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Arlen Specter Switches Dem - Another Reason To Not Vote Party Ticket

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Arlen Specter
As if anyone who pays attention to Arlen Specter's voting record is surprised at the news today that he has switched to the Democratic party. I left the Republican party years ago and this is the reason why. I caught hell from many die hard Republicans at the time that I should just hold my nose and vote Republican. Well now every single Republican in Pennsylvania that just "held their nose" and voted for this turncoat RINO has been duped by his self preservation and arrogance. I hate to say it, but if you voted for this guy only because he had an (R) next to his name then you my friend were taken for a fool.

For years people have been noting that he is not a Republican, but "for the party's sake" you were supposed to "toe the line" and let yourself go against your better judgment. Grow a brain people and stop being used!

In particular I was called all kinds of names for not being a party tool and supporting John McCain, my arguments were the same with Specter who pushed for amnesty for illegal aliens even more than the Democrats. Specter also voted for the bailout bill. Back in September 2008 I was called pathetic for not blindly supporting the Republican Party:

Why don't you stop complaining and criticizing and whinning and try being part of a solution. ...

... go ahead and be a doormat like the rest of the ones like you who whine like babies because nothing gets done the way you want, go and cry like babies - ...

Take it the cleaners buddy..you are pathetic!

The person who is pathetic is the person who continues to be used by the two parties and doesn't vote for the person who is going to represent you the best. Voting for a candidate alone because he has duped a party into supporting him is foolish on its face and I hope that traitorous actions like those now shown by the likes of Arlen Specter will wake even more people up to the fact that it's the person, not the party you are voting for.

As for Arlen, I don't expect to see him vote any differently than he already has. More big government, more pushes for amnesty. The Senate is notorious for supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and voting against the people of this country anyway, so there'll be no change there. Specter was the most liberal "Republican" in the Senate and his voting won't change. The disgusting thing about it is it is clearly being done by him for money and power and not because of beliefs. He was facing Pat Toomey in the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania and according to all prognostications he had a slim to none chance of winning it. So instead he switches parties in order that the Democrats will dump money on him so that he can remain in power. He was so worried about Toomey, that he started running ads against him weeks ago.

I'd be more concerned about what this man's actions shows about his character than the two parties themselves. Arlen Specter is a power and money groveling fool who has tricked many others into supporting his megalomaniacal drives and any Democrat thinking of supporting him should realize this in advance.

That being said, I have little faith in the American voter in Pennsylvania to actually look past the party and at the candidate and decide that this guy is what is truly wrong with the current day politician. After all isn't it just about your party winning and sticking it to the other guy's party and not about a candidate upholding the Constitution and what is good for America? In being tricked to voting party line you are supporting corruption, greed... and assholes like Specter.

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Good riddance, and take Grahamnesty with ya. Collins, Snowe and McCain, too.

Posted by: Nikita on April 28, 2009 08:32 PM

NOBAMA. Infanticide promoting SCUMBAG

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on April 29, 2009 06:09 AM

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