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See Inside One Of Those 'Coffee Party' Meetings [Video]

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I have to admit, the first time I heard there was a bunch of lefties starting a "Coffee Party" "Movement" I laughed out loud. Mainly because these were the same group of people who accused he grassroots Tea Party movement of not knowing their history. They were saying that Tea Partiers didn't understand the Boston Tea Party.

This same group of people then goes off and opens a "new Movement" based off of the Tea Party name that has absolutely no historical relation to anything at all. There was no "Boston Coffee Party". So it just boggled my mind that these hypocrites were going to try to base something of off the modern Tea Party movement with no catalyst. The catalyst for the Tea Parties was Rick Santelli of CNBC going off on the floor of the Chicago Exchange about how things are so bad we need a Tea Party... and so it began.

There was no catalyst for the "Coffee Party", other than some low level lackey of Obama who decided it sounded like a good idea. And of course the Tea Party, with millions of participants across the country last April, was totally ignored by the press. The "Coffee Party"? Well they got top billing every hour on CNN all day for their little, tiny meetings.

The "Coffee Party" has no prime objective. The Tea Parties were for limited government, low taxes and for the government to get the hell out of our daily life and our way so we can continue producing in this country.

The "Coffee Party"? Well they do have a few things mentioned...

Daily Caller

One participant ... said the biggest difference between the Coffee Party and the Tea Party is that they believe the federal government is not something that should necessarily be demonized.

There is a huge difference here. I believe every single decision the government makes should be questioned with skepticism. It is a representative government and you should always question what your representative is doing. To believe that the government is your good friend and only does good things is really quite ignorant. And yes, when they make a bad decision they should be demonized and rallied against.

Another participant said the United States should not even exist.

... one participant said he feels strongly about immigration reform, explaining “everyone should live where they want to live.”

That is exactly what he is saying above, the United States shouldn't exist. There should be no borders and everyone should live wherever they want.

The people mentioned above wonder why there is a split in this country. There is a split because someone like myself cannot work with non-thinking emotional wrecks like those above. One thinks it would be great if 50 million tribal people moved into my neighborhood and started performing ritual sacrifice. Hell, with his statement, they should even be able to move right into my house with me, without my permission. The other guy thinks everyone should just bow down to the government.

Umm, no thanks. You can take your latte and shove it.

Below is a video inside a "Coffee Party" These people are griping about little insidious things that are not a top priority threatening this country. And this group wonders why nobody is going to take them seriously.

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Posted by Digger on March 15, 2010 01:17 PM (Permalink)

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Or maybe the tea party got so god damn crazy someone had to start a movement to shut them up. You sure seem pretty worried, you had to resort to trying to bring them down. You wouldn't be wasting your time on this topic if the movement hadn't made you take notice.

Just a reminder the tea party doesn't speak for everyone.

Posted by: Matthew on March 19, 2010 03:13 AM

Or maybe I just found it humorous at their hypocrisy after crying about the Tea Parties for a year and calling them "Tea Baggers" and then going and starting their own group based off of the concept.

I am not worried about them. I just found it telling that CNN was all over them promoting them when they hadn't done a damn thing yet. Yet they ignored millions all year long as they took to the streets, town hall meetings and DC.

Sure, they don't speak for everyone, but the bias is surely showing from the media as to which side they are on and the hypocrisy from the groups is laughable.

Posted by: Digger on March 19, 2010 06:29 PM

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