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Obama: Amnesty "Coming down the pike", Amnesty Before Cap And Trade In May

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Luis Gutierrez
A major push for amnesty has occurred in the past two days. It started on Tuesday with Representative Luis Gutierrez holding a news conference on Capitol Hill blasting Obama's lack of action on pushing an immigration reform amnesty. Gutierrez has said if Obama doesn't push amnesty - since Gutierrez obviously controls all Hispanics in this country and that they're all Democrat supporters - he will tell them all to stay home in November. This is just one of the many threats being tossed around in the coming push for amnesty reform. Gutierrez has been pushing for amnesty for years, even going as far as referring to the Border Patrol as "Gestapo". The interview with The Hill was published Tuesday.
"We can stay home," Gutierrez said in an interview with The Hill. "We can say, 'You know what? There is a third option: We can refuse to participate.'"

Gutierrez didn't stop there though, he also threatened civil disobedience by illegal aliens and tried to tie amnesty to the civil rights movement.

"We’re going to make it uncomfortable for the Democratic Party," Gutierrez said, adding that immigration advocates would step up the pressure by drawing lessons from the movements for civil rights and women’s suffrage.

"There’ll probably be civil disobedience. There will probably be a number of different actions. What we have to do is we have to break through this wall of silence, because we’re invisible."

As most Americans realize though the civil rights movement was a struggle by American Citizens for their rights to be acknowledged by law. Illegal aliens on the other hand... well they are neither citizens, nor legal residents of this country. I hope they do break the law, it would make rounding them up even easier - and they won't be able to claim that they are just here looking for work or "doing the jobs that Americans won't do".

Obama on Air Force One
Gutierrez seems also particularly peeved that while on the campaign trail Obama referred to illegal aliens as "undocumented workers", but has recently called them "illegal immigrants". After attending the signing of the stimulus "jobs" bill. Gutierrez says that Obama came up to him and said "Hey Luis, I appreciate your support. We’re going to work on comprehensive immigration reform.’" and Obama also said he would do "everything in my power" to push for amnesty.

Gutierrez's threats of all Latinos staying home is probably moot as the mid-term elections usually don't draw large voter crowds.

There were additional things that happened Tuesday that should worry all Americans of a coming amnesty push.

Senator Scott Brown
Word has broken that Obama put out his feelers to Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts. White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said that Obama placed a direct call from Air Force One Tuesday questioning Brown on whether he would get behind an amnesty bill. Brown staffers passed on that Obama said Comprehensive Immigration Reform was "coming down the pike". Brown told the president he was willing to look at legislation, though he feels the president's focus should be elsewhere.

While I believe Brown may just being polite or political with his statement, it still worries me. Brown recently voted for Obama's stimulus "jobs" bill and has made comments that make me question how firm he is in his stances. Could he quite possibly end up supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the end?

Steve Pendelberry reports (I'm assuming after making the call to Brown) that Obama met with top congressional Democrats late Tuesday where Senator Harry Reid assured the president that he would bring forth immigration reform this year.

Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
That is not all that was discussed though. The Hill reported Wednesday that Pelosi met with Reid on Tuesday as well and they made an agreement that immigration should go before Cap and Trade.
“It is all about what the Senate can move first and pass,” the aide said Wednesday. “Obviously on both of these items -- immigration and comprehensive energy and climate legislation -- we are waiting on the Senate to act.”

“If they [the Senate] can do immigration first, that is fine,” the aide continued, adding that Pelosi told Reid “if you could do immigration first that would work. Both of these initiatives have very strong support in the caucus to do.”

Which is really more important though immigration or Cap and Trade? The aide above says it is not an either/or proposition, but rather which comes first. However, a senior House Democratic aide said that there really was no discussion about Cap and Trade, it was almost all immigration.

Another senior House Democratic aide, who asked not to be identified, said that both Pelosi and Reid talked about the importance of passing immigration reform this year.

"I don't remember there being a real conversation" on climate legislation during Tuesday's meeting, the aide added.

In addition to all this latest talk, Reid told constituents back home this month that after having wrapped up the hard fought battle for health care reform, "now it's time to do it all over again" - referring to immigration.

Which brings us down to the final bad actor in all of this, one Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham Schumer
John McCain, the former leader in the push for amnesty for illegal aliens, faces a tough Senate challenge in Arizona. He has passed the baton for the time being to Lindsey Graham to take the charge on amnesty. Graham is not up for election this year and therefore doesn't feel as though he has to face voters with his actions fresh in their minds. He has put together this round of amnesty legislation with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

I'm not really sure how Graham can even be called a Republican, let alone a conservative, with all of the actions he is currently making. He is now the point-man for amnesty and working together with Democrat Senator John Kerry and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman on the Cap and Trade bill looming just around the corner.

In May 2007 Graham played the Race Card. During an address to La Raza at a conference Graham said that those opposed to amnesty were doing so simply for racial reasons. Graham told the audience "We're gonna tell the bigots to shut up" (watch video at link). These were outrageous statements calling Americans bigots because they want illegal immigration ended. So with him pushing amnesty, calling Americans bigots and backing Cap and Trade, one really has to wonder why this man is still in the Republican Party and why the RNC backs him.

So things are on the move. Better keep your eyes peeled, because if this much action can be going on within a two day period you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to try and shove amnesty through as fast as possible.

Probably pushing it along similar lines that the Obama Administration has used with everything else so far - that it is an emergency!!!!! Now Now Now!!!

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Posted by Digger on April 22, 2010 08:30 AM (Permalink)

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Digger - a "developing story" here in Jacksonville, Fl. - Big controversy over Muslim(Parvez Ahmed) nomination to serve on Jax Human Rights Commission.
Rules Committee approved nomination this week, full city council votes on nomination Tuesday night, April 27 - some members already saying "no."
If interested, more info at news4jax.com and jacksonville.com

Posted by: Sunshine State on April 22, 2010 05:35 PM

American interests are non negotiable and amnesty is definitely not in the best interest of America. Amnesty will make tens of millions of foreigners automatically eligible for public assistance and many social service programs, which will cause another huge drain on the economy and break the back of this nation. Tens of millions of foreigners will be competing for jobs with the already unemployed millions in this country. How is that fair or helpful to Americans?

Posted by: Will on April 23, 2010 10:36 AM

To Will:

An amnesty is in no way, shape or form fair to US citizens. It doesn't help them in any way. What you have to realize is that right now the US political class belongs to a rich oligarchy and the political class does their bidding. And the hell with rank-and-file US citizens of all colors whether they are from the middle-class, the working class, or the underclass. This is what so many US citizens who identify themselves as Hispanic fail to realize. The political class in this country doesn't care about them. If they did, they would fight against illegal immigration because it lowers wages--and the most likely to suffer are lower class US citizens who still participate in Hispanic culture.

Every US citizen now has to understand that our country is being destroyed by the rich and the political class. They've sold us out because to them we are "useless eaters" and nothing more. It's time to prepare for revolution. The illegal immigration issue is just opening salvo in this. When the US President cares more about the "rights" of foreign nationals living in the US in violation of immigration laws then you know that the US as a country is already gone. Or at least it's already been betrayed.

Posted by: Mex-Am Observer on April 26, 2010 12:38 AM

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