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A Reader's Letter In Response To Pro-Illegal, 'Human Rights' Schmuck

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I received this anonymous letter as a response to a pro-illegal who was pushing for health care for illegal aliens.

In the pro-illegal's letter he argued that "Hispanics" have punished candidates in elections whom he says have an "extremist anti-immigrant" position. He states that his pro-illegal position is a human rights one and that he will pray for those who are pro-immigration enforcement. Pray for what? He says pray that our hearts will soften, as if we are some cold-hearted monsters.

He then goes on to accuse those who are pro-enforcement as people wanting to take from the illegal aliens! And he states that illegal aliens are bringing a positive change to our country and communities!

Well my response to him would be in the manner of two words - that begin with F and O - after he tries to play such moralist games, all the while advocating for the theft of my property, my money and my country.

Stop crying because you broke the law and got caught.

Fortunately we have people like the person below who responded to him.

How would you respond?

We as a country CANNOT save every person who needs help. We need to teach these people how to help themselves and get their OWN government to do the right thing. We are not everybody's mother - they need to learn how to take care of themselves. Not everyone coming here illegally is poor or a refugee. There are a lot of criminals moving about in our midst, using the illegal status to hide in the shadows. There are people who wish to do us harm sneaking in posing as poor migrants.

As a society, we cannot continue to import dependent and uneducated people... the life raft WILL SINK and then the country will be nothing for anyone. Go to ANY other country and see that they limit immigration and it is for their own survival. We don't wish harm to poor people around the world - we do not hate IMMIGRANTS. We are seeing our life boat being sunk under the weight of all the needy people coming here to save themselves and then they end up sacrificing our country to that end. We cannot continue down this path.

We have immigration laws and procedures and we as a country allow in more immigrants per year THAN ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD COMBINED. I do not buy your sob story. I deal in facts. I am not hard hearted - I am wanting MY country to enforce its own laws for a change and think of the citizens FIRST. There are plenty of legal immigrants who feel as we do. I will never change how I feel and to continue to force illegal aliens onto us will only make us grow angrier and there WILL be a backlash and it WILL lead to civil war based upon race.

I pray for YOU to come to your senses and realize that what I say is correct. Try using the "no human is illegal" argument in Mexico or Kenya or Russia and see how far that gets you. It's time for the US to protect the interests of the US and stop trying to save every sob story that sneaks into her borders.

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Posted by Digger on September 18, 2009 08:29 PM (Permalink)

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With respect my disagreement starts in the first sentence. We owe them neither an education, money, handouts, welfare or bus fare.

What we "owe" them is a swift kick in the shorts followed by a heartfelt adios at our border. Nuff said!

I'm tired of having to pretend to care about the feelings of savages who break into my country, treat it like a toilet and then have the temerity to lecture us about civility. This from folks that haven't quite mastered elections without bullets or functioning law enforcement.

Not to mention the most obvious question of all, if we're so mean, and they're so wonderful: then what in the hell are they doing here among us mean old Americans?

Posted by: The Man on September 19, 2009 03:14 AM

Digger, the moment has arrived. Joe Wilson was RIGHT, as we knew. Time to fight the battle against amnesty. Personally, I have two points to make. First, amnesty fosters anarchy and undermines the law, which undermines the legitamacy of congress itself. Second, what about the deal made in the 1980s that one-time-only amnesty would be passed in exchange for enforcement of our immigration laws? This current attempt seems to put us on a 20 year cycle of amnesties (1960s, 1980s). If immigration is broken, as Nobama says, THEN FIX IT AND START DEPORTING.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on September 19, 2009 03:26 PM

For the past year I've endured Nobama and the left talking about "the law" when it comes to the Bush administration. My response to MSNBC is "well then, grant them amnesty" in anticipation of this day. Every time I hear Nobama speak of the law, the hairs on the back of my neck rise.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on September 19, 2009 03:32 PM

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