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All Disgust, All The Time When It Comes To Huckabee In The Digger Camp

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Well, I've just about had it with "holier than thou" Mike Huckabee. I've spent the night reading story after story about this corrupt and absolutely shameless sell-out that tries to portray himself as a Conservative Baptist minister. It all started with the Jim Gilchrist endorsement of Huckabee and his "all of the sudden tough on illegal immigration" post made on his website. I've also been watching the debates and the constant news on this guy in Iowa.

This pandering asshat spent his time as Governor of Arkansas placating to the illegal alien set. Going all out on illegal alien in-state tuition under the guise of it being "for the children". Now I hear that he's rising in the polls because he's a fun loving and happy go lucky guy when it comes to his presence.

Well I'm here to tell you

Screw Mike Huckabee!

First of all I'd like to point out a fact I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. Mike Huckabee opposed the REAL ID Act in Arkansas and across the country while vice chairman of the National Governors Association. He threatened legal action against the federal government saying "we're not going down without a fight on this, Congress will have to consider changing this unfunded federal mandate,". Reasons for him opposing REAL ID, should become apparent after you read all of the damning evidence against this guy below. It shows his true opposition to the REAL ID Act was not because of funding or any reason other than the fact it would impact illegal aliens in his state.

But first, there is current information coming out that Huckabee provided clemency to a campaign donor businessman who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a 3 time DWI. The businessman only served 6 months of the 7 years. After his clemency he went on to commit a 4th DWI. Dan Riehl has the story on the $10,000 donation that bought his freedom. The donations were given at a time when campaigns aren't even looking for money and after the businessman's appeal failed. A time when one fundraiser said "all of sudden $10,000 comes walking through the door when there's no campaign going on? There's no reason to give that kind of money then."

Oh and the fiasco where Huckabee attracted and spent taxpayer monies to build a Mexican Consulate, meanwhile allowing them to stay temporarily in government building space for only $1 a year. Consulates give out the Matricula Consular ID cards to illegal aliens. They also stir up legal trouble against our federal government anytime there is a raid against employers who hire illegal aliens and generally stick their noses into our political process. Mexican meddling. Meanwhile, per capita Arkansas has the highest rate of illegal aliens in the country. Does that sound like the type of man who is against illegal immigration?

How about the time in Arkansas when legislation was going through to verify identification for voters and to deny taxpayer funded benefits and services to those illegally in our country? Huckabee said the legislation and those who supported it were "inflammatory . . . race-baiting and demagoguery." and that those who oppose illegal immigration "inflames those who are racist and bigots and makes them think there's a real problem. But there's not." and that they are "un-Christian", "un-American", "irresponsible" and "anti-life." Does this sound like a man opposed to illegal immigration? At the time I wrote that entry I didn't even know who Huckabee was. Now he's actually leading in some polls to receive the Republican nomination for President?

I believe that the above is the real reason he opposed REAL ID, because it would actually make voters become identifiable for eligibility and also for their ability to collect taxpayer funded services even when illegally in this country.

In addition, while backing illegal aliens and their right to be here, to vote and to attend our schools at reduced rates in front of American kids, Huckabee had the audacity to raise taxes in the state! Probably so that Akansas taxpayers could pay for all the juicy services the illegal aliens in their state received under Huckabee.

Then we have the whole Gilchrist endorsement of Huckabee that seems very strange. Ruth of Illegal Protest and Jake of the Freedom Folks have more on that as well as Malkin.

I'm not anti-religious, but this guy seems to be covering every single example of failure or his true stand on issues that are against America under the guise of some puritanical religious belief of his. He also calls himself a Baptist minister, yet has no formal theological degree. Now I'm not one for declaring formal education as the end all and be all of knowing what you're are talking about, but when faced with this revelation Huckabee shrugs it off and says he never said he did have formal training, but let the press and people continue to believe that he did. The crime of omission. The hiding of facts because they fall in his favor.

Is this the type of leader we really want in charge of our country? Why not just be straight and honest with the facts? Why all the game playing? Why all the ridiculous "magical conversion" to being hard on illegal immigration. Huckabee had plenty of time to end illegal immigration in his state that is overrun with illegal aliens to the detriment of Arkansas state residents and the federal taxpayer's expense? Why the sudden conversion from calling guys like Jim Gilchrist racist, un-Christian bigots to calling them best buddies?

This guy is no friend of mine (or yours) and I'll denounce his potential for nomination at every chance given.

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Posted by Digger on December 17, 2007 02:30 AM (Permalink)

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There is an mis- understanding of all this hammering of Governors who had to deal with the influx of illegals in their state. The Governors had no control over the borders and thus no control over the illegals, especially with the federal government not doing a thing to send the illegals back to their own country. What is a State to do?

I believe Governor Huckabee has answered it the best, by not trying to evade the responsible actions taken, but by speaking to what he saw as a need. The children of these parents who were putting the children in harms way did not desire to be punished for the actions of the criminal acting parents. Should the giving of a benefit to illegals be done? Not in any way more then absolutely necessary as to cause a greater influx, but yet we have moral standards in this Nation, such as anyone who shows up at an emergency Room gets treated. Any child not in school is in violation of every State's truancy law.

It is not the fault of Governors for having to deal with the illegals, It is the fault of the Federal Government. So, unless your a Congressman running for President, there is not any reason for having to defend being a humanitarian. Seal the Borders as Mike Huckabee has been toting and then deal with those illegals here. Send back the dead weight lazy illegals and get our country back to legality. Until the borders are sealed, talking immigration is a waste of time, a mute subject.

Without a doubt, Mike won the utube debate. CNN certainly tried to make the debate belittle the candidates, but all did well, but Mike did best! CNN should be held in contempt, for planting such questions. I suggest the Republicans ban CNN, except for Glen Beck of Course. :o)

By the by. Rush Limbaugh soundedk the other day, a bit like someone trying to support the beltway boys. He knows very well what I stated above, about how Governors are not in charge of Federal issues and he tried to color Mike Huckabee as a liberal fiscally. He also knows that Mike had to follow the Clinton Dynasty in Arkansas and I am sure the State was in fiscal crisis after such communist leaning government happened. In reality we have witness to Mike Huckabee having turned the liberal state around, making the growth of the State at about half of the budget growth of all the states in America, an excellent fiscally conservative performance. Right Rush!

Posted by: RGeoregeDunn on December 19, 2007 09:34 AM

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