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Racist Students At Live Oak High School Rally, Yell 'This Is Occupied Mexico', 'Si Se Puede' [Video]

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Morgan Hill Reconquista
Morgan Hill, California and are nation are in some serious problems if the students below are any indication of the impact that the message being spread by groups like La Raza, MEChA and other racist radical groups is having. The kids don't even see themselves as Americans, but Mexicans on "occupied Mexico". Some wondered the other day how five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill could be sent home for wearing American Flag t-shirts. Then the following day, how students walked out in "protest" of those students wearing American Flag t-shirts.

The answer is, of course, that these "students" have been taught by their parents, peers and the large federally funded groups like La Raza that they are a superior race. They have been taught that they are "owed" something. They are taught, falsely, that the southwest United States is theirs. This last of course is patently false as while Mexico on paper had ownership of the southwest at one time, they didn't have physical control of any of it, the native Americans did.

The students in the video below are exactly the types of people that divisive and hateful groups want the United States to consist of. They don't want unity and equality for all. They are trading the future of these students for money, power an control. The students are too ignorant to see all of this and buy into the "superior race" hustle that is being forced upon them. Their parents are a disgrace, as they are allowing them to fall for it - and in many cases have fallen for it themselves.

Judging by the anger, hate and disloyalty to the United States displayed by the student below, do you feel that simply enforcing the law is going to solve this purposeful incitement? Will these students become productive members of society well versed in math, english, science and history (the true history and not some made up hogwash about Aztlan)?

Or do you think that the actions below - the over-reacting to five students wearing American Flag t-shirts as some racist, Nazi concentration camp action - will turn into civil unrest and violence? It is quite clear on the video below, in the first few minutes, that there is potential violence just waiting to occur, as the "Mexican" "student" walks up to a truck and slaps the American Flag out of the passenger's hand. He then goads them and postures as if to want to attack them.

I sit by watching and warning as I wait for the final act that will explode in mass violence. It is coming and the groups like La Raza are fully behind it. You can only spread so much divisive rhetoric and incite people for so long before they explode in fits of violence. These students have grown up from birth with the beliefs they are displaying. They have heard if over Spanish language media since their toddler days. They have heard their parents and other family members talk about it. These students have no interest in peaceful rallies. As witnessed at their "rally" they are simply assuring each other that they are on the same side when it comes to "reconquista". It is a disgrace to this country, their families and every Americans who has ever lived in these United States that we would allow things to get this out of hand with a foreign nationalist community within our borders..

As La Raza will endlessly tell you "we can stop the hate". Yes we can, "Si Se Puede", but all of the hate is coming from "your" youth La Raza, those oyu have deceived, those who have been stoked to a fiery inferno of hate and entitlement - one which they have done nothing to deserve.

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Posted by Digger on May 10, 2010 03:49 PM (Permalink)

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It's on!

Posted by: REWHBLCAIN on May 10, 2010 05:11 PM

Could not hear clearly what they were chanting: Were they chanting "WE WANT RESPECT!"?

If so, they need to learn that RESPECT IS EARNED (JUST LIKE BEING A LEGITIMATE IMMIGRANT TO AMERICA!)... YOU HAVE "NO RIGHTS" HERE UNLESS YOU COME THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR. Once here (legally), you have no automatic right to RESPECT when you are IN THEIR FACE of other Americans, harassing & threatening them with a MEXICAN TAKEOVER.


Posted by: Simply Amazed American on May 10, 2010 10:29 PM

Why does California even bother to have cops? I'm serious. They just stood there like bumps on logs and did nothing! Why didn't they arrest this creep that started it? The guys in the pickup were "white" and all they did was drive down the street waving the AMERICAN flag, but as most folks know, ILLEGALS can never do anything alone, they have to have a CROWD, and there was a crowd as one guy confronted them and knocked the flags down.They love intimidation and being LOUD as you can see. They're cowardly bullies, nothing more...but since our law enforcement won't do anything, they carry on.

