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Defeat Amnesty In Four Days With Only A Few Minutes Of Your Time - Starting Friday

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With the coming march of illegal aliens and their supporters in Washington DC on March 21, it is time that We the American People stand up and be heard. NumbersUSA is running a campaign called S.T.O.P., a four day campaign to derail amnesty before it begins. Stop Stands for Speak Out, Teach, Organize and Protect and each item represents an action for that day.

This campaign will not take up much of your time, but will have a major impact on the coming amnesty push by those who support illegal aliens.

The first of those days is Friday, March 19 where hundreds of congressional offices throughout this country will be visited by those opposing amnesty at 1:30PM EST. This is not a large rally or protest, but a reiteration of the American people stating that they do not support amnesty for illegal aliens. Even if your congressional representative opposes amnesty you still should show up to remind them that you do as well.

Simply show up at your representative's office - preferably with a few friends - and make it clear that you do not support amnesty, that the majority of Americans do not support amnesty and that you expect them to oppose it in any form as well. Then deliver a signed letter of your statement. NumbersUSA has a sample of that letter you can use here.

I'll be heading to my rep's office even though he does not support amnesty, it is important to put this in their minds because they will be hearing word of illegal marching on Washington.

Saturday, NumbersUSA will be allowing you to fax congressional offices to oppose amnesty for free (it's always free) at their website NumbersUSA.com

Sunday, Roy Beck president of NumbersUSA will be on the Mall in Washington DC at the protest broadcast a webcast covering the illegal alien event.

Monday, a call in campaign to representative's offices in Washington DC. Give your congressiona rep a call and state that you oppose amnesty for illegal aliens in any form.

This campaign in total will only take a few minutes of your time, but could drastically change the course of the coming amnesty push. I ask that you participate and spread the word. Most of your representative's offices are not too far away and a 5 minute visit will make your voice be heard.

More at the NumbersUSA STOP page

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Send the letter today! I have printed up several.

Posted by: REWHBLCAIN on March 17, 2010 04:19 PM

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