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Harvard President Endorses Supplanting Legal Students With Illegals Through DREAM Act

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Drew Gilpin Faust
I am glad I did not attend Harvard University. Time and time again I hear about the idiotic things these "smart people" espouse. Like the latest from the president of Harvard, Drew Gilpin Faust - whom if you said to me 'imagine what a liberal woman would look like' is the picture in my mind - came out an endorsed illegality over legality.

There are so many people in this world following the rules and wanting to go to college and striving hard, yet Faust could care less about these people and is more concerned with political correctness or some form of humanitarianism that sees no laws. It really is quite disgusting what the likes of Faust - and those of her ilk - have done to universities like Harvard over the past hundred years. Where universities were once looked up to for education, they have become the bastions of those bent on the destruction of our nation.

Illegals should receive no breaks. Especially a college education of any kind in this country - free or reduced rate. That privilege should be only for those who follow the law. And for you bleeding hearts who are going to whine about the children of illegal aliens and it not being their fault... well too bad. There's some starving kid in Africa who is good and intelligent and would like to come and go to Harvard as well and his parents have been patiently waiting to legally come here. So get off your high horse.

Boston Globe

In a letter this week to federal lawmakers, Faust expressed "strong support" for legislation known as the Dream Act, which would allow students who have been in this country since they were 15 to apply for legal residency under certain conditions. She acknowledged that students with "immigration status issues" attend Harvard, and said the bill would be a "lifeline" to such students.

"I believe it is in our best interest to educate all students to their full potential - it vastly improves their lives and grows our communities and economy," she wrote in a letter to Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and Representative Michael E. Capuano, thanking them for their support for the legislation. "This bill will help move us closer to this goal."

The goal being the destruction of our organized and law abiding society that has allowed this country to flourish for hundreds of years. Yes, thanks for your help Kennedy, Kerry, Capuano and Faust, because as we all know America is trash and must be destroyed.

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