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Labor Department Releases PSA Saying Illegals 'Deserve Every Cent They've Earned' [Video]

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Should workers be paid every cent they've earned? Sure they should. Should illegal aliens be included in this category and given the same standing as citizens and legal residents? No.

The Department of Labor feels otherwise though. In a new Public Service Announcement video Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis states that even "undocumented" deserve "every cent they've earned". They then put up a phone number illegals can call to make claims and complaints.

Here is why illegal aliens don't deserve the same standing as legal residents of this country. First of all we are not even sure who these people are. They have no true identification that can be relied upon and illegal aliens routinely use false and stolen Social Security Numbers and other documents to obtain jobs. Second, they do not hold any sort of work visa that they have a right to work in this country.

The two items above show that the illegal alien has already broken several laws getting here and working and using false identity. They are criminals several times over.

The real challenge though comes in the courts. Illegal aliens are routinely represented by attorneys who refuse to acknowledge their client's true identity. Rather they are noted as John and Jane Doe on the court records for claims of fear of deportation. What is to stop illegal aliens, already known criminals, from filing false claims against a business? Don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for businesses that hire illegal aliens. Their businesses need to be closed, the owners need to be fined and both the owners and management needs to be imprisoned. What about law abiding businesses though?

Why should we allow a known criminals, one who has proven to not abide by the law simply by their presence, to have the right to file a claim against a business that could be innocent? Why should we allow them to hide their identity? The business then has to defend itself in court and spend money and time. What is to stop an illegal alien who is not hired by a business from making false claims against them? The illegal alien faces no recourse as they hide behind a veil of secrecy and anonymity. Courts are not punishing illegal aliens for being here they simply send them home so they can change identities and come back once again.

Solis makes it quite clear where this administration stands on illegal labor. They support it and even seem to encourage it. "You're illegal here? Oh that's OK, just get a job, we'll back you up if a business skips out on you. Who needs one of those work visas we hand out? You're a fool if you wait in line for one of those.".

How about a PSA that says "If you're an illegal alien we don't want you in this country, whether you work or not. We are beginning this morning with an immediate nationwide program to track down every single illegal alien in this country and hold them in tent jails for long periods before being deported." That would truly be a PSA to see and would have an impact on the illegal alien population in this country. And with them gone, well then we wouldn't have to make PSA's about them making claims that they didn't get paid every damn cent now would we!

Hilda Solis tells illegal aliens to sue for every cent they've earned

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Posted by Digger on June 22, 2010 08:16 AM (Permalink)

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Do you have any idea how many
legal muslim immigrants?
legal chinese immigrants?
have entered the country these last 10 years?

compared to illegal mexicans? cubans?

The threat of illegals is laughable
compared to
idealogical threat of muslims.... or the
industrial/economic espionage threat of chinese.

Take a drive around America, meet people, if you can.
If theyre not obliviously tied to their internet/sega/PSII/Gcube.

Get some perspective!

Posted by: moreless on June 28, 2010 11:59 PM

I have no problem with legal immigrants.

ILLEGAL immigrants are a different story. They scoff at American law. They have no respect for American law. They are lawbreakers, because they are illegal. They want to cut in front of everyone else. Why would any sane person want to reward illegal people??

I bet most (90%) of these illegal immigrants (Mexican but there are also mid-eastern folk too) would even think about breaking the laws in Mexico. Down in Mexico the laws are more harsh and if they are in jail they have to pay for their own food, supplies, etc., etc.

This shouldn't even be debatable!!

Posted by: Bob on July 6, 2010 01:56 AM

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