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Mobile Mexican Consulate Observed By Minutemen - Corona, CA [Pics]

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The Mobile Mexican Consulate showed up in Corona, California to hand out their Matricula Consular ID cards and other unsavory infiltration measures. The Minutemen went to observe this event and as usual they were flipped off and their freedom of speech and organization was attempted to be restricted by those of a foreign government.

This photo report is just in from Robin Hvidston.


Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

The line for the mobile Mexican government center stretched from inside of the FAMSA furniture store to outside of the furniture store

March 8, 2008

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

The line stretched from inside the FAMSA furniture store - line outside, above photo

The mobile Mexican government center was publicized on the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate website and was staged daily from Thursday March 6 to Sunday March 9. http://www.sre.gob.mx/sanbernardino/

On Thursday, March 6 - the day the mobile centers started - Minutemen met with the San Bernardino Mexican Consul Geralt Cabrales and expressed opposition to mobile Mexican government centers.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

Minutemen observed at the March 8th Corona mobile Mexican government event. Above photo - the line inside of the store.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

Inside the FAMSA furniture store - Mexican government staff transacting business

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

The mobile station above - the Mexican government used laptop computers.

At this point, we were asked to stop filming and exited the store.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

Above - photograph of the consul vehicle

As soon as the consul vehicle was photographed - from a public American sidewalk - the uniformed and apparently armed man working for the Mexican government, above, came toward us. We were photographing on an American sidewalk - so he had no jurisdiction.

A Corona police officer, who we had met with, parked across the street, drove his vehicle nearby and hollered out to the crowd - THEY HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That calmed everybody down.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

We stood with signs near the driveway entrance to observe the Mexican government and to greet the arriving vehicles - MEXICAN CONSULATE GO HOME our sign read - people would cluster around us - yell and so forth.

We explained we were there to protest the Mexican government.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

As we stood on the sidewalk with signs - this man repeatedly flipped us off and hollered.

Eventually, a group of three gang-type men suddenly approached us. MMP National Rally Spokesman Raymond Herrera immediately telephoned the police officer and the three men walked away, upon hearing Herrera's conversation with police.

However, the police officer told us later, that after Herrera's phone call, the three men were spotted, and we were told that an officer was interviewing them.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

The adult driving the above vehicle flipped us off as the minor child in the back seat followed her example

The officer who we originally met with us, spoke with us for quite some time - he knew nothing about Mexican Consulates or the Matricula Consular ID, so we spoke to him at length on the topics.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

While the officer was onsite, all was peaceful. In fact, the line outside of the FAMSA furniture store disappeared. PLEASE NOTE in the photo above - the store doors are open.

Mobile Mexican Consulate Corona California

In the above photo the police officer is at far right - the store doors now closed (the man in foreground in the red plaid shirt had been yelling and flipping us off before the police officer arrived)

The officer who had been talking with us, said he would speak with those in charge of the mobile Mexican government center and walked toward the furniture store.

As the police officer approached the furniture store, the man in a uniform, who was working for the Mexican government, shut the doors to the furniture store and the police officer did not enter the store, but, rather waited outside of the closed doors, on the sidewalk.

Soon, a woman came out and spoke with the police officer for about 5 minutes, in front of the closed doors, on the sidewalk.

We left shortly thereafter.

The photos of the mobile Mexican government center will be presented to various government agencies and elected officials in our quest to stop mobile Mexican Consulate centers in our communities.


Thanks Robin for that excellent report!

For those of you not in the know many banks accept the Matricula Consular card for proof of identity in opening bank accounts and easing transfer of funds back to Mexico from illegal aliens in this country. It is also used in numerous other situations where it should not be accepted as proof of identity.

It should also be noted that any legal resident in this country would be able to obtain legal forms of identification and therefore cards like the Matricula Consular are simply used to subvert our laws in this country. All aided by the Mexican government of course.

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Posted by Digger on March 13, 2008 04:25 PM (Permalink)

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That furniture needs to be investigated and possibly put out of business. Again...it looks to be just another "FRONT" business, possibly funded by Mexican drug cartels.

