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Mexico Wasting Money On 400,000 Trees To Protest Border Fence

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For a country who can't provide for its own people the Mexican government sure has a lot of money to throw around and waste. The latest is the purchase of 400,000 trees to plant along the new United States-Mexico border fence in protest.

Eagle Pass TX Mayor Chad Foster
Mayor Chad Foster
Big Hat, Little Brain
They planted the first of these trees with the help of Eagle Pass Mayor Chad Foster, a man who has no concern with the safety and security of America and is more concerned with what Mexico thinks than what most Americans think.

What the hell is wrong with the people of Eagle Pass, TX? I'm starting to wonder about these "new" Texans. The "old" Texans were tough and proud of their country, now the "new" Texans are electing liberal tree hugging globalists who would sell out our country's sovereignty all for a quick buck.

As far as Mexico is concerned, they recently begged us to give them $1.5 billion in funding - with no strings attached - to support their "war on the cartels" under the Merida Initiative. When strings and conditions were made they balked. That's because they weren't planning on actually spending it where intended, but on pocketing the cash in their corrupt government. In the end they are to receive $500 million in training and equipment. Funny how buying 400,000 trees takes precedent over fighting their cartels, but why should they worry they can just beg us for money and gullible politicians here will give it to them.


The first of 400,000 trees are being planted to form a "green wall" in protest of the fence the U.S. is building along the border with Mexico.

The treeline will eventually stretch for 318 miles along the border between the Mexican state of Coahuila and Texas.
Coahuila Gov. Humberto Moreira Valdes says "our wall is of life, and it competes with shame and hate."


The mayor of a Texas border town attended Friday's tree planting in Piedras Negras. Eagle Pass Mayor Chad Foster opposes the ongoing construction of 670 miles of border fence.

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Posted by Digger on July 1, 2008 07:52 PM (Permalink)

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I suggest planting the trees in the cavaties of Mexican politicians where the sun doesn't shine. Any leftovers can be inserted into most of our own Congress, as well.

Posted by: zeezil on July 2, 2008 09:04 AM

How much further proof does one need to see that the government of Mexico is actively undermining our immigration laws? What, Mexico's "guide" on where to go after their citizens have illegally crossed into our country isn't enough?

I suspect Mexico helped the May 1, 2006 "protest for rights" in which a million plus illegals and their supporters marched in our streets. This is just another act of war THAT OUR POLITICIANS support!!!!!!!!

Can't help thinking that DC is planning a secret North American union... Goodbye US constitution.

Posted by: ken pope on July 3, 2008 10:39 AM

i think you need to come clean about your motives. immigrants do not pose threats to our society in any way and you know it. what frightens you most is imagining that your "americana" is in danger of being watered down, and you're not socially evolved enough to get past that. you and your kind are not committed enough to your own cause to even come out and admit that you are racist dirtbags.

Posted by: Mark Barrera on July 3, 2008 01:52 PM

Mark Barrera wrote: you and your kind are not committed enough to your own cause to even come out and admit that you are racist dirtbags.
That's lame EXCUSE # 4 (see below)

EXCUSE # 01: Tradition:
MYTH: As George Bush said: "We are a land of immigrants". We can not pull up the drawbridge now, unless we dismantle the Statue of Liberty. Otherwise, we are all hypocrites.
TRUTH: This is a common ploy. Yes, we are a land of immigrants. Mostly legal. We are enriched by legal immigration; not by massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration. You would not allow large numbers of uninvited persons to come live in your home, use your food, utilities, and space. So, why would you let them come into your community, uninvited, and use your schools, hospitals, ERs, Medicaid, welfare, highways, and vote in your elections?

EXCUSE # 02: Economics:
MYTH: The U.S. will crumble without illegal aliens. We need immigrants to pay the Social Security of the Baby Boomers when they begin to retire. Immigrants do jobs citizens won’t do. Who would pick our produce? Who would make the beds and wash the dishes?
TRUTH: This is another common myth, since illegal aliens are costing U.S. tax payers a net loss of at least $70 billion per year (and possibly as much as $338 billion annually). $70 billion will pick a lot of vegetables and fruit, eh? Guarded and electronically monitored fences along all U.S. land borders would cost about $10 billion per year. How does that compare to the $70 billion per year in net losses to U.S. taxpayers?

EXCUSE # 03: Humanitarianism:
MYTH: You are selfish to put the needs of poor citizens ahead of more desperate people in other nations, by denying them entry into our country. The U.S. is obligated to share with others. Large-scale immigration is a significant way for the U.S. to help the impoverished people of the world.
TRUTH: It is also selfish to forget to show compassion for your fellow citizens that go without because illegal aliens have stolen from and burdened our welfare, Medicaid, education, healthcare, hospital, E.R., Medicare, Social Security, law enforcement, prison, insurance, and voting systems. Also, without the sovereign right of nations to control their own borders and immigration, people in places where things are not as good will always descend upon places where things are better, ruining it for everyone. We can be enriched by controlled immigration, but massive, uncontrolled immigration (legal or not) is a recipe for disaster, chaos, increased crime, racism, resentments, and societal disorder.

