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Deputy Craig Miller Killed By 'Foreign National' - Rep Ted Poe Makes Statement On House Floor

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Deputy Craig Miller
Deputy Craig Miller, a 20 year veteran, was killed February 21, 2008 while working undercover. His SUV was struck by "a foreign national" whose "legal status is undetermined". Craig Miller sounds like a great guy and unfortunately he is another victim of our lax border controls.

Congressman Ted Poe made a statement on the House floor regarding this incident (From the Congressional record).

Congressman Ted Poe
Mr. POE:
Mr. Speaker, the people of Houston, Texas, are in mourning today because they have lost another brave protector of our community.

While working undercover surveillance on February 21, Harris County sheriff deputy Craig Miller was killed when an 18-wheeler darted onto I-10 in Houston and recklessly drove across three lanes of the freeway crashing into Miller's SUV. Miller's vehicle became airborne, and he was fatally injured in the crash.

Narcotics Officer Miller was 43 years of age, married to Michelle and has two young children. Friends described him as a comedian that could have been a regular on Saturday Night Live. Deputy Miller grew up in Houston and attended Stratford High School. He enjoyed protecting and serving the people of the Houston area.

So as peace officers wear the black band of sacrifice across their badges in honor of Deputy Craig Miller, we remember that lawmen are all that separate civilization from the uncivilized. The driver of the 18-wheeler was charged with negligent homicide. He is a foreign national and his legal status is undetermined.

Deputy Miller is yet another recent death in a series of Houston area lawmen that have been killed by foreign nationals. Deputy Miller is a casualty of a weak, chaotic, and inconsistent and overbroad immigration policy
this country has.

And that's just the way it is.

Unfortunately, that is "just the way it is" and it needs to change. Our law enforcement should not have to be dealing with criminals in this country and criminals coming into our country from other countries. It is a comment I hear time and time again when illegal aliens commit crimes. "but what about the American criminals?". It is a straw man argument that states that because we have criminals already in our country we should be accepting of other criminals as well. We have enough criminals here, thank you very much, and we should do all that we can to ensure that we are not allowing even more to exist in this country through lax security and immigration enforcement.

For more on Craig Miller see the Officer Down Memorial Page

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Posted by Digger on March 3, 2008 05:40 PM (Permalink)

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Maybe the "foreign national whose legal status is undetermined" is one of the drivers of the "pilot program" of allowing MEXICAN TRUCKS ON US HIGHWAYS WITHOUT INSPECTIONS! Pres. Bush and his administration directly went against Congress on this issue! Congress voted last fall overwheming to OPPOSE this porgram. But Dubya, being the stubborn persistent little _____ that he is went ahead with the program! Currently the Teamsters and others are suing over this issue. So watch out US families -- that big semi next to you could be an unlicensed, drunk Mexican who's been driving for 48 hours straight (they don't log their trips strictly like the DOT require of US drivers!).
With all the problems of human and drug smuggling, this "pilot program" was implemented?!? Bush has the blood of this poor deputy and every other border patrol agent killed by ILLEGALS on his hands because he has refused to build the border fence and has actively worked at gutting the funding for it! You can thank Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of TX for offering the amendment in Dec. 2007 that gutted the funding. I encourage anyone disgusted by this story to call Sen. Hutchison and Pres. Bush's offices and tell them this deputies blood is on their hands! Call toll free 1-800-828-0498 and the capital operator will transfer you to any US senator or Rep.

God bless this poor deputy and his family. Personally, I think this was an intentinoal hit by drug dealers from Mexico. What are the chances of crossing over three lanes, hitting an undercover narcotics deputy on I-10?!? I used to live in Houston and know I-10 -- it's at least 4-5 lanes. This was a HIT!!!

p.s. This pilot program is all part of the NAU -- North American Union and building the "superhighway" from Mexico, through Texas straight up and through Canada. These plans have been in the works for years and most Americans are CLUELESS! Check out: www.stopthenau.org. Daneen Peterson, Ph.D., professor at Temple, writes extensively on this subject.

Posted by: April on March 9, 2008 03:44 PM

Deputy Craig Miller, a 20 year veteran, was killed February 21, 2008 BECAUSE HE WAS DRUNK, SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. Deputy Craig Miller's SUV struck "a foreign national" whose "legal status is undetermined". Craig Miller sounds like a great guy and unfortunately he is another victim of our lax border controls.

Posted by: Jonathan Chapa on March 13, 2008 04:48 PM

Understand the concept of the word criminal. Understand the whole picture. Maybe Americans need to educate themselves on the laws of the US before they start spouting off comments that reflect their ignorance. Unfortunately the deputy was intoxicated. Unfortunately the other driver was out of status. It is all unfortunate. Learn the immigration laws and the issues. Stop being spoon fed by the media. Educate yourselves. There is more to immigration than building a wall. It's all gray, not black and white. While many immigrants are here illegally, that doesn't necessarily make them criminals. Yes, there is a huge issue here. It is about supply and demand (demand on our part). It's gray. All gray. What would you do if you were born on the other side and had family you couldn't feed? Maybe we should make it about making it better for them to stay in their HOME country where they would prefer to be. Maybe we should make it about making it a safer country for them. Maybe we should address ALL of the issues here and over there instead of looking for scapegoats and putting bandaids on the issues. Maybe we should start thinking for ourselves instead of having the media and our government spoon feed us. Craig Miller has died. I grieve for him and his family. The other driver was not malicious and was not a criminal. It was an unfortunate accident. Realize the real issues. Stop being blindly spoon fed with propaganda. When will we all wake up???? Immigration is an issue, yes. It is not black and white. Educate yourselves.

Posted by: janie s on March 14, 2008 01:23 AM

The deputy wasn't just drunk, he was plastered, .27 blood alcohol level. Driving drunk, speeding and wearing no seatbelt is a recipe for tradgedy.

Posted by: J.B. on March 14, 2008 06:51 PM

Get behind THE SAVE ACT TODAY! NOW! Only 27 more signers to get this bill to the floor, for a vote! Yesterday 50 more co-sponsors were needed? This federal law outweighs all other state immigration enforcement bills, and will put teeth in removing illegal aliens from our nation. This by-partisan bill has 171 co-signers of both parties. This is a great chance for public opinion do do something, before the new president steps into office.

It's a fight against the globalist, open border, free market agenda, to implement the free-movement of people in our country. This is a fight for the American worker, their jobs, language and our quality of life. This is not about a individuals race, creed or religion, its about our suffering economy! This is about national security!

House Speaker Pelosi is trying to undermine this Rep.Shuler bill, and plan instead to bring in millions of more low wage foreigners, while we still have to deal with the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who have occupied our lands.

SAVE Act (H.R. 4088) on November 6, 2007, emphasizing the principles of Attrition Through Enforcement The SAVE Act will broaden and enhance border security and interior enforcement. The question is why are Democrats are not co-authoring the SAVE ACT in greater numbers? Democrats in my family are asking the same question?
Demand your representative co-sponsor the SAVE ACT. Fax for free your Senator or Congressman at NUMBERSUSA.COM or FAIRUS.ORG
Alternatively: Email your Representative at: http://www.house.gov/ or http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_informa...

Posted by: Dave on March 14, 2008 08:09 PM

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