Posted by: joann on May 11, 2010 08:52 AM

heres an idea: grab and burn their mexico flags since they are in the usa technically,thats an act of war.inciting violence under a foreign flag in the usa!
if they want to act like animals mebbe its time we treat them like the parasites they are.one illegal hispanics retort was "were taking back the us by breeding"-yeah on goverment money i bet.they need to up the law and keep out the kids they have here illegally also.how do 2 illegals spawn a us citizen legally while trespassing?

Posted by: chris on May 11, 2010 01:40 PM

You people are clearly a bunch of bigots: Twisted, backwards and racist. The the only thing different today is that the truth finally comes to the surface. Good luck with that you cowards!
We're not going anywhere, so get used to it!

Posted by: american made on May 11, 2010 07:23 PM

@american made -

Flawed rhetoric that the sheep bleating it don't even understand is hazardous.

You are hear for now. You think we are bad? You have a problem with Whites being 'racist'? You're nuts.

The negros have your number. You guys cull each others herds while we figure out what to do with the problem. Not ideal, but it keeps you on your toes.

Sure keeping breeding. Breed until your illegitimate spawn start falling victim to disease and malnuturion. BECAUSE THAT'S ALL YOU PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT...you CANNOT support your own exisence...at least not to the First World Standards you enjoy in the US>

Here's a nice little poem for you...give it it's due consideration:

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

-Rudyard Kipling

Posted by: frank on May 12, 2010 07:40 AM

I apologize for the grammar and word misuse above. I should really take advantage of the review provided before posting . . . :)

Posted by: frank on May 12, 2010 07:42 AM

"They are taught, falsely, that the southwest United States is theirs."

As the education system has failed so abysmally, perhaps now is the time for the U.S. Military to re-educate everyone, including the U.N. and Mexico, as to what occurred in 1848. As the occupants and politicians of the sanctuary state of California are unable to distinguish which country they live in, let our soldiers make it perfectly clear where that border is. And if they still don't comprehend, at least they will know why we are sending their treasonous butts and their anchor babies back to their own side. One. Last. Time.

Posted by: Nikki on May 12, 2010 05:33 PM

Yes, every 6 months there is another so called anti immigrant movement that always ends up with slandering the Mexican people, instead of focusing on immigration the topic becomes race oriented. Ethnic pride is only shown with a Mexican flag as a symbol - unfortunately there are many in the Anglo creed that call La Raza the race - no no no - in the proper context it actually means the people like in the term we the people, power to the people, its a Chicano slang term that is always placed out of context by my Anglo friends - that is the majority of the fuel that flames the fire of resentment on the immigration issue - its the name calling. But I also believe that in the Anglo race oriented crowed its done on purpose to feed the hateful spirit of some Americans. So now I can say Viva La Raza and maybe my Anglo friends can understand that what I'm saying is Long live the people - does that make sense to some. Viva La Raza, Viva Viva ....

Posted by: John Padilla on May 14, 2010 02:58 AM

Nice try John. Those kids aren't screaming for "the people". Maybe you should actually look into what La Raza means. You have bought the line of the race-based groups hook line and sinker. The "La Raza" concept was founded on a man who believed that a mix of Spanish and indigenous blood made a superior race.

No different than some other racial superiority groups throughout history.

Those screaming it in the street today are not using it in an enduring term for society as a whole.

Posted by: Digger on May 14, 2010 04:04 AM

First off, I am U.S. born caucasian. Now, can any of you explain to me what the point in showing this stupid video is. I'm guessing it's to further rile up all the so-called patriots, am I right??? You can post all the inflammatory racist hater bullshit you want to. You know what those Mexican kids look like ? They look identical in every way to the Neo-Nazi nose pickers I've seen too much of. Let's don't forget the old school hatred of Malcom X. So HATERS come in all ethnicities, colors, and from all countries. All this proves is that humans aren't worth a fuck no matter who they are. Love is a caprice of each individual; but HATE ? HATE WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

Posted by: I'm Caucasian, NOT white on May 16, 2010 06:14 PM

Hey "Not White",

you should really look into the what "Caucasian" is...

Are you semetic or perhaps a punjab or maybe Celtic or Slav? All caucasians, but only two are White.

Those that call for tolerance and love are usually the most intolerant and hate filled people on the planet....

They have the biggest mouths as well, and say most truly ignorant things.

Posted by: frank on May 17, 2010 09:02 AM

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