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Cecilia Muñoz, Senior VP Of La Raza, Appointed To Obama White House Staff

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Cecilia Muñoz
Cecilia Muñoz
The Face of Hate
Will Come With A Smarmy Smile
The pro-amnesty racist group La Raza has managed to slip one of it's own into the Obama staff at the White House. Cecilia Muñoz, Senior Vice President of La Raza has been appointed to the intergovernmental affairs position in the Obama White House. This is on top of the recent appointment of pro-amnesty for illegal aliens Bill Richardson as the Commerce Secretary. Anyone who didn't see all these pro-amnesty people being appointed into the Obama administration simply haven't been paying attention.

Here's her official positions she holds as released with the announcement...

Cecilia Muñoz, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Cecilia Muñoz currently serves as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), where she supervises all legislative and advocacy activities conducted by NCLR policy staff. Muñoz is the Chair of the Board of Center for Community Change, and serves on the U.S. Programs Board of the Open Society Institute and the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Philanthropies. She is the daughter of immigrants from Bolivia and was born in Detroit, Michigan. In June 2000, she was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in recognition of her work on immigration and civil rights.

However, anyone who thinks that the McCain administration would have been any different, don't be fooled.

I am not shocked by these appointments, just make sure you pay attention to who is being appointed so that you aren't fooled into thinking amnesty is not on the agenda for President Obama.

Muñoz has worked with La Raza for over 18 years and has pushed hard for amnesty for illegal aliens.


Cecilia Muñoz, who currently serves as senior vice president for the office of research, advocacy and legislation at the NCLR, will serve as director for intergovernmental affairs in the Obama administration. ...

In her new post, Muñoz will be responsible for managing relations between the Obama administration and state and local governments.

Yes, she will be managing relations between local governments like Hazleton, PA and the Obama Administration. I'm sure she'll be really nice to Hazleton and Farmers Branch, TX.

Why did Muñoz become an activist and racist? Well apparently one day when she was 17 one person said some sort of racist comment and ever since then she seems to have found all people who aren't Latino racist. Here is from an NPR broadcast on September 26, 2005.

Muñoz .. said in an essay ... that the anger sparked by what she considered a racist remark about Latinos made by a friend when she was 17 shaped her successful career as an immigration activist.

“My outrage that day became a propellant of my life, driving me straight to the civil rights movement, where I’ve worked ever since,” Muñoz said. “I guess outrage got me pretty far. I found jobs in the immigrant rights movement. I moved to Washington to work as an advocate. I found plenty to be angry about along the way and built something of a reputation for being strident.

“I’m deeply familiar with that hollow place that outrage carves in your soul,” Muñoz said in the National Public Radio essay. “I’ve fed off it to sustain my work for many years.”

Wow angry and outraged? Would that be considered a "wave of hate"? Anger and outrage at American citizens not of Hispanic descent no doubt. I'm sure Muñoz will put this anger and outrage and hate on the back-burner to work together with local government that may not agree with her view of reconquista.

Those opposed to amnesty obviously find that Muñoz simply cannot live up to some diplomatic position with as hate-filled a viewpoint as she has for America and it's people.

Her affiliation with La Raza taints her ability to represent the broader national interest,” [Bob Dane of FAIR] said. “La Raza exists as a way to systematically dismantle enforcement and any semblance of discipline in the immigration system. Are we to believe that she is going to distance herself in her new role to represent the broader national interest?

No we are not expecting Cecilia Muñoz to distance herself. She has a clear agenda that she has been pushing for nearly two decades because of perceived racism from a sole individual decades ago.

Muñoz would have you believe that La Raza is just some fluffy puppy that should be loved and holds no threats to the United States as a whole. Muñoz says La Raza, literally "The Race", is not a racist organization pushing for rights for only Hispanics and Latinos and that Americans should just laugh it off. This is the typical tripe that is spewed from these groups and it is that tripe that has been spewed by many a group that has tried to obtain power throughout history and then make race and ethnic cleansing their primary goal. In this case La Raza's goal in my opinion is ethnic cleansing through economic means. Taking from all other races for the benefit of their own single race.

At a speech at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy in March 2007, Muñoz spoke about how the public, including the media, did not understand the NCLR’s goal of economic equity and social justice for immigrants. “My organization in particular gets challenged, especially in the media,” Muñoz said. “I’m not just taking about talk radio or Fox, but even CNN. We get portrayed as a radical, U.S.-hating, brown beret-wearing separatist organization hell-bent on retrieving the Southwest United States for Mexico, which is really silly.

Haha. You silly Americans. Thinking we are trying to overthrow portions of your country as we openly support politicians because they are Hispanic or Seriously pro-Hispanic only, who have other countries interests at heart, and all because we want your borders left wide open so that millions of our fellow foreigners of only our race can invade your country. Haha. You are all so silly to see that as a threat from our group.

And what is her common sense approach to solving the problem of having 10's of millions of illegal aliens in our country? What is her solution to ensure that 10's of millions more won't come?

