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Reid Tells Univision GOP Is The 'Anti-immigrant Party', Vows To Push Amnesty

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In hopes of winning over the fabled bloc of voters known as "the Hispanic community" and ensuring his re-election, Senator Harry Reid went on Univision Sunday and declared that the Republican Party, and the millions of Americans who support them, are "anti-immigrant". He then went on to say that he was going to "move immigration as quickly as I can".

Reid then went on to claim the federal government isn't doing anything on illegal immigration - including enforcing the law - because they haven't passed a bill or law to give illegal aliens amnesty. He failed to mention that there are already laws on the books and that the federal government is not enforcing them. Then Reid went on to bash Arizona.

Daily Caller

“This is an issue that demands our attention and doesn't demand the negativity, so irrational what is going on.”


“We have Republican legislators all over the country focused on Arizona particularly, saying we are concerned about this because the federal government is not doing anything,” Reid said. “The two senators from Arizona won't work with us, it's illogical to hear the state of Arizona complaining about the federal government not doing anything and the two Republican senators from Arizona won't join with us to do anything.

The "two senators from Arizona" don't have to join with you Senator Reid to solve this issue, enforce the law!

Nevada has a growing illegal alien population, but Reid denies this by saying “This issue has nothing to do with Nevada politics”. When you have an influx of illegal aliens into your state it impacts every issue in the state. That includes cost of education, cost of government services, and yes Mr. Reid, it directly effects politics. Illegal immigration isn't free. As proof of it being political, a senator went on Univision and declared that the other party was "anti-immigrant" for opposing illegal immigration.

Many in this country have our fingers crossed that Reid will not be re-elected as the current trend suggests.

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Posted by Digger on May 10, 2010 03:11 PM (Permalink)

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He must not think what he says on Univision will GET OUT TO THE REST OF THE WORLD! Kind of reminds you of the outrageous comments by THE BIG O about folks clinging to their guns and Bibles, when he thought those "gun-totin' Bible-thumpin' rednecks" were out of ear-shot!! WHAT A PAIR OF TWO-FACED DOLTS!


Posted by: Tired of Their TWO FACES! on May 10, 2010 10:33 PM

What an ignorant little weasel-man Reid is....

Posted by: robin on May 11, 2010 08:34 AM

You wouldn't think a supposedly educated, intelligent man would say these things. So it follows that he must be ignorant, stupid or downright lying. And how can he beleve that we will buy this bundle of lies? Are we the "unwashed masses" or the "useless eaters" they so readly call us? We will amass and eat them alive!

Posted by: beverly sydlosky` on May 17, 2010 10:53 PM

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