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Obama To Hold Secret 'Immigration Meeting' Next Month

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It's funny how time after time pro-illegal alien forces in politics continue to dictate their own views and not the views of their constituents. Case in point is a secret meeting between a bunch of pro-illegal loving congress members and President Obama slated for June 8, 2009. Pro-illegal Hispanic groups are pressuring him for amnesty claiming that they helped get him elected and now it's payback time. Meanwhile the White House is playing it up by saying that they'll have "an honest discussion" on immigration.

Give me a break. There will be no "honest discussion" when all of those in the room are pro-illegal. The American people have said they want illegal immigration ended. They want their government to be tough. They want true border security and not this continued talk that the borders are secured when they're not. And the American people are sick of these secret meetings that they aren't invited to when it directly affects them.

Also remember that Obama is severely pro-amnesty. In the marches in Chicago a few years back he was marching with the illegal aliens and their supporters through the streets.


President Barack Obama will gather congressional leaders at the White House next month to launch a policy discussion on immigration, according to an administration official, but legislative action isn't likely until next year at the earliest.

The June 8 meeting is meant to show the White House is moving on the issue -- which is key for Hispanic advocacy groups that helped Mr. Obama get elected in November.


White House officials have made clear they don't expect action on immigration this year. The administration official who discussed the meeting said it was aimed at having "an honest discussion," and meant to identify points of agreement and "areas where we still have work to do."

Mr. Obama has embraced the general concept of creating a program to provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S., while continuing to tighten the border with Mexico.

More lies, mistruths and misdirection from our so called leaders in pandering to the interests of those who could care less about this country and just want to take, take, take.

Tipped by: Debbie Schlussel

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Obama needs to remember who he works for instead of worrying about the people he is trying to impress. It is not fair to make the taxpayers of the U.S. pay for his programs that pay for the illegals needs and their dependants needs. We need to start worrying about our problems rather than the problems of foreigners who may live here, may live in another country, or may have given birth to a child in this country. In this economic climate we need to protect the taxes collected from its citizens and pass restrictions against giving citizenship automatically to everyone born within our borders. If there is a child born in the U.S., but they are born to illegal aliens or non-citizens here legally, then we must impliment restrictions that provide for social services, healthcare, education, and legal council for these people. If someone who is born of a U.S. citizen is born in another country, then that child is considered to be a citizen because of their parent's citizenship. Why isn't this the same for children born here of parents of other nationalities? These children shoulnd't be granted automatic citizenship, thus making them citizens of the countries their parents are from. Then if we have problems with them later, we can deny them rights that we would grant normal citizens of other citizens of the U.S. We shouldn't have to be told that our communities must provide for the children of non citizens. The communities could have a weapon to prevent them from extra costs to provide education, healthcare, social services, extra monies for programs for the needs of these people. Instead we could revert to the rules that illegals and their dependants aren't entitled to these programs, that we could demand that these costs come from the national of their origin. Then Mexico would pay for the costs for their citizens. We wouldn't have to treat some terrorist differently because his mom gave birth to him while on a student visa. We could deport problematic people to their homeland their love so much that they demand we as a country recognize once a year for their benefit. We shouldn't be told by our government that we must tolerate different cultural or religious demands that these people like to put on us. Instead, we should be the ones that tell these people that if they want to live here, they must be the ones that learn to live with us, rather than the government telling us that we must learn to live with them.

Posted by: joeyindc on May 27, 2009 03:57 AM

I believe that our so call lawmakers need to pass a law
and not just pass it but enforce it too! If you enter this
country illegally, i donot care if you have one to twenty
babies your children are still consider illegal in this
country if you yourself enter the country illegally. It is
bad enough that our laws here are a joke and they only enforce the laws that they want to enforce. We are already
suffering from overpopulation problems and it will only get
worst! For God sake, we have already ran out of area codes
numbers, how in the hell do you run out of numbers?I donot
have a problem with people coming here for a better life but america cannot take care of every person from every
country who want to come here. We can bearly take care of
ourselves, and most of all it is not fair to the people
who come into the country legally and donot say iam hating
on illegal's because my boyfriend is from another country
but unlike most he enter the country legal. WAKE-UP AMERICA!

Posted by: Tamango on June 1, 2009 09:39 PM

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