Muñoz said she supported comprehensive immigration reform that required people who are in the United States illegally to come forward, prove they have no criminal record and are paying taxes, pay a fine, start to learn English, and then be put on a path to citizenship that would take about 10 years to complete. “We’re not rewarding illegality,” Muñoz said. “We are asking (illegal immigrants) to earn something and we’re asking them to pay a fine. And then we need to move on.

Yes, illegal aliens will earn something and we'll move on. Americans should just bend over and take it because we don't deserve to have our laws upheld. We'll just move on to having another 50 million illegal aliens stream across the border over the next few decades.

Just move on...

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Posted by Digger on December 3, 2008 07:12 PM (Permalink)

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This truly amazes me. I fear the majority of the American voters responsible for electing Barack Obama did not have a clue as to what they were really doing. I agree, McCain's administration might not have been too different, but this woman? No, I don't think so. In my opinion she is the equivalent of a David Duke and La Raza is UNAMERICAN. I am sick of seeing proponents of this minority racist faction slide in under the racist radar because the very nation they seem dead set on bastardizing protects their freedom to dissent. They aren't heroes.

I'm sorry but this is the same country, actually a MUCH BETTER country than the one that our ancestors migrated to happily, when assimilation was a GOOD THING. Especially the Mexican population, which comes from a country that is falling apart at the seams from corruption and internal disorganization. Why come to America only to create the same turmoil here? To create another Mexico?? We don't need or want another Mexico in the United States. There already IS a Mexco! If what immigrants want is reform, then they have their work cut out for them at HOME. If what they want is a free country like the United States to live in and prosper in peace, then go through the proper channels as did everyone before them. I am not racist, but the arrogance of the immigration population, and their leaders, is beginning to irritate me and my patience is worn out.. and I am not alone in that.

By the way, my Dad is a Latin-American immigrant, so no one can say I am racist, I am part Latin as well! I also love my Latin roots! My Dad immigrated to California when he was 16 yrs old with his brother of 19. He met and married my mother and then 30 some-odd years later he proudly became an American citizen. He speaks fluent English and guess what? He love his country and THIS ONE! He goes back to visit our family and friends all the time! Yet he appreciates the U.S. deeply, and has always said this is the best country in the world, even at its worst. Maybe he spoke to soon, maybe we truly havent seen that yet.... with the face of La Raza in the such an important position of diplomacy and interpersonal relations who knows what is coming our way.

I guess I expected things like this from Obama, however, I was really hoping for some pleasant surprises, so far NONE. Hilary in charge of foreign affairs (Didn't she or Obama get the hint, she wasn't wanted in the White House for God's sake!), and now this! It doesn't make sense and I fear an ulterior motive although it hasn't quite dawned on me exactly what she could do in that position to further her cause.

Posted by: Tanya on December 7, 2008 01:08 PM

Sort of like appointing a senior vice president of NORMAL to the DEA.

Does this appointment require congressional approval?

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on December 15, 2008 04:32 AM

BTW because ur father is Latino does not mean you can not be racist. Through-out history, some of the most racist people have been people who are of the same race.Oh and you need to go back to school, cuz clearly you know nothing about international affairs. How can a country like Mexico survive when the corruption you speak of is being imposed on them by the U.S. It is our fault that country failed, because realistically it is in our economic interest for it to do so. Then we whine and complain about why they come here, well shit maybe because American and Chinese companies have taken over lands and the economy.Don't want them here? Stop exploiting them..plain and simple. Anywho..my real question is, since when did fighting for the rights of your culture and community become racist? Maybe what you really need is a dictionary to understand what the word RACIST actually means....

Posted by: Joan on January 14, 2009 05:04 PM

I am in agreement with Joan but also, Immigration laws didnt even exist in this country until around the 1930s. So why is it now that they decide this is so important? They're only inviting people to come here illegally those who are most desperate to come here also happen to be the ones too poor to spend time and money going through the application process only to maybe be let in. This is especially evident in the Bolivian community. Cecilia Munoz is Bolivian, Bolivia because it is so far, generally has emigrants that are well educated and have some degree of wealth in order to make the journey, even though it is one of the most economically impoverished countries on earth. These people would be here legally or illegally there is no real way to stop it, never in history have people ever been a hundred percent succesful in preventing other humans from getting where they want to go... just look at the great wall of China.

Posted by: Carlos Teran on April 8, 2011 12:01 AM

hello there
i had been trying to get my proposal to our president it covers os many of todays problems it will put an end to illegal immigration by 80% in one year.my company can do for free what the goverment is spending millions of american dollars on .we can just about end this issue for good, it is so of a system but very effective all that i wish is for some one to look at this plan i am sure that it will be used to its fullest,its the only way out of this situation that we or now in there is 12 million illegal worker in the us. and there are also 7 million americans without work,do the math we have the jobs but unless we do something more and more americans will be with out jobs and more and more illegals will have jobs our plan will make it imposable for illegals to find jobs in the us.this will save our goverment billions of dollars a year others in office who had seen it liked it and past it on but the president never had seen it please for all american see to it that our president knows that there is a sultion to this issue
thank you
johnny gonzales

Posted by: johnny gonzales on May 10, 2011 09:07 PM

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