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UNC Thugs Who Attacked Tancredo Speech Now Crying They Want Charges Dropped

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Tancredo Attack UNC

You remember those hateful thugs at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill that attacked a Tancredo event breaking a window and making threats of "Yes, racists, we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!"? It was all caught on video back in April.

Well now these little punks and pro-illegal alien groups are crying that they don't want to be charged for their violence and violations of citizen's civil rights. Of course they aren't being charged for violating citizen's civil rights, as they should, and they are not being charged at all for their actions at the Tancredo event. They are being charged in connection with a Virgil Goode event that they disrupted.

UNC has become a disgrace because of this incident. It is clearly siding with thugs and bullies over those who want logical and real debate. The groups are now calling for "hate speech" statutes on campus. Funnily they don't think their chants and threats they were making were hateful at all. Go watch the video linked above if you haven't already and tell me which group is the hateful ones.

And this group calls itself the "Students For a Democratic Society" Hahaha. They need a name change. Might I suggest the "Students For A Totalitarian Dictatorship"?


Students For a Democratic Society, which organized the April protests against Tom Tancredo, former congressman and republican presidential candidate, and Virgil Goode, a former independent state representative in Virginia, said it is opposed to what the two men stand for.


During Tancredo's speech, protestors disrputed it by saying it was hate speech, shouting profanities, and broke a window. They also held a large banner in front of Tancredo to keep him from speaking to the crowd. ... Six protesters were arrested at Goode's speech for disorderly conduct. Protesters said it was unnecessary and the university should support the students.

"Its a place where people should feel safe to be themselves and under-represented groups shouldn't feel that they have to be afraid when they walk around campus," said Haley Koch, one of the students arrested.

The SDS also said a hate speech policy is needed at UNC.

A September 14th court appearance is scheduled for those who were arrested.

"we know where you sleep at night" is pretty hateful - even beyond hateful - it is an outright threat.

Note that none of the asshats at the Tancredo event were arrested. I would also argue that the statement "Its a place where people should feel safe to be themselves" by one of those arrested at the Goode event is simply laughable after they created an incident where those who attended were "people who didn't feel safe to be themselves", These people have no reasoning skills whatsoever. The ultimate hypocrites.

And they become a bunch of whining little children when it comes to being held responsible for their actions. Big surprise.

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Posted by Digger on June 5, 2009 03:56 PM (Permalink)

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THe SDS is a sum-of the earth group. They regularly employ violence to break up anything representing anything "Right" of Marxist Totalitarianism. These priveleged losers need to be punished harshly for their blatant disregard for the rights of American Citizens. THe professors that enable them need even harsher punishment.

Posted by: billy on June 8, 2009 10:24 AM

The radical left says, "It's OK to be intolerant of intolerance". This is a concept introduced by Herbert Marcuse (a Jew, who else?) in the early 1960's.
Jews have been the backbone of the radical left for the past 100 years and are at the center of supporting illegal alien "rights". Anyone who is fighting the illegal alien invasion must understand that organized Jewry and Jewish media elite are one of the main forces behind the invasion.

Posted by: James Miller on June 8, 2009 11:15 AM

Like most colleges, UNC is a Jew-infested Marxist training camp. I hope Mexican illegal drunk drivers kill these white punks and family members, then let's see how "tolerant" they are.

Good News - 10 illegal aliens killed yesterday in Arizona SUV crash ! Now, if that would happen every week.....

Better News - Sonia Sotomanure breaks ankle at airport! LOL!

Posted by: INFIDEL on June 8, 2009 04:08 PM

Glad to see others that know (and are not afraid to speak) the truth.

Posted by: Billy on June 9, 2009 07:37 AM

Sorry to hear that sameh....but unfortunately, Barry O. doesn't work for the American people...and as a whole we aren;t that great anymore.

We have it a bit better than you guys, for now....but by the end of his term, who knows...there will be secret arrest and torture of American citizens I'm sure.

Besides, where will we send the victims to be tortured if there are no regimes like Egypts to do it?

Posted by: billy on June 11, 2009 07:59 AM

Who the hell is Virgil Goode?

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on June 13, 2009 12:50 PM

Goode brought forth and sponsored bills to end birthright citizenship, against amnesty and for the fence. As far as controversies go he is probably best well known for publicly opposing the use of the Qu'ran for the swearing in of Keith Ellison a few years back.

Posted by: Digger on June 13, 2009 03:40 PM

This matter has nothing to do with 'the Jews', it's about constitution freedoms. This comments area sounds like the white-power forums that William Gheen's ALPICA posts on. It's NOT the jews everywhere. Digger you should be ashamed of supporting such hate mongers. The college police were a joke in ensuring orderly discussions on campus.

Posted by: anti-semitism on June 15, 2009 07:44 PM

Digger you should be ashamed of supporting such hate mongers.

How am I supporting hate mongers?

Posted by: Digger on June 15, 2009 08:45 PM

"How am I supporting hate mongers?"

Can't work it out for yourself? Do I have to figure this out for you ? WOW...
By NOT condemning their anti-hebrew comments on this guestbook. Is that so hard? Those who don't take a stand on this, their silence is construed as acceptance. You know, just like the silly campus police did by standing around and not doing anything at the university event that turned into a riot. Is this just over your head or what?

Posted by: anti-semitism on June 16, 2009 12:50 PM

You obviously do not read this website often then. I have addressed this issue many a time. I receive hundreds of comments and it is not feasible to respond to ever single one of them. How about you respond to them? That's what this website is for in addition to the articles.

Posted by: Digger on June 17, 2009 04:44 AM

But wait.....you DID respond in this case and asked me a direct question and I answered you directly. Now you backpedal onto other vague matters not in discussion to cover your NO position on this anti-semitism you are hosting here on your site.
Nice 'straw man'. But, prudent people won't buy your paultry excuse, Digger. My comments stand strong, too bad yours didn't when given a chance to take a stand. Obama-Digger, hypocrisy anyone? I can't see how anti-semitism is such a hard issue to take a stand on.

Posted by: anti-semitism on June 17, 2009 01:58 PM

I see some Jew bashing in a few of the comments. I haven't observed the left being on the side of Jews. For Jews to support leftist ideology would be kind of suicidal...

Posted by: rjjrdq on July 2, 2009 03:58 AM

"I see some Jew bashing in a few of the comments."

WOW....somehow i can smell the fiery cross & gasoline when i read this type of low-life comments here. Digger you should be so proud !

Posted by: anti-semitism on July 9, 2009 04:06 PM

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