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Found In Local Paper Of Illegal Infested Hellhole - Change Logo To Make It All OK

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So the small town of Norristown, PA has decided that to revitalize their community and to get rid of the perceptions of Norristown - which has been invaded by illegal aliens - as "being unsafe for residents and visitors, depressing entry roadways, the transient nature of residents and the disproportionate level of social services for drug treatment, crime and poverty"

So they went with a new red and orange theme for their town with the slogan "Where You Belong". And why the red and orange theme?

"Red and orange resonate with the black and Latino populations" said Heseung Ann Song, the president of Osiris Group.

Where you belong eh? Maybe it is where you belong after they are done stealing all of your taxpayer funds to come up with new slogans while they ignore the illegal alien invasion in their town and continue to watch it slipping into even more crime and poverty. Typical liberal bullshit of just putting a happy smiley face on problems and expecting them to resolve themselves, with no real actions at law enforcement.

They are spending $60,000 on this new slogan. Instead they should spend this money on a couple additional cops on the police force to actually do something about their problems.

Below is a comment from one person on a forum regarding the new slogan.

Why I Love Norristown by Pedro Sanchez

I love Norristown because they give away so much to me and and my large family. They don't care if we work under the table and take jobs from citizens. I struggled to come here from Puebla, Mexico and now this is my new home. Nobody bothers us or asks us if we have a right to be here. Norristown is JUST GREAT! My family and I are SO THANKFUL to the taxpayers of Norristown for making it possible for me to send my 8 children to public school. They even teach us English for free!

Back in Puebla, Mexico we were living in a small cramped apartment full of rats. Americans are so generous to help us have a better life and allow us to cut in line ahead of legal immigrants. I know that's because they feel sorry for us and well.. if you are a legal immigrant who is waiting in line - TOO BAD FOR YOU BECAUSE WE GOT HERE FIRST! Who is the dummy? Not us! We figured out how to play the game and it's all about just getting here. You generous Americans (stupido) don't have the heart to send us home... so all you legal immigrants waiting outside the country - well THAT is what you are doing wrong!

I love Norristown because we are able to take advantage of that Universal Health Care at the local Emergency Room which we use like it is our Family Doctor. We never have to worry about paying for health insurance and we don't have to worry about all the car insurance and registration stuff because our employer picks us up in his big white Suburban to go to work. My brother Jose found a used car that he drives around and we don't worry about not having a license because everyone in Norristown is so nice they don't bother us about all that!

We love going to Home Depot and Walmart because all the signs are in our language and we even hear announcements in Spanish too! It feels just like home! Since nobody bothers us we are able to make some money on the side creating documents for our friends and helping my cousin Javier sell his drugs in our neighborhood. We love Norristown and we love America!

And here are some suggested slogans from another commenter that shows the reality of Norristown...

Norristown, where you get more than you bargained!

Norristown, home of the lifters, drifters, and grifters.

Norristown, warm and cozy, and a bit nosey.

Norristown, where education is on the back burner.

Norristown, home of drug dealers and faith healers.

Norristown, a place that's going somewhere?

Norristown, a home in a foreign country,

Source: Times-Herald

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