nomination of the Constitution Party and run as a third party candidate. If they both drop out the Republican Party can replace them with an effective candidate. The Republican Primary is on August 10.

News outfits are saying that Tancredo could split the vote giving Hickenlooper the governorship, but the way things are going with either Republican candidate winning it looks like he may squeak in anyway.

I applaud Tancredo's actions and hope he does run. Colorado is facing the burden of illegal immigration and no one is doing anything about it.

John Hickenlooper
As for Hickenlooper; he's a dirtbag. In December 2004 Hickenlooper actually was going to remove "Merry Christmas" from all city buildings in Denver and replace them with "Happy Holidays". Hickenlooper also was part owner of a restaurant that employed Raul Garcia-Gomez, an illegal alien who ambushed and killed Denver Police Detective Donnie Young.

I'm not sure why any Coloradans would want this Hickenlooper guy for the governor of their whole state.

Denver Post

Former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo issued an ultimatum Thursday to both Republican gubernatorial candidates: Drop out of the race or I will jump in as a third-party candidate.

Tancredo's entry as an American Constitution Party candidate likely would create a GOP implosion, splitting the vote in the general election and handing a win to Democrats.

Campaigns for Dan Maes and Scott McInnis said the Republican candidates intended to remain in the race.

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I hope Tom runs! Actually I'm sick of the same old republicans and democrats (republicrats) and wish this country had viable 3rd parties. Nothing is ever going to change unless we get people with vision and guts in public offices instead of the pandering self serving low life's we have now. It would be amazing to have Tom Tancredo as Colorado's governor! Better yet I'd love to see him as head of DHS replacing that worthless hag Janet Napolitano.

Posted by: Maya on July 23, 2010 11:49 PM

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