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HR 1207 - The Federal Reserve Transparency Act - Status Update [Video]

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The Federal Reserve Transparency Act (HR 1207), would allow the Federal Reserve to be audited. I have been following this bill since March when it was introduced by Congressman Ron Paul. The bill took off due to those Americans out there who called and demanded that their representative support it.

"The establishment does not want this"
- Ron Paul
Congressman Paul in the video below says that the chances of the bill passing on it's own are "quite frankly very slim". He does say though that it is possible if the American people put enough pressure on them. He also says that the chances of those who don't really want transparency at The Fed of watering down the bill are also good.

There is a way to force the bill to a vote and it is called a Discharge Petition. For this to occur though it would require Democrats in the House to sign a petition which basically says that the leadership in The House is not doing the will of The People. Since the leadership in the house is made up of Democrats this is highly unlikely. It is signing a vote of no confidence in their leadership in essence. From my point of view this is what needs to be done, but these are politicians we are talking about and getting them to sign onto a bill is a little different than getting them to openly rebuke their leadership.

HR 1207 currently has 282 co-sponsors (more than half of the 435 members of the house), yet it has not had a chance to be voted upon on the House floor. This is due to Nancy Pelosi not allowing it to be brought up. Obviously there are those, including Pelosi, who want the Fed to remain a black box private entity who has the power to destroy our currency with no oversight, despite President Obama claiming he will have the most transparent administration in history. I don't see him championing this bill.

In the Senate, which also must pass a bill in order for it to make it eventually to the President's Desk, there is S 604 introduced by Democrat Bernard Sanders, which currently has 23 co-sponsors. There are of course 100 Senators total.

If you don't see your Senator listed below... call the Capitol Switchboard, ask for them by name and then tell them that you want them to co-sponsor S 604, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

For the House do the same thing, but the bill is HR 1207.

Capitol Switchboard: 1-877-851-6437

If you do see your Senator or rep listed, consider calling them and thanking them for supporting the bill and ask that they pass it onto their colleagues to also support it.

The full list of co-sponsors are below the videos and you can always find the latest list of co-sponsors at the links below for the text of the legislation.

Text of S 604 Text of HR 1207

Ron Paul gave a speech the other day, August 21, 2009, where he sums up the current status of the bill and what needs to be done next.

Ron Paul on the Status of HR 1207 - The Federal Reserve Transparency Act

What is HR 1207 - The Federal Reserve Transparency Act?

Current Senate co-sponsors of S 604 as of August 24, 2009

SenatorDate Signed
Barrasso, John [WY]7/15/2009
Bennett, Robert F. [UT]7/15/2009
Brownback, Sam [KS]7/8/2009
Burr, Richard [NC]7/9/2009
Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD]7/28/2009
Chambliss, Saxby [GA]7/8/2009
Coburn, Tom [OK]7/20/2009
Cornyn, John [TX]7/20/2009
Crapo, Mike [ID]6/25/2009
DeMint, Jim [SC]6/11/2009
Feingold, Russell D. [WI]7/15/2009
SenatorDate Signed/2009
Graham, Lindsey [SC]7/24/2009
Grassley, Chuck [IA]8/3/2009
Harkin, Tom [IA]7/20/2009
Hatch, Orrin G. [UT]7/24/2009
Hutchison, Kay Bailey [TX]7/20/2009
Inhofe, James M. [OK]7/9/2009
Isakson, Johnny [GA]7/8/2009
Lincoln, Blanche L. [AR]7/15/2009
McCain, John [AZ]7/15/2009
Risch, James E. [ID]8/3/2009
Vitter, David [LA]6/16/2009
Webb, Jim [VA]8/3/2009

