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700 Illegal Aliens Cross Border At One Path In One Month [Video]

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A group has placed motion activated cameras along the border to document the massive flood of illegal aliens that still continue to cross our border at will. DHS head Janet Napolitano would have you believe that the flow of illegal aliens into this country has slowed, but just because she says it is true does not make it so.

In the video below you will see 700 illegal aliens cross our border along this one path in just one month from February 2010 - March 2010. This is just one path of thousands. Nobody knows who these people are, their criminal pasts, nor their intentions once they get here. Many may be here for work, others may be here for criminal reasons. Some of them will even go hang out at day labor sites looking for work and then be brought into your home or yard. Do you know who they are?

Thanks to Border Invasion Pics for granting me permission to share this video with you. You can find many more videos at their website and I urge you to go there after viewing the video and watch all of the documented instances of the continued invasion of our country - with our government doing nothing. These guys have been doing an outstanding job!

After you watch the video I ask that you send this to every one you know. Also send it to your representatives and ask them what they are doing to stop this. Demand that they speak out on the issue of illegal immigration and not just sit back and wait for bills to vote on. Demnad border security and no amnesty for illegal aliens!

Illegal Aliens Flood Across Our Border

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Posted by Digger on March 31, 2010 06:23 PM (Permalink)

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When will we ever learn. My question has always been what's in it for Janet Napolitano, and a friend of mine who lives out there by the border if I remember correctly I believe she lives in California. She told me that Janet Napolitano is of Mexican descent, and that she lived many years in Mexico and that her heart is for the Mexican people and not for American citizens. I would always wonder why this woman would be so against securing our borders, against deportations, and against Sheriff Arpaio who I believe is doing a wonderful job and now I know why. She belongs in Mexico taking care of "her" people. I believe that Obama picked her because he knew that she feels the same way he does, to hell with the American citizens. But maybe with what happened to this poor rancher and my condolences to the family of Rob Krentz maybe the governor of Arizona would enforce the laws and call for securing the borders, and maybe support Sheriff Arpaio, is that wishful thinking?

Posted by: Carmen on March 31, 2010 07:53 PM

This is CRAZY! One area where "government" is needed is national security; it's an outrage that it comes down to citizens and legal residents often having to do the work themselves.

Posted by: Robbie on April 1, 2010 12:46 PM


If you think that is bad, just look at what CNN reported is in the New Immigration bill. It is so obvious they are doing everything they can to build a base of voters for a re-election of this administration again. If they have enough people dependent on the government then they will have a voter base without a fight. Now who do you think grateful, immigrants who have just been made legal will vote for? Whether it is good for our country or not the progressive left will do what ever they can to make it happen. They DO NOT care about the the hard working citizens of this country.

Posted by: Kathy Sanders on April 19, 2010 11:41 PM

This is simply outrageous! HOW did America come to such a dire state, where our own country's interests are ignored but the agendas of "SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS" are a top priority? We HAVE to TAKE BACK AMERICA!

Posted by: Outraged American on April 27, 2010 04:57 AM

The majority are just looking for work, they would do it legally if there was a way, white people are trash most of them live of welfare!!!! You ppl are just racist, so you say you should be treated better just because your mother opened her legs in America? How far back should it count? Send ur white trash ppl to england or where ever they came from and all should follow if it is to be fair

Posted by: Whitetrash on June 12, 2011 07:49 AM

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