EXCUSE # 04: Diversity / Racism:
MYTH: Increasing diversity through immigration is necessary to be true to our civil rights principles. Opposition to illegal immigration is racist. We are obligated to accommodate millions of immigrants per year because our strength is our diversity; the diversity of immigrants made America great. And, Christopher Columbus was the first illegal alien, and we stole the land from the Indians.
TRUTH: That is the old stand-by. You are a racist. However, race has nothing to do with it since illegal aliens are of all races from all over the world. Diversity is good, but massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration itself leads to racism due to chaos, resentments, increased crime, societal disorder, and increased competition for a slice of a shrinking pie.

EXCUSE # 05: Irredentism:
MYTH: We have no right to secure U.S. borders, because U.S. borders are illegitimate to start with. The U.S. really belongs to the Indians and other neighboring nations, to start with.
TRUTH: This is another weak argument. If you want to use that logic, we should all give back all of our nations to the original inhabitants, or their ancestors. This weak argument is just one of many that demonstrate how weak all of the pro-illegal alien arguments really are.

EXCUSE # 06: Cornucopianism:
MYTH: The free market and technology will save us. We are the land of plenty. Besides, we need illegal aliens to grow out of our massive debt problems. They will become new tax payers, and we can grow our way out of debt.
TRUTH: Even if that were true, does it justify exploitation of an under-paid under-class? To attempt to remedy our own debt problems? This simply does not make sense, since illegal aliens are costing U.S. taxpayers net losses of over $70 billion to $338 billion per year. Besides, how can importing massive numbers of uneducated and impoverished improve the economy. 32% of illegal aliens receive welfare. 29% of all incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails (nationwide) are illegal aliens. How will technology resolve that?
The U.S.:

(a) can not afford to fix the economic and political problems of all neighboring countries, much less the other nations from which illegal aliens originate (on other continents).

(b) can not afford the time and cost to fix Mexico, and even if it could, illegal aliens come from hundreds of the nations world-wide, and the U.S. can not fix all of them.

(c) can not afford to bring the rest of the world closer to our standard of living, without lowering our standard of living.

(d) can not afford to be the world police.

(e) can not afford to be nation-builders.

(f) can not afford to let every one come here from all over the world; immigration must be limited.

(g) can not afford to fix other nations' problems around the world, when we can't fix our own.

(h) can not afford any of it, because the U.S. already has $53 Trillion of nation-wide debt, and 80% of Americans own only 17% of all wealth in the U.S.

(i) can not stop illegal immigration with a border fence alone.

(j) must enforce its own laws.

EXCUSE # 07: Globalism:
MYTH: We live in a global economy now, requiring new global solutions. Securing the U.S. borders is futile, since it is inadequate to deal with globalization.
TRUTH: This is a complete non-sequitur. Secure borders and a global economy have little (if anything) to do with each other. Nations have the sovereign right to secure their borders, and that is necessary, because without it, massive numbers of people from places where things are not as good would invade places where things are better, ruining it for everyone. We can not immigrate our way out of our fiscal and economic problems. Especially with increasing competition abroad, growing corpocrisy and corporatism within government, and an increasingly irresponsible, elitist, bought-and-paid-for, look-the-other-way government.

EXCUSE # 08: Practicality:
MYTH: It is not possible to deport 12+ million illegal aliens.
TRUTH: There is no need to deport illegal aliens. We can help deport those that volunteer to be deported, but once the magnets are eliminated, illegal aliens will leave voluntarily. They should not be starved out. So, we should be provide $500 (per person) and pre-paid transportation to each illegal alien volunteering to leave the U.S. That may cost as much as $12 billion, but it is a one-time cost, and it is still miniscule compared to the current annual losses of $70 billion to $338 billion (and climbing, year after year).

Posted by: d.a.n on July 3, 2008 03:39 PM

"immigrants do not pose threats to our society in any way and you know it." Hey Mike, are you really so stupid you don't know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien? The issue isn't immigrants, stupid. And you forget that US citizens have a right to be racist dirtbags but illegal aliens don't have a right to be here. If you have a problem with US immigration laws, take it up with congress. No threat? How about "press 1 for english," "bilingual required?" you racist dirtbg.

Posted by: ken pope on July 7, 2008 03:41 PM

Hey Mike, I'll take the same deal "racist" Mexico and other nations have.

You know, don't you, they deport their illegal aliens and require immigrants to speak the language of their country. Dirtbag.

Posted by: ken pope on July 7, 2008 03:45 PM

"frightens you most is imagining that your "americana" is in danger of being watered down, and you're not socially evolved enough to get past that."

Unfortunately, it isn't imaginary. And you make our case. This is not about economics (except for taxpayer money spent on illegals), it's about language and culture. Where do you shoehorn racism into the equation? Do you really think that if 20 million white Germans or Italians flooded uninvited into the country turning us bilingual there would not be protest?

Posted by: ken pope on July 7, 2008 03:52 PM

Hey, they better stop planting those trees, I won't be able to go across the border for gas.

Posted by: Peter Greenaway on July 9, 2008 02:54 PM

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