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US Based SKYY Vodka Bashes Absolut, Proudly Supports Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

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SKYY Vodka Bottle
In an absolutely hilarious press release that made me chuckle several times today, SKYY Vodka, the leading vodka maker in the United States, sent out a press release stating that they proudly support the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. They decried the ad recently run by Absolut vodka that showed the southwest of the United States owned by Mexico.

Read it and laugh your ass off!

Business Wire

In 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo officially ended the Mexican-America War (1846-1848). With the signing of this treaty, the United States gained control of what was to become the Golden West, including California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and parts of Colorado and New Mexico. Today, SKYY® Vodka, the number-one vodka produced in the United States, spoke out against suggestions by Absolut® Vodka to disregard that treaty, as well as the joining of Texas to the Union in 1845, as depicted in Absolut’s recent advertising.

Absolut Aztlan
“Like SKYY Vodka, the residents of states like California, Texas and Arizona are exceptionally proud of the fact that they are from the United States of America,” said Dave Karraker, SKYY Vodka. “To imply that they might be interested in changing their mailing addresses, as our competitor seems to be suggesting in their advertising, is a bit presumptuous.

In the ad, an “Absolut World” is depicted where the map of North America is re-drawn with Mexico claiming much of the Western United States, negating the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as well as the Gadsden Purchase (1853), and the independence of Texas (1836).

Don’t get me started on the Gadsden Purchase,” continues Karraker. “I think the folks in Tucson and Yuma would be rubbed the wrong way if they hear this landmark deal was somehow nullified as suggested by Absolut, a Swedish-owned brand.”

Thank you Dave Karraker! Drink SKYY, screw Absolut and join the Absolut Boycott

Other Commentary:

Burro Hall takes the cake...

"Don't get me started on the Gadsden Purchase!" God, how many times have I pounded my fist on the bar just before closing time and shouted that at the room?

American Mind
Oh Fair New Mexico
Hayhurst for America

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Buy SKYY!!!!!! :-)

Posted by: April on April 13, 2008 09:08 PM

"If they can't take a JOKE, "Fuck Em"!

Posted by: Jack Ripper on April 15, 2008 03:54 PM

This is more evidence that a civil war or maybe a race war is coming. Like history reflects... a third world country and race of people like mexicans will be put in there place!! Speak English etc. embrace America and be proud of the blood that shed for our freedom. If you cant become an American go back to where you come from. John McCain is a joke. Ron Paul represented what this country needs!.

Posted by: John Reeder on April 26, 2008 11:31 PM

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