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Mexican Drug Cartel Infiltration Of United States [Maps,Pics]

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Some would say that our country has not been invaded, but as you can see in the maps below our cities across this country have been invaded by the Mexican Drug Cartels. Mexican Drug Trafficking Operations (DTO's) bring with them a host of other problems from gangs to people smuggling to corruption in government and law enforcement.

As with illegal immigration, Mexican drug trafficking is a problem that the Mexican government really does not want to end. There is simply too much money to be made as that money is sent back to Mexico to prop up their corrupt government.

These maps are from latest report of the U.S. Department of Justice - National Drug Intelligence Center

All images below can seen in a larger format by clicking on them.

From the report:

The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) has prepared this Situation Report to illustrate the principal cities/states in which Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) operate within the United States. This document was prepared using law enforcement reporting available to NDIC as of April 9, 2008; it updates information regarding Mexican DTOs set forth in the National Drug Threat Assessment 2007.


Mexican DTOs are the most pervasive organizational threat to the United States. They are active in every region of the country and dominate the illicit drug trade in every area except the Northeast. Mexican DTOs are expanding their operations in the Northeast and have developed cooperative relationships with DTOs in that area in order to gain a larger share of the northeastern drug market.

Federal, state, and local law enforcement reporting reveals that Mexican DTOs operate in at least 195 cities throughout the United States. In 129 cities,2 law enforcement officials reported the presence of Mexican DTOs with affiliations to at least one of the four principal Mexican drug cartels that supply illicit drugs to U.S. markets - Federation, Gulf Coast, Juárez, and Tijuana. Specifically, Mexican DTOs affiliated with the Federation Cartel have been identified in at least 82 cities, to the Gulf Coast Cartel in at least 43 cities, to the Juárez Cartel in at least 44 cities, and to the Tijuana Cartel in at least 20 cities. Law enforcement officials also reported the presence of Mexican DTOs in 66 additional cities but did not identify an affiliation with a principal Mexican drug cartel.

All reported Mexican Drug Trafficking Operations in the United States.

The Federation

Gulf Coast Cartel

Juarez Cartel

Tijuana Cartel

There are two things that can be taken from just a brief glance at these maps. The first is that our country is invaded with Mexican drug cartels and all the problems they bring. The second is that the Tijuana Cartel needs to get off their butts because they're a bunch of slackers.

The full report can be downloaded at the National Drug Intelligence Center website

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Posted by Digger on November 14, 2008 02:11 PM (Permalink)

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Why isn't Espanola,N.M. on the map as one of those drug trafficking cities? They are the overdose capital of the U.S.A.! Kids and adults have been dieing there for years!We need the president or whoever is in charge to send us help down here in New Mexico! We are part of the U.S.A. Too! We have been overrun by drug trafficers for years! If the U.S. REALLY WANTS TO STOP DRUG TRAFFICING, THEY NEED TO PLUG THE PIPELINE! Espanola,N.M. is that major pipeline! What future will our children here in New Mexico have if our state is owned by organized crime?

Posted by: SilasJoseph on April 19, 2011 05:08 PM

If drugs on our streets is not a good enough reason for the U.S. to keep the Mexican cartels out of this country, consider this. What if someday those cartels deside there is money also to be made in the child porn and child sex slave industry? And school age kids began dissappearing to be sold on an international sex slave market? You say,"THEY LAY A HAND ON MY KID AND I'LL KILL 'EM!" Tell that one to John Walsh. Ever go up against a cartel before?...Single handed as an enraged parent?...Cartels like the ones we're hearing about in Mexico? They'll kill you and your family instead...after they tourtcher you first. Taking down a cartel is not as easy as Hollywood makes it look on a Chuck Noris movie. Don't listen to those far left morrons who will tell you that keeping illegals out of the U.S. is racist. Do some research on what's going on in Mexico and ask yourself if that's what you want to see in your neighborhood.

Posted by: mongoose on September 29, 2011 04:31 PM

Strange how Los Zetas got left off the map? Yet, they are definitely active in the US? Their operatives have been arrested in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California? They are also reputed to operate in Chicago and Florida as well as several other States? You can bet that with Cartel operatives setting up shop in the US that the gruesome violence currently plaguing Mexico will certainly be coming here as well!

Posted by: AMisEnemigos on December 31, 2013 07:27 AM

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