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Obama Tells Senator Kyl Borders Will Remain Open To Terrorism Unless Amnesty Is Granted [Video]

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Senator John Kyl of Arizona told a crowd in Tempe that in a private Oval Office meeting with President Obama that the president told him he will not secure the border. His reason being that Republicans would then have no reason to support a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, better known as an amnesty.

Let's break this down into language anyone in this country can understand. The president in essence has said that terrorists have open season on the American people by crossing through our borders at will, all so that he can concern himself with granting millions of illegal aliens an amnesty. To break it down even further, the president has put the welfare of illegal aliens over the safety of this country.

This is a disgusting statement by the president of the United States and there is simply no excuse for this. It is a direct dereliction of duty on the part of the president. There is simply no explanation. And before you think I'm just picking on Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did the same thing while in office.

How much longer are the citizens of this country going to allow this to continue? I'm not quite sure, but the anger is growing. To those who support illegal aliens before all else, I have absolutely no sympathy for your cause. I'm guessing the majority of Americans would agree as polls have shown time and again. I refuse to allow this country to be weak and allowed to be attacked and Americans killed all because of your ridiculous notion that these people - of whom we have no knowledge of who they are or why they're here - can remain.

There is simply no way to defend the president's comments. Call me a racist all you want, but it is quite inevitable that this country will be attacked again. It is highly probable that it will be accomplished due to the lack of those who claim to be looking out for us - and are sworn to defend us - in actuality have turned their back on the citizens of this country. They have done so for a group of foreigners who have come into our country illegally and the businesses, politicians and others who benefit from them.

There is simply no greater level of treason, a traitorous act by the people that have taken an oath to defend this country. Go ahead, try to defend his actions. They are indefensible. As a country, a nation and a people we deserve better and the end of this continued betrayal couldn't come soon enough.

The White House is playing games with this news, trying to claim they are doing more to secure the border than others have. They also try to deny the comments Senator Kyl has said the president made. So this administration is calling a Senator an outright liar. Par for the course from an administration whose actions speak louder than their words.

Daily Caller

“The president didn’t say that and Senator Kyl knows it,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told The Daily Caller. “There are more resources dedicated toward border security today than ever before, but, as the president has made clear, truly securing the border will require a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system.”

I don't care if there is more resources than before, they simply refuse to do enough to secure the border completely for their own purposes. More than one million illegal aliens cross the southern border every year and they continue to do so. All the White House can say is basically "We're doing a tad bit more to try and fool you". Disgusting comments.

Senator Kyl stands by the remarks he made in the video below, that President Obama is holding the security of the nation "hostage" in order to get his political vision of millions of illegal aliens"legalized".

“There were two people in that meeting and Dan Pfeiffer was not one of them,” Andrew Wilder, Communications Director for Kyl told The Daily Caller.

“Senator Kyl stands by his remarks. The White House spokesman’s pushback that you must have comprehensive immigration reform to secure the border only confirms Kyl’s account,” said Wilder.

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Posted by Digger on June 22, 2010 07:34 AM (Permalink)

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Since the progressive administration wants amnesty
for all illegal aliens so they will be assured a democrat majority vote (thus they can stay in office)
why can't we stipulate that any illegal given amnesty
must wait at least 4 years prior to being eligible to
vote as a citizen. I guarantee that this administration
would lose interest in this venture and perhaps work
on the more critical issues needed by American taxpayers.

Posted by: MountainLady on June 25, 2010 06:36 PM

Obama is using another form of Chicago thuggery: Blackmail!! Saying that "you must have comprehensive immigration reform to secure the border" is just another way of saying that our own government which has been sworn to protect it's citizens from invasion is, in Dan's words, "derelict" in doing it's duty. Isn't blackmail an impeachable offense? Isn't dereliction on duty also an impeachable offense? Pitchforks, tar and feathers anyone?

Posted by: beverly sydlosky` on June 29, 2010 10:46 PM

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