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Racism Called As Ohio Requires Re-Register Of Vehicles With Legal ID - Most Letters Went To Hispanics

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The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) sent out letters to all car registrants who didn't have a Social Security Number, Driver's License Number or State ID number attached to their car's registration. In all, 47,457 notices were sent out. Those who receive the letters must re-register their cars furnishing proper ID.

Only a conspiracy theorist or race card playing group could actually come out and state that this was all done by hand and only targeted those with "Hispanic names", but that is exactly what the Ohio Hispanic Coalition seems to be claiming.

The coalition is now seeking legal recourse against the BMV because - SURPRISE! - the majority of those with no Social Security Number, Driver's License or State ID just happen to be Hispanic, probably because most of them are illegal aliens who received the letter.

They trot out one anonymous guy in the story who claims he is a US citizen who has lived in the state for 26 years. He says the notices are all racist in nature. If he is indeed a legitimate citizen why is he outraged? He can simply provide the requested information and so can those who received the notices and the problems are solved.

The fact is the majority of illegal aliens in this country are Hispanic, so any type of sweep that tries to identify those using fake ID's, or provide none at all, are more than likely going to be Hispanic. There is nothing racist in nature, it is simply statistics. Are we as a nation supposed to stop enforcing the law or verifying identification because a large portion of those who are flaunting the law - most of them being illegal aliens - are coming from one ethnic group?

Allowing groups like the Ohio Hispanic Coalition to control law and order in this country is what has eaten away at this country for years. They will continue to do so if they are not opposed, not because of racism, but because they are agitators in this country trying to destroy it from within through separatist motives.

They need to face the fact that the majority of people in this country committing identity theft and fraudulent dealings - especially when it comes to working, driving or opening bank accounts - happen to be Hispanic, because most illegals happen to be Hispanic. It's simply a fact and there is no racism in enforcing the law.

Of course people like Joseph Mas, president of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition, believe that illegal aliens and lawbreakers are above the law and should not be held accountable if they are of a specific ethnicity. This self-appointed "special group" should receive a pass from what all other Americans in Ohio are required to do.

The group is now trying to find some legal "constitutionality" of the BMV requiring car registrants to actually identify that they are the owners and responsible agents of said vehicle. They trot out the words "constitutionality" as if they are standing up for Americans, when nothing could be further from the truth. The insanity continues.


Members of Central Ohio’s Hispanic community say they are the victim of racial profiling by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The BMV sent out 47,457 letters last week to vehicle owners that do no have Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers or state identification numbers attached to their vehicle registrations.

Owners receiving the letter were told they have 60 days to produce identification or their registration will be canceled. The letter follows a change in policy that closed a legal loophole allowing undocumented immigrants without insurance or a drivers license to register a vehicle using the power of attorney process.


“This is nothing else but racial profiling,“ said a Columbus resident who received one of the letters this week and wished to remain anonymous. The man stated he is an American citizen and an Ohio resident for 26 years. “Nobody else got a letter, only the Spanish people.“

I'd just like you to pause for a minute and ask yourself why only "Spanish people", according to this man, received a notification. The reasoning and logical thinker would conclude that the other people already have a SSN, driver's license number or state ID tied to their registration and for some reason those "Spanish people" who received a letter do not. The logical person would realize that the BMV entered a search in a computer for registrations with no ID tied to them and printed out the info for sending notices without even looking at who the people were.

The emotional and illogical thinker would think that there is some secret cabal working behind the scenes going by hand and only picking out Hispanics in the database. This would require hundreds of workers to eyeball these flagged records - all of them being hardcore racists - and ensure that only Hispanic names are sent these notices and those who don't have Hispanic sounding names were removed from this list.

Here is the logical thinker.

BMV spokesperson Lindsay Komlanc said the BMV did not look at drivers’ last names or use racial profiling in sending the letters. Komlanc said the BMV is not assuming that those receiving letters acted fraudulently, but she acknowledges the BMV is being aggressive in enforcing the law.

“The only way the scan was run was by people who did not have a social security number, drivers license number, or identification card number,“ Komlanc said.

Here is the illogical, emotional, conspiratorial thinker. Though it must be noted that they are not fooled into believing their conspiracy, they quite clearly know that there is not one, they simply want you to believe that there is one so they can achieve their goals. In other words, they are lying.

Ohio Hispanic Coalition president Joseph Mas said he and other attorneys are reviewing legal options, including the possibility of challenging the constitutionality of the BMVs actions.

“Why not wait until those vehicles come up for renewal, renewal of the plates, and then on a gradual basis begin to address that,“ Mas said. “And, of course, if we’re lucky it’s possible that the federal government by that time would have already advanced immigration reform.

In other words, Mas is saying that the BMV should not enforce the law because an amnesty for illegal aliens may be coming. Even if it is decades before another amnesty is passed the Ohio BMV should just ignore the law until there is a time that it is passed. It's the only way they can not be racists according to Mas.

The "constitutional" argument is exposed by his statements. It's not about constitutionality, it is all about race "special status" and illegal aliens.

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Mr. Mas is absolutely right. The BMV is focusing on Spanish names. I personally have seen two letter in the past week sent out to an American and a Permanent Resident. It is racist because neither were Tom Smith or Mike Jones. Both have Spanish names! I am soooo tired of Non-Native Americans taking for granted that they are blessed that immigration was not so hard on their ancestors otherwise they too would be non-documented. Your legal status is a Civil matter not Criminal so stop calling them "illegals"!

Posted by: brenda williams on November 30, 2009 02:45 PM

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