Current House co-sponsors of HR 1207 as of August 24, 2009

RepresentativeDate Signed
Abercrombie, Neil [HI-1]2/26/2009
Aderholt, Robert B. [AL-4]5/6/2009
Adler, John H. [NJ-3]5/6/2009
Akin, W. Todd [MO-2]3/19/2009
Alexander, Rodney [LA-5]3/10/2009
Altmire, Jason [PA-4]5/20/2009
Austria, Steve [OH-7]5/6/2009
Bachmann, Michele [MN-6]2/26/2009
Bachus, Spencer [AL-6]4/29/2009
Baird, Brian [WA-3]7/10/2009
Baldwin, Tammy [WI-2]4/21/2009
Barrett, J. Gresham [SC-3]4/28/2009
Barrow, John [GA-12]5/12/2009
Bartlett, Roscoe G. [MD-6]2/26/2009
Barton, Joe [TX-6]5/4/2009
Berkley, Shelley [NV-1]5/21/2009
Berry, Marion [AR-1]5/20/2009
Biggert, Judy [IL-13]4/28/2009
Bilbray, Brian P. [CA-50]4/21/2009
Bilirakis, Gus M. [FL-9]5/4/2009
Bishop, Rob [UT-1]4/21/2009
Bishop, Timothy H. [NY-1]7/10/2009
Blackburn, Marsha [TN-7]3/16/2009
Blunt, Roy [MO-7]3/24/2009
Boccieri, John A. [OH-16]7/28/2009
Boehner, John A. [OH-8]6/10/2009
Bonner, Jo [AL-1]6/9/2009
Bono Mack, Mary [CA-45]4/29/2009
Boozman, John [AR-3]5/7/2009
Boswell, Leonard L. [IA-3]6/9/2009
Boucher, Rick [VA-9]7/20/2009
Boustany, Charles W., Jr. [LA-7]5/13/2009
Boyd, Allen [FL-2]7/14/2009
Brady, Kevin [TX-8]4/22/2009
Braley, Bruce L. [IA-1]6/11/2009
Bright, Bobby [AL-2]6/11/2009
Broun, Paul C. [GA-10]2/26/2009
Brown, Corrine [FL-3]6/11/2009
Brown, Henry E., Jr. [SC-1]4/28/2009
Brown-Waite, Ginny [FL-5]5/20/2009
Buchanan, Vern [FL-13]3/17/2009
Burgess, Michael C. [TX-26]3/19/2009
Burton, Dan [IN-5]2/26/2009
Buyer, Steve [IN-4]4/30/2009
Calvert, Ken [CA-44]4/29/2009
Camp, Dave [MI-4]6/18/2009
Campbell, John [CA-48]5/4/2009
Cantor, Eric [VA-7]6/23/2009
Cao, Anh "Joseph" [LA-2]6/11/2009
Capito, Shelley Moore [WV-2]4/1/2009
Carney, Christopher P. [PA-10]6/9/2009
Carter, John R. [TX-31]3/31/2009
Cassidy, Bill [LA-6]5/4/2009
Castle, Michael N. [DE]3/17/2009
Chaffetz, Jason [UT-3]3/6/2009
Chandler, Ben [KY-6]7/7/2009
Childers, Travis [MS-1]6/9/2009
Coble, Howard [NC-6]6/11/2009
Coffman, Mike [CO-6]6/16/2009
Cole, Tom [OK-4]4/21/2009
Conaway, K. Michael [TX-11]5/7/2009
Conyers, John, Jr. [MI-14]6/23/2009
Courtney, Joe [CT-2]7/8/2009
Crenshaw, Ander [FL-4]5/4/2009
Culberson, John Abney [TX-7]3/26/2009
Dahlkemper, Kathleen A. [PA-3]7/22/2009
Davis, Danny K. [IL-7]6/26/2009
Davis, Geoff [KY-4]5/6/2009
Deal, Nathan [GA-9]3/23/2009
DeFazio, Peter A. [OR-4]3/9/2009
Dent, Charles W. [PA-15]5/6/2009
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln [FL-21]7/10/2009
Diaz-Balart, Mario [FL-25]6/18/2009
Doggett, Lloyd [TX-25]4/21/2009
