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Palin Says No Speaking Fee For Tea Party Convention

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Sarah Palin
A few days ago I did the blistering article Going Vogue on how Sarah Palin was taking a reported $100k speaking fee from the grassroots Tea Party movement. I received many a comment both on the website and via e-mail. Well last night on the O'Reilly Factor at the end of her interview with Bill she said that there was controversy surrounding the speaking gig and her pay for it. She said that she will not be receiving any payment for her speech.

Here is a basic transcript:

Palin: I am so thankful for the Tea Party movement, for people having a place for their voice to be heard. I can't wait to do this event, and there are a lot of Tea Party events...

O'Reilly: keynote, here right?

Palin: I believe I am the keynote. There will be other speakers, too, though, but I can't wait to get to hear from those who are so concerned about our economy and about our national security issues and share with them what I believe the solutions are.

O'Reilly: They'll love you at the Tea Party, boy. They will love you!

Palin: Well, I can't wait to be there, and there's always that controversy it seems surrounding whatever it is that I announce I'm going to do. There's controversy involved in this one because theTea Party offered me a speaking fee. I will not financially be gaining anything from this.

O'Reilly: You should, though. You have a family to support. Take the money.

Palin: You know what's more important? More important than money in my pocket from an event like that is being able to turn it right back around and contribute to campaigns, candidates and issues that will help our country.

I am not sure when she came to conclusion that she wouldn't accept a fee, when the keynote speech was first offered to her or after the conservative and independent backlash came, but it has taken her days to come out and rebut the reports. As laudable as this is, the convention is still charging attendees $349 for the speech alone and $549 for the whole convention.

Even with Palin not taking a fee for her speech, this in no way changes the fact that Sarah Palin told Univision she support a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens - amnesty. That is a deal breaker in my book, as illegal immigration adversely directly impacts every other single issue that she takes stances on that I may agree with.

Dan Riehl also points out that he doesn't think Palin even understands the Tea Party movement.

As for Palin, her remarks on the Nashville Tea Party event disappointed to the extent that nothing she said told me she understands the movement behind the movement very well.

Riehl also analyzes her performance during the interview and her future.

Also interesting is that the Gold Sponsor of the "National" Tea Party Convention, American Liberty Alliance, has bailed over concerns of the organizing group Tea Party Nation and some weird banking going on. It seems that the Tea Party movement is being raped by opportunists everywhere. Tea Partiers beware.

Below is Palin the interview in full. The statements regarding the fee are at the very end of part 2.

Palin on O'Reilly Pt 1:

Palin on O'Reilly Pt 2:

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Posted by Digger on January 13, 2010 12:43 PM (Permalink)

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Sarah Palin was interviewed for the full hour today on the Glenn Beck show. Glenn's last question to Palin was on the issue of illegal immigration. She wanted to comment on legal immigration. She talked about the United States being welcoming to immigrants, talked about rules, and said that people need to come legally.

That did not cover amnesty, pathway to citizenship, in state tuition, the Dream Act, or any other initiatives or measures to give benefits to illegal aliens.

While we point out what Sarah Palin has said so far on illegal immigration, we must continue to give her, other politicians, pundits, etc., the facts, such as the large number of people that come legally, up to 3 million annually, and what impact that illegal immigration is having all over the nation. She and others need to be made aware of the hospital closures, the impact on education for Americans, the identity theft, the jobs lost to Americans that have gone to illegals, the special preferences and free benefits that illegal aliens receive, the crime. She needs to recognize illegal immigration and legal immigration cannot co exist. She needs to know that any amnesty brings more millions of illegal aliens through family sponsorship, including that by anchor baby citizens. It also means more voters voting against the secure borders of the United States, against sovereignty, and for more socialist type governance.

Grady Dialysis Treatment Center in Atlanta,GA recently closed. Read the reports. Illegal aliens impacted the center and from news reports, they financially crushed it. They allegedly threatened to sue, and Grady agreed to pay for some continuing treatments, and for others transportation to their own nations. How much more can the American people endure? Now those in the Atlanta area do not have Grady's center for dialysis. Illegal aliens have forced closures of other hospitals and medical centers elsewhere. Look at California.

Tennessee loses over 300 million to illegal immigration every year. They have fraudulently received TennCare, health care assistance, standing in front of Americans seeking care. They have brought gangs, including MS 13, drugs and drug cartels, document mills, fugitives, and balkanized neighborhoods. They have taken jobs, such as in construction, workers in Bradley County,TN said at a county commission meeting. They have forced those workers to possibly lose their homes, their livelihoods, seek food stamps, and other options. Tennesseans, like other Americans are fed up with illegal immigration. We are also fed up with the politicians and city and county officials that allow this travesty to continue.

What do the candidates in your area want to do about illegal immigration? Ask each one, and make the questions specific. Sheriff Tim Gobble, Bradley County,TN is seeking the Congressional seat of Zach Wamp. He is one of too few in law enforcement that does have a partnership with ICE and Homeland Security to identify and deport criminal illegal aliens. CAP (Criminal Alien Program) has resulted in 141 plus illegal aliens being processed. Without secure borders we are a nation in peril. Every day illegal aliens, probable fugitives, drug cartels, and possibly terrorists, enter the United States.

Americans pay with their dollars, their jobs, their stolen social security numbers, their communities, and too often their lives. Contact your representatives, make your voices heard. Support E Verify, SAVE, and the 287g.

Posted by: Tennessee on January 13, 2010 07:18 PM

The T Party she is going to is one thought up by some guy as a profit making business. There are 3 versions of the T parties. One is through Dick Armeys group, one is the one above that is trying to make money supposedly to give back to the org. And there is one that operates mostly from the ground up as a people movement.

Posted by: mrbill on January 13, 2010 08:24 PM

Dick Armey is for amnesty and open borders. He is over Freedom Works. Sarah Palin will be speaking at the Tea Party Nation event in Nashville,Tn, February 6th. Other speakers will be Congress member Michele Bachmann, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN), radio personality Phil Valentine, TN (attended "Hold their Feet to the Fire" event in Washington. Bachmann, Blackburn, Valentine are all against amnesty. Sarah Palin will have to clarify her beliefs.

Sponsors for the Nashville event include Judicial Watch and Eagle Forum, both organizations have also made efforts to expose attempts at amnesty. Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, will also be involved. Guest writers for WND include Chuck Norris, Jerome Corsi, Pat Boone, and others, against amnesty for illegal aliens.

Posted by: Tennessee on January 13, 2010 09:37 PM

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