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Driver's Licenses for Illegals in Bay State

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(Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Under direction from Gov. Deval Patrick, an advisory committee is considering driver's licenses for illegal aliens in Massachusetts. Recommendations are anticipated in February.

"By doing this, we're leading the pack like we are in health care reform," said Brooke Mead, program coordinator at the Berkshire Immigrant Center in Pittsfield. "I think we are going to look back some day and say that immigrant rights are the next Civil Rights movement."

The proposal in question - issued by an advisory council from the state's Office of Refugees and Immigrants and the nonprofit group Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition - touches upon a surprisingly tense issue among the undocumented immigrant community and law enforcement.

Leading the pack, eh? From some of the reports I'm getting, the leading the pack mentality has some folks packing to leave.

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Posted by Mike Pechar on November 26, 2009 04:09 PM (Permalink)

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Not on our watch! CCFIILE and MCIR will do what ever we have to do and are as we speak!!

We must keep Coakley out aqlso!

Posted by: rewhblcain on November 26, 2009 06:39 PM

Since Mass. is leading the pack in its disastrous health care bill just assume that whoever is making these decisions is grossly underinformed when it comes to illegals and driver's licenses. First and foremost illegal aliens do NOT have rights. This is not a civil rights issue at all. It is and will remain an issue of the understanding of the word "ILLEGAL" and enforcement of our immigration laws NOW ON THE BOOKS. Seems that Mass. along with a lot of other states is turning a blind eye to these facts as well as the statistics regarding illegal alien crime, stealing our jobs, creating a huge welfare state and scamming over 380 billion dollars a year from the U.S. Unchecked illegal immigration will result in the decline and fall of our once great country. Rewarding law-breakers encourages more to come and do the same in ever increasing numbers and severity of crimes.

Posted by: beverly sydlosky` on December 1, 2009 11:29 AM

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