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Obama Castrates 287g, Illegal Exploiters Cheer, Arpaio To Continue Crackdown On Illegals

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The Obama Administration has continued its assault on those who are trying to prevent illegal immigration. After watering down the 287g program, which allows local law enforcement to help in combating those who continue to stream across our borders illegally, the administration thought they would have a slew of sheriffs withdrawal from the program.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona isn't being deterred though. Sheriff Joe has identified over 30,000 illegal aliens in his county alone since 2007 and he vows not to quit.

"They took away my authority on the streets. That doesn't matter because I will still pursue illegals on the streets of Maricopa utilizing the authority I have as the elected official," Mr. Arpaio said

Those trying to usurp the law and allow illegal aliens to continue coming here unabated have used their faux claims of human rights. Anyone looking at the situation logically though would see their true intentions are to gain more power, money and influence in this country off the backs of illegals. And this includes the Obama Administration.

Unions want illegals here for members, so that they can extort their dues, as they do from all their members, to gain more money, power, numbers and influence.

Politicians hellbent on buying people's votes by providing them with "freebies" - such as a few dollars more of food stamps and rent in order to keep them poor and unmotivated - want illegal aliens here to make them citizens and then voters to gain more power.

Businesses want them here to displace American workers who demand safe working conditions and a livable wage, so that they can do away with both and exploit illegals who have no recourse against them should they be injured or feel disgruntled at their slave wages and slave working conditions.

Race based groups like La Raza want them here for more dollars and to claim they have more influence in this country because they have a large race-based voting bloc (which is not true as members of a race don't always vote the same). They use these fake numbers to intimidate businesses and politicians. They have used such a tactic against John McCain and George Bush to try and get them to pass Hispanic only benefits or potentially lose their fake bloc of voting from the "Hispanic community". They've also used it against businesses who refuse to bow down to their pressure tactics by boycotting them. And their extortion and hatred of America continues against those speaking out against the continued breaking of our laws, like Lou Dobbs.

All of these groups have tried to say that Sheriff Arpaio has used his position to racially profile Hispanics, but the truth is that he has identified 30,000 illegals in his county. 30,000 people not supposed to be here and all of them lawbreakers. Knowing Sheriff Joe, he doesn't care if they're white, black, brown, yellow, red, Hispanic, Irish, Asian or Martian, if they are lawbreakers he wants them locked up or out of our country. The racial profiling argument is bogus and these groups know it. Playing the race card is all these groups have as an argument against logic, reason and law enforcement.

Time will only tell how much more the American people will put up with group after group playing the race card as their only argument, but in my opinion that time is growing short.

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Source: WSJ

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Posted by Digger on October 7, 2009 01:36 PM (Permalink)

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Whores like Ed Rend-ADL bow down before Hispanic groups to thank them for helping him get re-elected. That's why he requested federal charges gainst Donchak & Peikarsky. Are they still in prison?

Oh, whatever happened to "pop-out babies like a Pez dispenser" Crystal Dildo, the human incubator? Did she birth # 4 yet or is that still "in the oven?"

Inquiring minds wanna know! Another PEOPLE article?

Posted by: NObama 2012 on October 7, 2009 05:50 PM

Hey Nobama2011 you have to make sure americans have babies instead of having dogs and cats OK???Last if the gov decides to cut it and do something instead that is their decision they know what they r doing if you don't like it then run for office and stop the nagging!!

Posted by: theaboveaverageamerican on October 13, 2009 02:00 PM

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