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Senator Schumer Says Borders Secure Enough For Amnesty

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Democrats have disguised their wish for unmitigated amnesty for illegal aliens by saying that they will wait until the borders are secure first before giving illegal aliens amnesty. Apparently their idea of secure borders isn't what most Americans ideas of secure borders are. With rampant violence along the southern border, beheadings and kidnappings on the rise and drug cartels taking over in parts of Mexico along the border, Senator Chuck Schumer actually had the nerve to say that our borders are now secure. Secure enough in his words to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States.

Good to see that Schumer is looking out for America first and not a group of foreign invaders.


During the debate over immigration reform in Congress over the past few years, certain parties have consistently pointed to border security as a top priority, as the Associated Press points out. The continuing debate over what constituted adequate border security was a major reason why the immigration bill failed three times.

But according to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the borders are now safe enough to take a step forward. "We can pass strong, fair, practical and effective immigration reform this year," he said following a hearing on border security Wednesday.

I really need to create a category entitled "Asinine Quotes From Chuck Schumer"

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Posted by Digger on May 21, 2009 01:45 PM (Permalink)

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Another liberal Obamaite sucking up to illegal aliens just for votes (or other paybacks)who cares NOTHING for this country. Greedy elected officials take everything out of our country and our pockets satisfied that they're set for life and can, if need be, excape the flood of illegals and destruction of our culture. These turncoats/treasonous traitors NEED to be replaced immediately (and would have been hanged in earlier times) to ensure the survival of America as we know it. Get involved. Run for office or support those patriots who do. Many websites provide links to other grass roots organizations. www.IllegalProtest.com, www.ronpaulrevolution.com, patriotdepot.com. www.9-12ers.com,www.WeSurroundThem.com, and more. PLEASE FIGHT the new immigration bill upcoming in the Senate. FREE faxes can be sent through www.NumbersUSA.com. FIGHT FOR AMERICA OR WE WILL LOSE IT FOREVER!!

Posted by: sydney77 on May 22, 2009 01:37 PM

A strange thing happened to to me yesterday. A special "guest" was on my local radio. He represented the local farms. He suspected (but had no proof) that many of the workers were working under fradulent documents (gosh, Wally, who knew?). Surprise, it's not legal to verify a lot of Application for a Job claims. The local farmers, he claimed, couldn't distinguish that some were illegal aliens but Sen Feinstein (the Hero of the story) was introducing legislation called "Ag Jobs" to correct the problem and all of we listeners should tell her how much we support her and love her. I jumped for the phone to call the radio station but a woman had beaten me to it; she said "There's a program you can use called "EVerify." The farm spokesman replied, "Well, EVerify is horribly flawed and unreliable," to which the womzn replied "It has an over 99% accuracy rating and challenged by phone." The farm spokesman said, "EVerify is voluntary, not mandatory." Wha? He had just premised his whole story on an inability to ascertain legal status(!?). I have more but I'm tired of typing.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on May 28, 2009 06:37 PM

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