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71% Of Brazilians In US Are Illegal Aliens - Where Is The Legal Immigrant's Outrage?

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A new report focusing on Massachusetts, which Greater Boston has the largest Brazilian community in the country, has found that 71% of all Brazilians in the US are illegal aliens. This tops most studies that have pointed to the Mexican community and found that half of Mexicans in the United States are illegal aliens.

Both sides of the immigration issue are arguing about the findings. One side wants even more illegal aliens from Brazil here. They argue that illegal aliens should be legalized and given full access to all the social services of legal immigrants and eventually given citizenship - all paid for by US taxpayers of course.

The other side says three words: Enforce The Law.

I'm for the latter.

The study just shows what not enforcing the law can do to a community. Now legal Brazilians will always be looked at as questionable because their illegal alien brothers and sisters have been allowed to break into our country and squat wherever they please. The legal Brazilian community should be outraged!

Think about the reality of this for just a second.

If you walk down the street and pass 10 Brazilians, the chance is that 7 of those hopped across our border and nobody knows who they truly are. They could be rapists, trained terrorists, fraudsters, home invaders or have long criminal histories in their home country. Or they could be just a poor working guy. Nobody has a clue.

The same goes for Mexicans here. If you pass two Mexicans on the street, statistics say that it is highly likely that one of them is illegal, with the same caveats as above. Nobody knows who they are or what they did in their home country.

It is just sickening that this is being allowed to happen to our country and our legal immigrant populations, but it is happening. Just as those who call for Muslims to come out and denounce Islamic Extremism, I call for legal immigrants to come out and denounce illegal aliens.

Legal immigrants from Brazil should have a little dignity and respect for those in their home country trying to come to the US legally. Those waiting for legal access are being denied while these lawbreakers are being allowed to invade your communities. People who are giving you a bad name. I would be up in arms.

I think it is well past time for the legal immigrant community to start policing itself.

Pro illegal aliens groups say the problems will all go away soon because Obama will pass an amnesty for illegal aliens. In the article below, Obama's coming amnesty is mentioned not once, but twice.

MetroWest Daily

Striking a nerve among both advocates and critics, a recently released study based on 2007 data found an estimated 71 percent of the region's adult Brazilian immigrants living here illegally.

The inclusion of that figure has local Brazilians feeling singled out, worried about further immigration crackdowns and afraid the community's merchants, taxpayers and legal residents will be included in the same broad brush strokes, says Eva Millona of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition.

Legal residents in this country have nothing to fear. They have the citizens of the US and their documentation to back them up. Millona however does hit the nail when it comes to legal immigrants being painted with the "same broad brush stroke". They have allowed this to reach a proportion where illegal aliens from their home country far outweigh their legal numbers. What should they expect? And they have done nothing to speak out against it while it has occurred, so they don't really receive much sympathy from me if they receive questioning looks occasionally.

People like Millona choose to blame it on everyone else in the United States though.

Millona ... sees the report as evidence of the need for comprehensive immigration reform, an initiative President Barack Obama has vowed to tackle after health care.

"They're part of the work force, they're part of the fabric, they're raising citizen children," she said of illegal immigrants. "The numbers are an indication that our immigration system is broken, that it's dysfunctional."

It's not really that broken, it has just been hamstrung purposely by people like Millona. They wanted the current situation to occur by suing and disrupting any action by law enforcement to crack down on illegal immigration. The reason Millona and those like her are doing so is totally race based. While they'll call anyone opposed to illegal immigration a racist, they are actually the one fostering power through race-based groups like hers.

If all the immigrants in this country were legal, Millona would be out of a job and out of power. She must continue to wedge the races against each other in order to maintain her paycheck and position. It is really quite disgusting if you actually think about it. She wants people to risk life and limb and have their lives destroyed so that she can have some material to work with to get more money and power. Sick!

There are those in the community who are opposed to illegal immigration. Their point is that there are already laws on the books, they simply aren't being enforced. The 71% Brazilian illegal alien population in Massachusetts is simply the results of actively not enforcing existing immigration laws.

Jim Rizoli of Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement is one:

Rizoli co-founded the group Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement and criticizes illegal immigration on his cable access television show. His organization was featured earlier this year in an investigative story by the Southern Poverty Law Center about hate groups. Rizoli has repeatedly defended his positions as being non-racist nor motivated by hate.

"I don't see one aspect of our life that isn't being impacted by illegal immigrants," he said, citing crime, schooling and health care costs, unlicensed drivers, and snatched jobs, at least during the economic downturn.

Illegal Immigration touches every single thing because and illegal alien living in this country touches every single thing. From work to food to traffic to housing, the illegal alien leaves his mark and cost there.

Tipped by: Reader Joe who says "The system is not broken what is broken is their brains ... Deportation 'Si Se Puede'"

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After arriving here over 20 years ago, my legal resident Brazilian friend spent her first several years in our country living and working in the area of Boston, MA, before moving on to teaching jobs first in Memphis, TN, then in Dallas, TX. She said that Boston and vicinity were one of her FAVORITE places in America. Everything was neat and clean and hospitable, there were many worthwhile things to see and do, and everyone--even most of the immigrants--knew and spoke English. However, four years ago when planning a business trip to Washington, DC, my Brazilian friend wondered if taking a short jaunt to her old Boston hang-out would be worth it. However, when she investigated conditions there, she was SHOCKED! She found that the Boston locale had been virtually RUINED by ILLEGAL immigration! Worse, she learned that MOST of these illegals were from HER NATIVE BRAZIL! On probing further, she discovered that in some places in the Boston area, the people spoke MORE PORTUGUESE THAN ENGLISH! Although the illegals are mostly from Brazil like she is, my friend REFUSES to SUPPORT them! She says they are FOREIGN CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS! Further, she adds, illegals give ALL newcomers to America, INCLUDING LEGAL ones like HER, a BAD reputation!

Posted by: joazinha on October 24, 2009 03:08 PM

I guess this is how it gets started. A study conducted finds that X% Brazilian immigrants in a specific geographical area are illegal aliens. Then some arrogant blogger with little concern for factuality states that X% of Brazilians in the nation as a whole are illegal aliens (despite the fact that the study on focused on a specific area).

Then someone reads what the blog and passes it along. Then it's generally assumed that X% of Brazilians are illegal aliens.

Of course so few people read this blog that this isn't likely to happen, but it's always interesting to see how these falsehoods get started.

Posted by: Ralph on October 27, 2009 11:06 AM

The truth is here in Framingham Ma the illegal Brazilians is more like 90% and here it is from the horses mouth at a town meeting I attended.

Posted by: Mark on November 12, 2009 02:14 PM

Well a lot more brazillians are either white or black, and @ralph, people dont look down on brazillians like they do mexicans

Posted by: Andrew Earth on December 5, 2011 06:56 PM

Why are you so concerned about illegal Brazilians? I used to live in Lowell, MA and most of them kept a low profile and worked their butts off. They're starting to integrate into American society and their kids barely even speak Portuguese. I have dual Brazilian and American citizenship and I don't condone illegal immigration. However, I think that if you're going to single out a minority and spread lies in an amateur blog, then you should at least make sure what you write is 1) factual and 2) well written. Also, speak for yourself...what makes you think legal Brazilians are or should be pissed off at illegal Brazilians? We don't care!! And whoever wrote that stupid comment about her "friend" is obviously an undercover Brazilian without the courage of their convictions. Remember: we weren't born with our blue passports. We just lucked out.

Posted by: Papoula on January 27, 2012 01:23 AM

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