Posted by: JB on March 13, 2008 06:25 PM

The only thing you old white people and Ray are doing is pissing us off and the older you get the easier it will be for us to just push you off to the side and forget about you. Time is on our side, your done, so why dont you just move away or die already cause all your doing is bugging. Live and let live cause one of these days your gonna bother the wrong person and get runned over...just ask Ray. Its just a matter of time...

Posted by: The Future on March 13, 2008 06:41 PM

You just can't stand the fact that white people old AND young are still in the majority and we are gonna kick your brown asses out of our country SO fast you won't even have time to pack! It's comments like these that fuel the angry patriot movement and you just make us more and more pissed off as well so let's HAVE AT IT shall we?

Posted by: Ruthiness on March 13, 2008 07:29 PM

"white people old AND young are still in the majority"
"still" is a relative term subject to change hence my name, "the future". We're thinking long term 2050 ever heard of it? Wont be no problems if you dont start no problems, Capisce?

Posted by: The Future on March 13, 2008 08:40 PM

Did anyone notice all the nice shiny new cars parked out there!!
While Americans are loseing their homes, Jobs and being forced to work for cheaper wages.

Posted by: SOSAFORUS on March 14, 2008 03:15 PM

Illegal means ILLEGAL in any language in any country. We, the people of America, citizens, belong here. We will not move away or die. We will fight just as our ancestors did, to regain this country. The Southwest and all of the U.S. is our land not Mexico's. We are here legally. If you have sneaked across our borders you have committed a crime against America. You should be prosecuted. What if we did the same in Mexico? We would be arrested and deported immediately. Just because our government is lax in this area, the people are not. We will overcome!! Vote for Ron Paul the only patriot running for President. Write him in!!! He will make sure America is sovereign once again.

Posted by: Beverly Sydlosky on March 19, 2008 01:04 PM

This is absolutely disgusting! Where is ICE? And, teh local police seemed to do NOTHING! Has this been forwarded to Lou Dobbs, ALIPAC and Sean Hannity?!? I think it'd be great to get Sean Hannity to cover this on his show. Most Americans would never believe this is REALLY going on! And I disagree with Beverly who said we should write in Ron Paul's name. You're throwing your vote away. If I thought there was a chance of him winning, I'd do it, but be realistic, there is not! As much as McAmnesty makes me sick, he's far better than Obama or Clinton. At least he won't jack up taxes and will have the heat of the GOP breathing down his neck. Hopefully McAmnesty will pick Romney as his running mate. We need somebody strong on the economy and there's nobody better than Gov. Romney. And, please Ron Paul supporters -- no comments that Romney belongs to the CFR -- I've looked at membership and never saw his name. If you want to vote on principle and throw your vote away on Ron Paul go ahead. All those ILLEGALS VOTING ILLEGALLY ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR CLINTON OR OBAMA! don't claim

Posted by: April on March 26, 2008 10:09 PM

I was born and raised in California for 40 years now. I no longer can stand living in California. My kids will have to learn English in order to live here if they stay here.In other countries the people know English but in Mexico the percentage is very small. You might as well face it, California is Mexico. Everyone here is Mexican. In Corona 75% of the people are Mexican. Police officers, neighbors, cashiers,schools,you don't have a prayer if you are not Hispanic. It wouldn't be so bad if the percentage of backgrounds were balanced but when you get a large percentage of one race you become independent and do not depend on anyone,when you are not Hispanic. We are looking out of state. Does anyone know of a U.S. State that is hard on immigration?

Posted by: Andrea Cruz on June 23, 2009 10:58 PM

you ignorant WHITE people!!!! Why is it that you have a problem with hispanic people here in the u.s, but you do not have a problem with them when you walk in to one of your fancy restaurants and the shiny clean plates you eat off of were washed by us or when you take your car to the car wash you dont have a problem with the hispanic breaking his back to clean it for you and leave it nice and shiny. when have you ever seen a white guy even try to do waht a hispanic would do. You all think that kind of work is beneath you and still complain when we do it. All of you are hypocrites and very ignorant.!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: lizzie on October 27, 2009 10:01 PM

Lizzie said:

you ignorant WHITE people!!!! Why is it that you have a problem with hispanic people

I have no problem with Hispanic people, I have problems with illegal aliens. Nice try playing the race card though.

when have you ever seen a white guy even try to do waht a hispanic would do. You all think that ki1nd of work is beneath you and still complain when we do it. All of you are hypocrites and very ignorant.!!!!!!!!!

