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Save Shenandoah Picnic/Rally This Saturday - Digger To Speak - Mayor Is Lame

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Save Shenandoah is having their first rally this Saturday, October 18, 2008 and they have asked me to speak. So I'll be heading back to Shenandoah this weekend (hey that would make a good song, "Back to Shenandoah"... somebody get to work!).

Anyway, I want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with this rally other than attending and speaking. The community of Shenandoah has stepped forward and organized this event themselves. I'm proud of them!

Issues at the rally that will be discussed include setting up their crime watch and illegal immigration in addition to other topics related to the community.

If you are in the area stop by and say hi.

Time and Date:
Saturday, October, 18 2008 at 2PM

Bicentennial Park / Babe Ruth memorial Field
600 E Centre Street
Shenandoah, PA

The field is next to Mrs. T's Pierogies. Here's a Google map.

Google Map of Location

You can talk more about the rally in the Save Shenandoah Forums

Pottsville Republican Herald

Save Shenandoah, a group with a Web site and forum devoted to problems in the borough, will discuss illegal immigration and crime at a picnic/protest scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday in Bicentennial Park.

“I believe this is an effective way to get people out and involved,” Save Shenandoah spokesman Joe Miller, Shenandoah, said Tuesday. “I am not sure that a lot of people know what illegal immigration is doing to our community.”

... borough officials were invited to attend.

Mayor Thomas F. O’Neill said he will not attend.

“I was not personally invited. Joe Palubinsky showed me the e-mail he received,” O’Neill said. “I will be out of town that day with family. Family comes first.”

O’Neill said he spoke with Police Chief Matthew Nestor about increased police patrols.

This mayor is on the side of the illegal aliens and the groups supporting them including MALDEF, LULAC and the Anti-Defamation League. O'Neill is rumored to have had a recent meeting with MALDEF soon after the rally this weekend was announced and also contacted the ADL and informed them of the picnic/rally.

Some Hispanic activists expressed concern about the first rally, alleging the groups involved incited hatred.

As for that, you can judge for yourself. All of the speeches and my report on the August 30, 2008 rally are posted at my entry on the Shenandoah Rally.

These groups can no longer outright lie and get away with it. We record everything and upload it to the web. These groups are the outright racists and that is what my speech centered around that day.

According to fliers posted around Shenandoah, speakers will include Dan Smeriglio, president and founder of Voice of the People USA; Dan Amato of Diggers Realm, a Web site that covers illegal immigration and immigration reform; Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest, a Web site for “American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion”; Wendi Medashefski, a member of Voice of the People, and Miller of Save Shenandoah


Miller said a borough crime watch would also be discussed Saturday.

“There is a lot of crime in town and we need to come up with ways to stop it,” Miller said. “We have people interested in a crime watch but we have to have it approved by the borough.”

The Voice of the People group facilitated a meeting Sept. 20 at the Anthony P. Damato American Legion “Medal of Honor” Post 792 to set up a crime watch. During the meeting, Miller agreed to take charge of setting up the next meeting and addressing the council.

Miller said Tuesday he is planning to attend the borough council meeting Oct. 20 to ask about the crime watch.

Joe Miller is a hero for that town. Now if we could just have a few more Joe Millers out there in small town America stand up and start taking back your town from corrupt politicians and groups and then this country yet may be saved,

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