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Illegal Alien Antonia Rivera Released After Arrested At US Capitol - ICE Says Only Wants Criminals

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So this illegal alien "activist", Antonia Rivera, flies to Washington DC, goes to the Capitol Building, sits in the atrium with others who are demanding the DREAM Act, is arrested by the police and ICE doesn't take her into custody and deport her. That is the story in a nutshell.

Rivera is a member of declared illegal aliens demanding the free ride of the DREAM Act. They call themselves the Orange County Dream Team. I find it disgusting that we allow illegal aliens to organize within the borders of the United States and nothing is being done about it. Antonia even has a Facebook page and twitter account where she happily posts that the cops are there to arrest them and links to all the stories published about their arrests. There are other "out" illegal aliens who routinely post to her Facebook thanking her for being a martyr for their demands. On top of all of this, there was a website setup at thedreamiscoming.com where they are announcing their illegal intentions ahead of time for all to see. It was also promoted and streamed over the internet so illegal aliens and their supporters could watch back home. Antonia even posted to her Facebook that she and three others needed a place to stay in Washington DC so they could pull this stunt.

"is there anyone in DC that can house three people here for the DREAM Graduation tomorrow? We need housing tonight til Wednesday night," she posted. Apparently someone aided and abetted her illegal stay in our country as her little show was pulled off. And the government let her walk...

A little other thing of note on her Facebook page. Her favorite movie is Machetero. Looking into it you find it is about a violent revolutionary fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico from United States colonial rule.

IMDB on Machetero

... [a] narrative that follows French journalist Jean Dumont, to a New York prison where he interviews Pedro Taino, a so-called "Puerto Rican Terrorist". Pedro is a self-described Machetero fighting to free Puerto Rico from the yoke of United States colonialism. He is obsessed with freedom, freedom for his country, his people and for himself. Jean questions Pedro about his decisions to use violence as a means to achieve that freedom.

Jean tries to convince Pedro that peaceful means are a better option. Pedro turns out to be well studied in international violence to achieve his goals. He later takes on an inner city poor boy as his student. As the plot summary suggests the violence continues for revolution.

Does Rivera fancy herself a revolutionary who is using non-violence now, but is willing to use violence if necessary to achieve her goals? Is Rivera's "Puerto Rico" the perceived conquered Aztlan that is prevalent among many illegal aliens who feel that the southwest is not part of the United States, but is a colonized land of Mexico? I can't say for sure and convicting someone because of their movie likes is not a solid answer, but it is odd that Machetero is her only movie listed. Her links of pages on Facebook are a who's who of the pro-illegal alien groups. Including El Centro Cultural de Mexico and America's Voice run by Frank Sharry (See a video of Sharry at the link).

ICE argues that they are only interested in "criminal" illegal aliens and illegal aliens like Antonia Rivera or of no concern of theirs. ICE also argues that it costs money to find, arrest, detain and deport. However Rivera offered herself up. They didn't have to spend time and manpower hunting her down. All they had to do was throw her in a cell, run her in front of a judge and deport her immediately. That would have sent a clear message that our government and country is not to be messed with. Instead our laws are once again ignored.

Antonia Rivera laughs at
taxpayers and the feds
after getting back to Santa Ana, CA
Antonia Rivera is a criminal. She has a degree. She went through all of her schooling in this country. She has stolen money from the United States taxpayer and diverted countless hours from the education of American Citizen and legal resident children whose parents paid her way through taxes. In essence she is a thief and she knows it. Her parents are thieves as well for the period when she was too young to know that she was a thief. Her parents should be tracked down and arrested. There is no "Mr. Nice Guy" when it comes to upholding the law. Yes it sounds harsh, but if the law is not equal for all then our country has no laws or justice.

"Have some compassion," you say. Compassion?! Where is the compassion of all the hours citizens had to work at their jobs to pay those taxes for her schooling? Where is the compassion for paying for all the services she has used throughout her stay in our country? It is countless man-hours that produced those taxes that were promised to Americans in the US Constitution to be used for their benefit. Instead they are stolen and used on illegal invaders.

When they say our immigration system is broken they surely are not lying. It's not just the legal entry system that is broken, our interior enforcement system and border security are horrendous - by choice. Those in ICE who refused to take custody of this known illegal alien and deport her should be brought up on charges and then fired. They are derelict in their duty and I'm not really sure why the hell American people should continue to pay their salaries. They are to uphold the constitution and defend the United States. This should go all the way up the chain to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and there should be an investigation into how criminals can come into the Capitol Building and nothing is done.

OC Register

Federal immigration officials will not be taking custody of Antonia Rivera of Santa Ana and her fellow illegal immigrants arrested on Capitol Hill Tuesday...

“None of them have been referred to ICE,’’ said Gillian Brigham, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Our focus is on smart immigration enforcement that focuses first on criminal aliens and people who post the greatest threat to the communities.’’

Gillian Brigham should also be fired immediately for even having the audacity to state such a thing when her federal job entails defending our nation.

There are members of congress who are outraged, but I'm guessing they are few and far between as this story is not circulating widely yet.

“It’s outrageous,’’ said Rep. Gary Miller, R-Diamond Bar. “How can you have a protest right in a U.S. senator’s office, admit you are here illegally in violation of the law and we pat you on the back and do nothing?’’


Opponents of the bill say it rewards illegal behavior and that immigration law must be adhered to.

“You’re rewarding those who have broken immigration laws,’’ Miller said. “Obviously she’s received an education much at the taxpayers’ expense. She should be grateful, not here protesting.

(Picture courtesy Brian Rosenthal, Orange County Register)

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I.C.E only wants criminals? Didn't she get arrested?

Wont be long for this clown.

Posted by: rewhblcain on July 22, 2010 06:18 PM

How dare this brown person speak in public. Reinstitute slavery of browns immediately!

Posted by: Downwithbrowns on July 25, 2010 08:53 PM

This Amnesty crap is sickening. It must NOT stand. America, wake up!

Posted by: NO AMNESTY, NOT NOW, NOT EVER on August 15, 2010 04:09 AM

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