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Illegal Alien Coalition: Border Patrol Should Instantly 'distinguish between criminal activity and immigration violations.'

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A coalition in favor of illegal aliens is lobbying the Obama Administration and presenting a 38-page report titled "Effective Border Policy: Security, Responsibility and Human Rights". In the report there are over 70 recommendations on how illegal aliens should be allowed to come to America and remain here without fear of deportation or raids.

One of the recommendations is that Border Patrol Agents should magically obtain omniscience and be able to look at an illegal alien crossing the border and "distinguish between criminal activity and immigration violations."

Michael Cutler, a 30 year agent in the former INS, has this to say in a recent article on the ridiculousness of these demands being made by the open border amnesty advocates in favor of illegal aliens.


During my 30-year career for the former INS, I was involved directly or indirectly with the arrest of thousands of aliens for various violations of immigration and other laws. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no way that you can look at a person and know whether or not that person has a criminal history unless you have a young child in front of you.

... I recall arresting a young man, working in a glass factory in Brooklyn, who lied about being a naturalized citizen. He was mild-mannered and polite, but his story about the naturalization process had some serious inconsistencies, ... It turned out that he was an illegal alien who had been previously deported from the United States upon being convicted of a homicide and serving his sentence – and subsequently arrested and charged with unlawful reentry into the United States. While serving a five year prison sentence for that violation, he escaped from federal custody.

I also arrested an Egyptian citizen whom we found working in a restaurant in Staten Island as a dishwasher, who turned out to be engaged in coupon fraud and was believed to be sending the proceeds of this criminal enterprise to a terrorist organization in the Middle East.

Yes, both of these illegal aliens probably looked on the surface to be just looking for work, but in reality were outright criminals.

The most hypocritical thing to all of this is that this coalition of pro illegal alien people and groups are the same people who will say that you can't look at someone on the street or in prison and determine whether they are an illegal alien or not, yet they expect our law enforcement to look at an individual crossing the border and determine whether they have a criminal history or not, whether they are a murderer, a pedophile or a terrorist. It is simply flabbergasting.

Cutler continues on in this must read article.

Someone once said that an effective spy (or terrorist) would not attract the attention of a waiter or waitress at a "greasy spoon diner." I have modified that statement to make the point that it may well be the waiter or waitress who is the spy or terrorist.

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