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Illegal Aliens March For Amnesty In DC - Illegals Declare Their Status On Stage, No Action [Update]

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I have been watching the speeches at the illegal alien amnesty marches at CNN (link now redirected to other coverage)

The illegal alien organizers are claiming 250,000 people there, but earlier Roy Beck of NumbersUSA stood in the crowd and estimated 10-15,000. The numbers may have grown a tad since then, but there is no way it could have grown to that size. The organizers are lying to their people to make them feel good about themselves.

March For America Reconquista
Reconquista element out in force at March For America
The marches have been funded quite well with a large video screen hoisted from a crane and a large stage. The screen is broadcasting bleeding heart propaganda of little kids and things like this song that I posted last night that shows Americans as hateful law enforcement and racists. Most of the speeches and declarations are being done in Spanish, I'd estimate 60% of it.

Black congressmembers stood on stage trying to tie the event to the civil rights movement. On stage they were calling for amnesty and increased immigration. I feel for the black community that is currently facing 20%+ unemployment in parts throughout this country and their "leaders" are lying to them and selling them out.

Senator Bob Menendez of NJ came and addressed the crowd shouting that he supports them and a pre-recorded statement broadcast on the screen of Barack Obama said that he was behind them. It is amazing how the president will come out and support illegal aliens, but not support the American people when they have concerns.

One speaker at the amnesty rally called on Obama to act on amnesty "for Latinos". And all this time I thought it wasn't about race from their side. They have said it is a "human right". Seems it's only a human right if you are Latino though

The media in this country has been ignoring this. I have seen nothing on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, but I am told that it is being broadcast live on the Spanish language media. Is the media ignoring the amnesty rallies because they know if they show them to the American people they will be pissed?

I think it may be more a show for just illegal aliens than an actual movement to get something done. A show that you can be illegal and march on the Capitol and nothing will be done to you.

As a matter of fact, one speaker got up on the stage and declared that he is "Undocumented and Unafraid". He gave a long speech and then walked off and was not detained. Our federal Law Enforcement agents are a disgrace.

In the photos I've seen and video from NumbersUSA it is telling that all of the American flags held by people were all the same size. No doubt distributed by those who are paying for this event. The lack of the foreign flags also is telling after the backlash from the May 1, 2006 protests in the streets of this country looked like an invasion from Mexico with all of the Mexican flags being paraded down our streets.


A Move On dot Org member just got up on stage and declared that Fox News said they have 500,000 people there... I just went to FoxNews.com and there is no mention of the marches at all. Credability seems to be in short supply at this rally.


The image above was from the CNN feed at the height of the rally (where the groups try to claim 500,000 people). I still have seen no wide shots of the crowd as of yet. All official shots are of people just holding a flag or sign. Clearly by the shot above you can see that the crowd was not enormous on that side and the other side was of the same consistency. The front-on shots of the stage when they zoomed out a little show plenty of room to walk through the crowd without shouldering people aside like I had to do at the 9/12/09 Tea Party rally. It took me 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes to get across from one side of the Tea Party to the other side because the crowds were so thick.


Many unions there. Lots of SEIU purple shirts and Yellow farm worker shirts. No doubt buses paid for by the unions and the members paid to show up. This astroturf stuff is sickening.

Those in the right blogosphere seem to be ignoring this event. Are they doing so on purpose or are they just oblivious to this outrageous act of a march on the capital of our country?
Illegal Aliens marches look like a failure. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA reports only 10-15k, less than was put together by the Tea Parties on the Capitol steps yesterday on a few days notice... and they've been planning this for a long time


Juan Hernandez just got on stage and made a speech. If you don't know who Juan Hernandez is you can watch the video "Who is Juan Hernandez?". Hernandez once told immigrants here from Mexico to "always think Mexico first".

Update 3

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA was assaulted at the march, watch video here

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SEIU: The modern equivalent of the Sturmabteilung (SA).

Maybe Andy Stern and his good-time buddies should remember what happened to the SA leadership when they got too big for their britches....

Posted by: MarkJ on March 21, 2010 06:22 PM

SEIU goons directing a group of mimes specifically set out to bar Roy Beck from any chance to communicate with people at the rally. They used josteling, crowding, yelling, whistles, baloons and posters.

A Maricopa County Supevisor spoke at the crowd, belirgerently warning any elected official to advocate amnesty or else.

The American flag was dragged in the dirt carlessly and used by others as a body wrap.

Posted by: Steve Johnson on March 22, 2010 03:22 PM

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