I wash my own dishes, cook my own food and - SURPRISE! - wash my own car.

You are the racist, saying white people as a whole are lazy.

Amazing how time and time again people like you project their racist beliefs on others.

Posted by: Digger on October 27, 2009 10:39 PM

"Did anyone notice all the nice shiny new cars parked out there!!
While Americans are loseing their homes, Jobs and being forced to work for cheaper wages."

Yes that's right and those who have those luxuries worked really hard to get what they have. They don't just sit around and moping and whining cause they lost their jobs. We just get another one. We are not afraid to do a little labor. What, you think that they got shiney new car for free? You people should get the facts before you sit here whining.

Posted by: crazymike on April 15, 2010 07:17 PM

why are you against these people receiving a id card it actually benefits us, how? if they have some sort of identification its better ,for example if they commit a crime or have broken the law or get in a car accident, they will be able to identify them selves,America does have a problem and needs to address it quickly, not all illegals are bad ,we need them to keep America going.
lets face it.I am in favor of a reform,as long as the pay taxes and contribute and don't break any more laws and don't cost me anything it don't bother me none ,i doubt Mexicans are terrorist !!!lets concentrate our time in fixing the problem and focus on targeting the real problem corrupt Mexican government.we need a workers program they need to apply and qualify and receive identifications of course and return to their homes but mainly enter legally i don't mean to upset anyone I am simply giving my opinion

Posted by: el bolillo on April 27, 2010 05:19 PM

I have no problem with people coming here LEGALLY. But there's a few facts that illegal immigrants need to understand. Our wages have either declined and/or have not kept up with the cost of living because you come here and under cut it by doing cheaper labor. You have allowed company owners to become wealthier why the rest of us, including you, work harder for less. It brings down the middle class which runs the economy. You claim you do the crap jobs like waiting tables and such because white people won't do those jobs. Not true, until illegals came here by the droves, mothers who worked part time while their kids were in school worked those jobs. Yes, white women. Young people would work those jobs after school. Yes, white kids. A lot of men worked factory jobs. Once again, white men. You come here and work under the table so you don't pay taxes that go to support a community, like schools and hospitals. But you sure use them.You wonder why people get mad when you threaten them. You should be mad at your own countries Government for letting things get so bad in Mexico. So many parts of Mexico are beautiful and could be a great place but instead of holding them responsible you hold American citizens responsible for your every plight.

Posted by: Summer on June 11, 2010 12:56 AM

I'm tired of seeing our culture being obleterated. It's impossible to find decent American people around Dallas anymore. Kick these spics out. I've had enough of them. Who cares if they call us racist. We have to protect our country, our values and our way of life from these criminals.

Posted by: Texas Patriot on June 11, 2010 02:19 PM

hahaha YOU GUYS ARE A FUCKEN JOKE RIGHT? "the furniture store is owned by the mexican drug cartel"? WOW!!!!! even if it was im sure there number one customers are rich white people

Posted by: jennifer on July 16, 2010 11:31 AM


Posted by: victoria vital on September 3, 2010 04:32 PM

Fuck u all... We are here to so deal with it

fucking I lost friend in Iraq and Afgan just come here and find white trash like you all that dont get alone and fucking Corona PD are just guys that never when to college at least I went to UC irvine and Iam making more $$$ than Corona PD... they are racist sob some time I feel like joining a federal office just to fuck with them... Brown peep will always be here we need to get over with it and start help the poor.....

Posted by: JT on October 3, 2010 07:23 PM

Looks like the minutemen live very dull lives. NOTHING BETTER TO DO. Get a damn life guys, do something positive and within your intellectual realm instad of being out on the streets instigating.

Posted by: lafin@u on October 4, 2010 09:28 PM

Do you people think the government care about your opinion? You can swear at each other at forums and blogs, exchange racist statements but migration problems are not getting settled that way. Nor with guns.

Posted by: office chairs race on November 16, 2010 01:01 PM


Posted by: PATTY on August 10, 2011 05:42 PM

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