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Drug Smuggler Caught On Hidden Border Camera With Large Load [Video]

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Illegal Alien With 60 Lbs Load
Border Invasion Pics has been doing a great job at posting video of the continued flow of illegal aliens and drug smugglers from the hidden cameras of supporters along the border. The deal is that these average people put up hidden cameras that are motion activated and then they send their video in to the website.

As you can see in the image to the right they caught one of the hard working illegal aliens on video. And as I note, what is it that he is smuggling? I suppose it could be cocaine, heroin or marijuana, but it could just as easily be nuclear material, body organs or any other item you could fit into a backpack. This is what wide open borders allow.

At the link below you will find the video that I took the image from. It shows the cartels are continuing to use illegal aliens and their trails to smuggle in vast quantities of drugs on their backs. It was filmed along the Arizona/ Mexico Border March 2009. You really have to watch it, so go take a look.

As released with the video:

Janet Napolitano has announced that she will be sending additional law enforcement personnel to the southern border to help combat drug smuggling into the U.S. Their primary focus will be major ports of entry.

She will soon be reporting that drug seizures at these ports of entry are down substantially as a direct result of this effort. She will tell us, by implication, that we are taking control of the problem.

What she (or anyone else) won't tell us, is that the smugglers are still bringing their loads across the border - they have just adjusted their strategy in response. More and more they are crossing the border in remote areas using human "mules" rather than vehicles.

As long as anyone can simply walk across the border, the flow of drugs will never stop. The 15 to 18 foot pedestrian fence is an effective barrier but it is only short segments. Most of the new border fencing is designed to stop vehicles - not foot traffic.

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well if you see this video they are smuggling if it is drugs to the US which means that the drugs are being consumed in the US so its not just bad that mexicans are duing it but the overall fact that the drugs are coming into the US because this is where the market is. It needs to be looked at both ways its the US duty to control the drugs here in the states as long as their is people here using any kind of drug drug cartels will find a way to bring it it to sell it here in the US where its being used if no one used drugs here in the states the drugs would not come in

Posted by: oscar rios on April 19, 2009 03:50 PM

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