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Happy Independence Day From The Realm And Robin, Ray And Peri [Video,Pics]

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My good friends Robin and Ray out in California are the most patriotic people you could ever come across and yesterday they went to the Riverside National Cemetery with Peri and other patriots and honored our heroes by cleaning up the place and putting out flags and special messages to our fallen.

I took some video that they pointed me to and some photos of the work they did and have put together a compilation.

Enjoy the great patriotic music below brought to you by the Riverside Philharmonic Orchestra.

And have a great Independence Day, remember those who have served and continue to do so and keep up the fight for our country!

Long Live the United States of America!

Video of Concert For The Heroes

Robin's report on events


riverside-cemetery-2.jpg riverside-cemetery-1.jpg
Patriotic Community Service Project
Concert of the Heroes

Riverside National Cemetery
July 3, 2008
This is how the section looked before
Decorating the hallowed warriors' headstones
Cheryl created personalized signs


Minutemen and ralliers decorated one of the older sections of the National Riverside Cemetery - the final resting place for our American heroes, our veterans. Honoring their service - decades after their noble service to country.



Peri brought photos of her Uncle Jack - killed at age 19 in France during World War II. Jack was the model American teen. Handsome. An athlete, a good kid, loved by everybody - religious at an early age...an American youth who gave his life for his beloved country.

Peri's grandma - Uncle Jack's mom - had only one son, and her one son gave his life for his country. The above (right) photo cutouts are of Uncle Jack - warrior, athlete, good kid, beloved by family and friends - all American.




Donald read us facts about World War I. Such as the purported origin - that when foreign nobility mistakenly entered a German alley, and were shot by German soldiers - that was the catalyst for the war. World War I is known as the Great War - we lost 8 million American soldiers... thanks Donald for your history contribution!


concert-lake.jpg concert-orchestra.jpg

The Inland Empire Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra staged a patriotic concert in the outdoor amphitheater, overlooking one of the lakes, above.

There are a first rate orchestra that blasted out spine-chilling renditions of the Star Spangled banner, God Bless America and Yankee Doodle Dandy, among other favorites. Complete with a fireworks grand finale - which ended with a beautiful American flag design in stationary fireworks, across the lake from the concert.


Here we are - two rows up


Thanks for the report Robin!

There are more images in the video.

Watch the video above of the Concert For The Heroes

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Thank you so much for giving insight for a fallen hero.So many stories,so much love. We have all lost so many brave wonderful spirits,we can never thank them enough nor there mothers, fathers, sisters and brother for the sacrifice they gave for us.

The Rev.

Posted by: joan vail on July 4, 2008 09:13 PM

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