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So I Guess We've All Given Up On Ending Illegal Immigration Eh?

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One of the great information services in the fight against illegal immigration has been the show Blogs For Borders from the Freedom Folks. Well that show looks like it may be facing it's last days as once again it is proven that people who oppose illegal immigration are just a lot of talk and no action. If you've supported groups opposed to illegal immigration, those who fight at the federal level, state level and grassroots rallies and websites, then this post is not aimed at you. If you have not however, then how in the hell do you expect things to change?

Talking is great, it transfers information especially in this day and age with the constant onslaught of pro illegal sentiment in the Main Stream Media and across the board from leaders and corrupt businesses who could care less about this country. Exactly how long can people who are taking action to oppose illegal immigration survive though without your support? How far does a "good job" comment or a pat on the back go when it comes time to actually pay for the continued fight against all of those against us?

The pro illegal groups have literally hundreds of millions of dollars that they are using on a daily basis to encourage more illegal immigration and grant rights and citizenship to illegal aliens already here. If you truly care about this issue how the heck do you expect those of us fighting on a shoestring to compete against them when we can't even afford a computer if an old one breaks down? That is what the Freedom Folks are facing right now. They had their main production computer break down and it has ended the Blogs For Borders show for two weeks now. Over those two weeks it seems very few, if any, who say they care about the issue have donated any money to keep them up and running.

These two patriots have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of uncompensated hours working on the show, documenting stories and taking to the streets. They have footed the bill for travel expenses and gear. Meanwhile, those in La Raza - and the thousand groups that they support throughout this country - are compensated well to continue their daily assault. Janet Murguia alone makes several hundred thousand dollars a year as the head of La Raza and under-staff make $60-70k. In smaller groups they are shelling out $30k salaries to the heads of these groups for their work in communities to pass laws that impede law enforcement and to protest and hold rallies to extort from communities by calling them racist. You think those organizers are working for free? Hah! They are not uncompensated hippies, they are paid to appear that way. The workers struggle my ass.

So if you want America to lose, if you want the illegal aliens and their supporters to win and continue raping tax dollars and killing the citizens of this country without anyone to try and stop it, then by all means continue not donating to those people and groups fighting against it. That is the best way for you to ensure that in the end all Americans lose. I mean it's the easy way right? Sit around and complain, but take no action.

On the other hand, I am urging you to support these groups before it is too late. In the coming four years there are going to be epic battles in the House and Senate, dictated down from President Obama, to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Who will fight for you while you're at work? Nobody if you don't support the groups we will need in the future.

Here is the latest from MJ of Blogs For Borders. And if you think that is defeat in her voice, it is not, it is frustration. Frustration that you haven't actually done anything for a topic you say you care dearly about. Sorry to put it so harshly, but that is the truth of it.

If you wish to donate go to Freedom Folks and on the left navbar you'll see a donation button. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

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Posted by Digger on November 18, 2008 03:17 PM (Permalink)

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How much does Jake need to purchase a new AV computer? POST a dollar amount, i.e., TARGET to aim for and I believe you may see donations start to roll in.

Put a word out there if someone has one that they might like to donate to this cause for Jake to use. These two, Jake and MJ are crucial to this movement and have done an exemplary job exposing the dark side of illegal immigration!

Posted by: JBP on November 18, 2008 04:16 PM

Unfortunately, with the number of RHINOS and Dems in Washington, there's no stopping Amnesty this time.
It would have happened with McCain too.

My guess is that it comes early next year. The Dems will want the votes and will need time for Americans to forget by the time 2010 elections roll around.

Posted by: ToddK on November 18, 2008 05:43 PM

Some of us just cant afford to fight this with money any further. We are just paper tigers. Our candidates lose elections. The Rinos and Democrats has taken over the congress and Amnesty is just around the corner.What elese can we do?.Unless we regroup as one group, we will remain Paper Tigers.

Posted by: Richard Marsteller on November 19, 2008 05:55 AM

I can only think of one solution to get this issue into the MSM. One fellow tried that a few months ago in Tennessee. Shot some people in a Unitarian church and left a 4 page note behind, whereupon the MSM said they "didn't know why he did it...."


Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on November 19, 2008 01:01 PM

In 2006 some folks realized that rule of law was not going to be enforced without armed conflict. This wasn't an emotional reaction, but a thought in logical deduction. We had the momentum and many anti-illegal immigration groups watered that down, drown out the voices who were demanding instant and absolute enforcement of the laws. Now the powers that be know what the reaction is...People will go onto ALIPAC or some other anti-illegal immigration site and complain. When they get too angry, they will be quieted by their own and the sharp edge will be taken off the argument. While the other side poses extreme demands knowing that the "middle ground" compromise that falls short of these extreme demands is what they wanted in the first place.

Any future amnesty lies directly in the laps of rinos and anti-illegal alien group leaders who drown out their strongest voices, beginning in 2006, for their own political gains.

The far left controls the power centers in our society, taken unjustly and in criminal fashion. But of course "we" will still send each other patriotic quotes from the founding fathers about revolution and such. Just don't say it out loud the anti-illegal immigration group leaders can't have resolution threatening their power base.

Now many of these online anti-illegal immigration groups are nothing but a few house wives building post counts.

The only way to turn the country around is in a Jeffersonian fashion. Think about it, study the nature of this federal tyranny, it is the only way. If we aren't willing to revolt, then stop bitching and complaining about others leaving the "movement." It was killed the instant our voices were censored by our own people.

Posted by: JF on November 26, 2008 03:31 AM

Pussy Boys................."Maximum range of and excuse"? Zero fucking Meters Boy. Fuck the Far Left. Start climbing up your Elected Officals ass............

