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'Bonzai Runs' Of Illegals End After San Luis AZ Border Fence Goes Up

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Along the San Luis, Arizona border with Mexico a new border fence was put up 18 months ago as part of the Secure Fence Act. In San Luis, part of the Yuma sector, there was a practice that border agents called 'Banzai Runs' where hundreds of illegals would just all run across the border from Mexico at once and agents couldn't catch them all.

Since its installation, the practice of 'Bonzai Runs' has been put to an end in San Luis, but you wouldn't know it from the title of this article out from Reuters (just another example of the Main Stream Media's deliberate ignoring of success to push their own agenda)

Despite fences, immigrants still broach U.S. border

Daily, U.S. Border Patrol agents in this Arizona town faced groups of up to 200 illegal immigrants who would swarm across the border from Mexico, sprinting past the agents to a new life in the United States.

That was until 18 months ago, when the single fence was bolstered by two taller, steel barriers, watched over by video cameras and lit by a blaze of stadium lighting. Now the incursions known by the agents as "Banzai Runs" have all but stopped.

"It was overwhelming," said agent Andrew Patterson. "This used to be a huge trouble area, now we are almost down to zero."


"It has been a massive success. It has allowed our agents to gain control over the area and acted as a deterrent for people thinking of crossing," said Jeremy Schappell, a spokesman for the Border Patrol's Yuma sector, which includes San Luis.

Isn't it amazing how they can write a headline directly opposing a fence that shows it is working?

How do they come to this conclusion? Well here is one example:

A new single layer of steel mesh fence 10-13 feet tall stretches out across the rugged, high plains deserts and grasslands on either side of the small town of Naco, Arizona. The Border Patrol credits it with contributing to a fall in arrests, but some residents say it has done little to stop illegal immigrants.

In two recent visits to the area, Reuters correspondents found an improvised wooden ladder and stretches of garden hose used to scale the barrier, along with dozens of pieces of clothing and rucksacks apparently tossed by illegal border crossers as they breached it.

A "single layer of steel mesh fence 10-13 feet tall" is not what the Secure Fence Act called for and is not the same as the fence built in San Luis that has worked. The single layer is why at this portion of the border it is not working. As can be attested to by the beginning of the article where Secure Fence Act fencing has pretty much stopped illegal aliens from getting past it.

Other portions of the article point out flaws in the fence's design with people "squeezed through a gap under the second fence". That is improper construction, not a failure of fencing.

Gotta love the way they'll spin something to their own views.

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