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Mary Lynn Wagner - HD23 Colorado Is Microcosm Of State Races Across The US On Immigration

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There are a ton of candidates across this nation at the state and federal level who truly are concerned about illegal immigration. Here is a typical scenario of how things currently are. You have an incumbent who has a website that provides the very minimum of stances on issues, takes no real concrete positions and shows a serious lack of knowledge about the issues and then you have someone who truly cares and has a real stance.

Mary Lynn Wagner
HD23 Colorado
Mary Lynn Wagner is one of the latter. Wagner is running for the 23rd district state house seat in Colorado. To see just what I mean, all you have to do is go investigate the Mary Lynn Wagner website and you can see her stances on the issues and that she is well informed and wants to actually do something.

Then you have the incumbent in the district... well good ole' Democrat Gwyn Green has a website as well. If you go read her issues area you are lucky to find a paragraph on each.

Mary Lynn Wagner takes a full stance on the issues of:
Energy, Education, Immigration, Guns & 2nd Amendment, English as Official Language, Jobs, Health Care, Transportation, Fiscal & Taxes, Environment, and Social Issues and Local Issues.

The incumbent.... well let's just say she says the minimum she needs to on Health Care, Environment, Transportation and Education.

Mary Lynn Wagner's page on illegal immigration is a sight to see. Well laid out that shows the challenges we face in tackling illegal immigration and it's impacts on society. The incumbent Gwyn Green? Not a word on immigration. And that is probably because she is pro-amnesty and doesn't want to expose that fact.

People like Mary Lynn Wagner deserve our support. So spread the word about her to all in the 23rd district in Colorado.

I really wish I had more time to highlight more races through the country and the imbalance between those who care and those who are just riding the gravy train, but I'm only one man with only 24 hours in a day. I'm sure of you look into local races in your area though you'll find a similar thing. Maybe you won't find someone as tough on illegals as Mary Lynn Wagner, but you'll surely find that one candidate is doing the minimum they have to.

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People really should research the background of a individual who is running for an office position. Despite the commentary that is posted on their personal website doesn't necessarily mean that they stand for equality, diversity and morality. If you notice, her website only revolves around immigration but what about social issues? How does this individual feel about gay rights? How do they view diversity? It is clear by the comments on the website that they bear ill feelings toward individuals that come from south of the border. Read thoroughly and she comments how crime and disease manifests primarily from illegal immigration. This theory is completely ignorant. Do the research, ask the questions. Get the real picture. Never judge a book by its cover.

Posted by: Honest Pete on October 27, 2008 09:21 PM

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