Dreier, David [CA-26]6/10/2009
Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2]3/6/2009
Edwards, Chet [TX-17]6/16/2009
Edwards, Donna F. [MD-4]6/11/2009
Ehlers, Vernon J. [MI-3]4/21/2009
Emerson, Jo Ann [MO-8]7/15/2009
Fallin, Mary [OK-5]4/2/2009
Farr, Sam [CA-17]7/8/2009
Filner, Bob [CA-51]7/28/2009
Flake, Jeff [AZ-6]5/11/2009
Fleming, John [LA-4]3/18/2009
Forbes, J. Randy [VA-4]5/20/2009
Fortenberry, Jeff [NE-1]5/12/2009
Foxx, Virginia [NC-5]3/10/2009
Franks, Trent [AZ-2]3/23/2009
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. [NJ-11]6/3/2009
Fudge, Marcia L. [OH-11]7/9/2009
Gallegly, Elton [CA-24]7/7/2009
Garrett, Scott [NJ-5]3/5/2009
Gerlach, Jim [PA-6]5/11/2009
Giffords, Gabrielle [AZ-8]6/16/2009
Gingrey, Phil [GA-11]3/30/2009
Gohmert, Louie [TX-1]4/23/2009
Goodlatte, Bob [VA-6]4/28/2009
Granger, Kay [TX-12]4/28/2009
Graves, Sam [MO-6]4/22/2009
Grayson, Alan [FL-8]3/11/2009
Griffith, Parker [AL-5]6/16/2009
Grijalva, Raul M. [AZ-7]6/3/2009
Guthrie, Brett [KY-2]5/7/2009
Hall, Ralph M. [TX-4]4/29/2009
Halvorson, Deborah L. [IL-11]6/3/2009
Hare, Phil [IL-17]5/11/2009
Harman, Jane [CA-36]7/7/2009
Harper, Gregg [MS-3]5/11/2009
Hastings, Doc [WA-4]5/11/2009
Heller, Dean [NV-2]3/6/2009
Hensarling, Jeb [TX-5]5/4/2009
Herger, Wally [CA-2]4/21/2009
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie [SD]5/6/2009
Hinchey, Maurice D. [NY-22]6/2/2009
Hirono, Mazie K. [HI-2]7/8/2009
Hoekstra, Peter [MI-2]4/28/2009
Holden, Tim [PA-17]6/4/2009
Hunter, Duncan D. [CA-52]5/13/2009
Inglis, Bob [SC-4]4/23/2009
Inslee, Jay [WA-1]5/12/2009
Issa, Darrell E. [CA-49]6/16/2009
Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. [IL-2]7/30/2009
Jenkins, Lynn [KS-2]4/23/2009
Johnson, Henry C. "Hank," Jr. [GA-4]6/9/2009
Johnson, Sam [TX-3]4/22/2009
Johnson, Timothy V. [IL-15]4/23/2009
Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3]2/26/2009
Jordan, Jim [OH-4]6/2/2009
Kagen, Steve [WI-8]2/26/2009
Kaptur, Marcy [OH-9]4/23/2009
King, Peter T. [NY-3]6/4/2009
King, Steve [IA-5]6/11/2009
Kingston, Jack [GA-1]3/6/2009
Kirk, Mark Steven [IL-10]7/15/2009
Kirkpatrick, Ann [AZ-1]7/14/2009
Kline, John [MN-2]4/29/2009
Kosmas, Suzanne M. [FL-24]6/17/2009
Kratovil, Frank, Jr. [MD-1]6/4/2009
Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10]6/11/2009
Lamborn, Doug [CO-5]4/21/2009
RepresentativeDate Signed/2009
Lance, Leonard [NJ-7]5/11/2009
Latham, Tom [IA-4]4/21/2009
LaTourette, Steven C. [OH-14]4/28/2009
Latta, Robert E. [OH-5]5/20/2009
Lee, Christopher J. [NY-26]6/10/2009