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on November 27, 2008 09:35 AM

What are we suppose to do. Alot of us cant afford anymore money. Some of those Fax sites charge $50 and over to send faes. How did McCain become a candidate or Obama for that matter.? Hell, I know NrAQ Members that voted for Obama and now are complaining that he appointed the biggest Anti Gun General Attorney. He is even worse that Gonzales.As for Amnesty, Get used to it. It is coming. because our Sheeple People want a change.

Posted by: Richard Marsteller on November 27, 2008 12:46 PM

Perhaps, everyone is tired of working around people like you, Dan. You lie about and insult supporters. Supporters, that actually put in effort at the street level...not keyboard warriors or failed-forum admins. If people don't do it your way, people are not doing anything, right? It is amazing how bad your tunnel vision is. Oh yeah....good job trying to guilt people to give more money. If they don't have....they don't have.
Get over yourself...

Posted by: Francis on December 22, 2008 07:46 AM

You lie about and insult supporters. Supporters, that actually put in effort at the street level...not keyboard warriors or failed-forum admins. If people don't do it your way, people are not doing anything, right?

You're an obvious troll, but I will rebut your ridiculous statements.

Firstly, I have never insulted anyone, I have simply pointed out reality and that is that many in our movement are hamstrung by lack of funds when they could do more with some support. I've never lied and insulted those at the street level. Not sure where that is coming from.

Secondly, I have never run a forum. I have helped others, but the only forum I have ever been involved with on a minor scale is SaveShenandoah.com, so that is obviously where you as a troll are coming from. Still fuming over the people's success up in Shenandoah eh?

Third, I have never said people have to do things my way. Not sure where you are coming from on that one other than you are trying to paint perceptions of me to others with an outright lie - otherwise known as slander.

Fourth, I don't expect people who are just getting by to give money. It's not guilt, it's the reality of what is going on for those out there who have put forth time, effort and money like the Freedom Folks.

But whatever, that's what trolls are for. If I was really such a controlling freak wouldn't I just delete your comment?

Posted by: Digger on December 22, 2008 12:28 PM

Ok, Dan, ok if you say so. But I have seen and heard you insult street level activits in person. And you have lied.

I am no troll from that failure of a forum of save shenandoah. Involved on a minor scale? Ok, Dan. Good plan though to distance yourself. Really, it's wise to I would think.

Shenandoah? Yeah. Sucess. That was a curiosity turnout. How about your 8 man turnout in Hazelton earlier in the year? Yeah...HOOORAH! You couldn't get a rally together in Shenandoah to save your life now. They would run you out of town now that that know you and the others.

I'm glad about the success in Shenandoah, Dan. For real. I just think you are an opportunist and egotistical and that you have your own agenda that may or may not be shared by other so-called 'activists'.

You didn't delete the comment because you feel the need to prove to the handful of readers that you 'have it together'.


Posted by: Francis on December 30, 2008 12:57 PM

Haha! Insulted street level activists? Your lies are ridiculous. You amnesty people will try anything.

Posted by: Digger on December 30, 2008 03:37 PM

Francis - Apparently you take delight in the apathy of Americans to fight this illegal alien invasion. I would question what YOUR agenda is. Save Shenandoah was created and handed over to the people of Shenandoah to use. One of the successes of that effort, which provided people a way to share their thoughts and opinions on being labeled a hateful, racist town - was that they got their mayor to resign. Their mayor was not supporting the people of Shenandoah so I'd say that was a huge victory for them. The creators of Save Shenandoah are not actively involved - they stay at a distance. It is up to the people who want to change Shenandoah to make something of that site and their town.

As far as turnout for rallies etc - your insults matter not to any of us who take our own time and money to try to rouse people to take action. The most recent rally in Shenandoah was not advertised heavily, it was too late in the year to have an outdoor rally and there were no big name draws to get people to come out. These things happened because the people trying to organize these rallies have no experience, have no money at their disposal and they are simply grass roots patriotic Americans who CARE. If that is a negative than I stand proud to be accused of that.

In 1775, there were only a handful of Americans who cared to evict the British royalty from the new country and I am sure there were plenty of naysayers and jerks like you even during those times. Fortunately, people like you don't amount to much and don't have much success at stalling the efforts of those who care to change things for the better.

I thank people like you because you simply galvanize myself and others to do MORE and give more to the worthy cause of taking back our country from the traitors who run it now.

Posted by: Ruthiness on December 30, 2008 03:52 PM

Ruth and Dan:

You are both laughable hippocrits. I have met you both. I have been at EVERY VotP event in support. EVERY ONE. I put out enormous effort to support those people. I have heard the insults PERSONALLY....from less than 2 yards away.

You both seem to speak WAY too much without having ANY factual basis for for statements. No, I am not Amnesty. No, I am not some Troll that is bored. I am the Patriot.

You really sound dumb making those statements. I am giggling right now typing, because you plainly do not see your own ridiculouslessness.

The turnouts do matter when the community does not care to take notice of what you are doing and just gawk at the weirdos in an autoparts store parking lot baking in the sun and listening to the landowner talk about the pros of sea salt....you have rallied no one with that crap....get it?

Then you go on to slam and disparage people that have attended (people that actually do something) only to have Dan S. contact them personally to apologize.

Mixed messages destroy your credibility. To everyone not just to the people you criticize.

So carry on with calling people names and making outlandish accusations. You are biased...you are false...you are far more dangerous to this country than the invaders themselves.

Posted by: francis on January 5, 2009 08:55 AM

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