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NumbersUSA In The Crowd At Amnesty Rally - Attacked [Video]

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Roy Beck of NumbersUSA was pushed around and yelled at as he walked through the illegal alien amnesty March On America yesterday in Washington DC. Remember, these are the people they want to give amnesty to.

SEIU Thugs Amnesty
SEIU Thugs Paid To Disrupt Coverage Of Event
This report in from NumbersUSA:

UPDATE!!! Police arrest Roy's guard after hecklers assault guard, Roy, and our ground crew

Update -- 6:45 p.m.

After threatening Roy, the "mimes" you can see on the video stream and who are following Roy around and hectoring and pushing him, were ordered by Park Police to remain between 7th and 14th streets.

Then they huddled and one ran to Park Police claiming one of Roy's African American bodyguards had assaulted her. Park Police were forced to investigate and arrest the bodyguard pending investigation. You have seen the videos folks, the same ones we will provide to the police to clear this situation. Both Chad and Roy have been shoved, bumped, whistled and screamed at, etc. yet have not pushed back.

NumbersUSA places the blame for federal immigration policies on Congress, not the immigrants marching today on Capitol Hill. Some march organizers are accusing us of bigotry and hate. There HAS been a lot of hateful speech today but it has all been aimed at us.

4:10PM update - Report from our ground crew:

The "swat team" of the Park Police just ordered Roy and our cameraman to vacate the Mall between 7th and 14th Street, and stopped traffic to escort them across the street to the east side of 7th Street. We were told by the Park Police that the pro-amnesty marchers were threatening violence against Roy. When the mimes with the whistles and balloons tried to follow us to the East side of 7th Street, they were ordered by the Park Police to return to between 7th and 14th. This means Roy is now interviewing marchers right outside the march as they come and go without interruption. Leaders from the other side are furious, no doubt.


Priest Plenty Work
In response to unemployed Americans:
"There's plenty of work to go around for everybody"
In particular I'd like to point out the ridiculousness of some of those in attendance. The priest at left, when asked about the struggle of the millions of Americans that are unemployed, simply brushed the concern off with the statement: "There's plenty of work to go around for everybody". As if jobs grow on trees and those Americans who are unemployed are simply lazy and unwilling to get all the jobs that are just sitting out there waiting for them. This is how he justifies legalizing 20 million illegal aliens, who will then be allowed to bring in another 40 million family members to this country - all which will need jobs or social services on the back of US taxpayers.

Roy Beck Attacked At Amnesty March

Roy Beck At Amnesty March Part Two

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I watched these three times and my blood is still boiling!

Posted by: REWHBLCAIN on March 22, 2010 05:47 PM

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