Lewis, Jerry [CA-41]6/24/2009
Linder, John [GA-7]5/6/2009
Lipinski, Daniel [IL-3]6/4/2009
LoBiondo, Frank A. [NJ-2]5/4/2009
Loebsack, David [IA-2]6/10/2009
Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16]7/7/2009
Lucas, Frank D. [OK-3]4/21/2009
Luetkemeyer, Blaine [MO-9]4/21/2009
Lummis, Cynthia M. [WY]3/19/2009
Lungren, Daniel E. [CA-3]5/7/2009
Mack, Connie [FL-14]5/12/2009
Maffei, Daniel B. [NY-25]5/12/2009
Manzullo, Donald A. [IL-16]4/21/2009
Marchant, Kenny [TX-24]3/11/2009
Markey, Betsy [CO-4]6/25/2009
Massa, Eric J. J. [NY-29]4/22/2009
McCarthy, Kevin [CA-22]5/4/2009
McCaul, Michael T. [TX-10]4/21/2009
McClintock, Tom [CA-4]3/6/2009
McCotter, Thaddeus G. [MI-11]3/19/2009
McDermott, Jim [WA-7]4/29/2009
McGovern, James P. [MA-3]6/10/2009
McHenry, Patrick T. [NC-10]4/30/2009
McHugh, John M. [NY-23]5/4/2009
McIntyre, Mike [NC-7]6/10/2009
McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" [CA-25]6/11/2009
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [WA-5]5/4/2009
Melancon, Charlie [LA-3]7/10/2009
Mica, John L. [FL-7]5/12/2009
Michaud, Michael H. [ME-2]5/7/2009
Miller, Candice S. [MI-10]4/28/2009
Miller, Gary G. [CA-42]6/10/2009
Miller, Jeff [FL-1]3/24/2009
Minnick, Walter [ID-1]5/13/2009
Mitchell, Harry E. [AZ-5]6/9/2009
Moran, Jerry [KS-1]5/4/2009
Murphy, Christopher S. [CT-5]7/7/2009
Murphy, Patrick J. [PA-8]6/9/2009
Murphy, Scott [NY-20]7/9/2009
Murphy, Tim [PA-18]4/29/2009
Myrick, Sue Wilkins [NC-9]4/28/2009
Neugebauer, Randy [TX-19]4/30/2009
Nunes, Devin [CA-21]6/12/2009
Oberstar, James L. [MN-8]7/31/2009
Olson, Pete [TX-22]4/21/2009
Ortiz, Solomon P. [TX-27]5/14/2009
Pascrell, Bill, Jr. [NJ-8]6/9/2009
Pastor, Ed [AZ-4]5/20/2009
Paulsen, Erik [MN-3]3/30/2009
Payne, Donald M. [NJ-10]7/30/2009
Pence, Mike [IN-6]4/21/2009
Perlmutter, Ed [CO-7]6/10/2009
Perriello, Thomas S.P. [VA-5]5/13/2009
Peterson, Collin C. [MN-7]3/19/2009
Petri, Thomas E. [WI-6]3/10/2009
Pitts, Joseph R. [PA-16]4/28/2009
Platts, Todd Russell [PA-19]3/19/2009
Poe, Ted [TX-2]2/26/2009
Polis, Jared [CO-2]6/11/2009
Posey, Bill [FL-15]2/26/2009
Price, Tom [GA-6]3/10/2009
Putnam, Adam H. [FL-12]4/28/2009
Radanovich, George [CA-19]5/6/2009
Rehberg, Denny [MT]2/26/2009
Reichert, David G. [WA-8]5/20/2009
Richardson, Laura [CA-37]7/28/2009
Roe, David P. [TN-1]4/21/2009
Rogers, Harold [KY-5]7/14/2009
Rogers, Mike D. [AL-3]5/13/2009
Rogers, Mike J. [MI-8]5/20/2009
Rohrabacher, Dana [CA-46]3/6/2009
Rooney, Thomas J. [FL-16]4/22/2009
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [FL-18]4/28/2009
Roskam, Peter J. [IL-6]6/2/2009
Ross, Mike [AR-4]5/21/2009
Rothman, Steven R. [NJ-9]6/18/2009
Royce, Edward R. [CA-40]5/12/2009
Ryan, Paul [WI-1]5/14/2009
Salazar, John T. [CO-3]7/15/2009
Sarbanes, John P. [MD-3]6/15/2009
Scalise, Steve [LA-1]5/20/2009
Schakowsky, Janice D. [IL-9]5/6/2009
Schauer, Mark H. [MI-7]5/20/2009
Schiff, Adam B. [CA-29]7/14/2009
Schmidt, Jean [OH-2]6/11/2009
Schock, Aaron [IL-18]5/6/2009
Scott, David [GA-13]7/20/2009
Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5]5/7/2009
Sessions, Pete [TX-32]3/23/2009
Shadegg, John B. [AZ-3]5/7/2009
Shea-Porter, Carol [NH-1]6/9/2009
Sherman, Brad [CA-27]6/23/2009
Shimkus, John [IL-19]4/22/2009
Shuler, Heath [NC-11]6/12/2009
Shuster, Bill [PA-9]5/7/2009
Simpson, Michael K. [ID-2]4/28/2009
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh [NY-28]6/17/2009
Smith, Adam [WA-9]4/22/2009
Smith, Adrian [NE-3]4/28/2009
Smith, Christopher H. [NJ-4]6/15/2009
Smith, Lamar [TX-21]4/2/2009
Snyder, Vic [AR-2]6/23/2009
Souder, Mark E. [IN-3]6/16/2009
Space, Zachary T. [OH-18]6/23/2009
Speier, Jackie [CA-12]6/11/2009
Stark, Fortney Pete [CA-13]3/26/2009
Stearns, Cliff [FL-6]3/6/2009
Sullivan, John [OK-1]7/8/2009
Taylor, Gene [MS-4]3/6/2009
Teague, Harry [NM-2]6/12/2009
Terry, Lee [NE-2]3/30/2009
Thompson, Bennie G. [MS-2]7/17/2009
Thompson, Glenn [PA-5]4/22/2009
Thornberry, Mac [TX-13]5/21/2009
Tiahrt, Todd [KS-4]4/28/2009
Tiberi, Patrick J. [OH-12]4/28/2009
Tierney, John F. [MA-6]7/20/2009
Titus, Dina [NV-3]7/14/2009
Tonko, Paul D. [NY-21]6/9/2009
Turner, Michael R. [OH-3]5/13/2009
Upton, Fred [MI-6]4/29/2009
Visclosky, Peter J. [IN-1]7/20/2009
Walden, Greg [OR-2]5/4/2009
Walz, Timothy J. [MN-1]5/7/2009
Wamp, Zach [TN-3]3/16/2009
Welch, Peter [VT]5/21/2009
Westmoreland, Lynn A. [GA-3]4/2/2009
Whitfield, Ed [KY-1]5/14/2009
Wilson, Joe [SC-2]4/29/2009
Wittman, Robert J. [VA-1]4/1/2009
Wolf, Frank R. [VA-10]6/11/2009
Woolsey, Lynn C. [CA-6]2/26/2009
Wu, David [OR-1]7/13/2009
Yarmuth, John A. [KY-3]7/14/2009
Young, C.W. Bill [FL-10]6/3/2009
Young, Don [AK]3/6/2009

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I live in the great state of Florida. I will write down the names of our florida Representatives and not only vote, but rally hard in the panhandle on their behalf come campaign time. 'Audit The Fed' T-shirts and hats should be in circulation to make more people aware and curious. Thanks, Lisamarie

Posted by: lisa lucas on August 24, 2009 04:51 PM

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