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Clinton's Top Five Priorities - Funny How Immigration Is Missing But Health Care Isn't

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Bill Clinton went on Charlie Rose last night for an interview. Sure, it's not Hillary, but like celebrity couple Beniffer and Tomcat, you can ensure that Billary are one and the same when it comes to priorities.

As Bernard over at A Certain Slant of Light points out, other than referencing Hillary's slip in the polls as partially due to her stance on illegal alien driver's licenses and her backing of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's proposal to give them to one and all illegal aliens, immigration seemed to miss the Billary boat regarding important issues America faces today.

Here are the top five priorities for Billary:

  1. Restore American’s standing in the world
  2. Discontinuing our direct military involvement in Iraq
  3. Regain our economic momentum to restore the middle class
  4. Pass universal healthcare
  5. Do something "really significant" on energy

Funny how politicians will tell you straight to your face that immigration is an important issue to them and America and then when questioned on their priorities it is obviously missing.

Items 1, 3, 4 and 5 mentioned above are all directly affected by illegal immigration. I'll point them out below.

Point 1: America's standing falls when you don't enforce your laws and look wishy washy and allow people to trample all over you.

Point 3: Our economic momentum and middle class are directly affected in a negative way by illegal immigration. People can't move to the middle class if they don't have a base of jobs to build up from. Having illegal aliens taking all of those jobs does not allow people to move up the economic ladder from worker to management and build an economic future for their children and retirement. This all stunts the economy as money is shipped out to the illegal foreigner's homeland in the form of remittances instead of being reintroduced into the American economy. Don't even get me started on the portion of your taxes being taken out of your paycheck (or via state sales tax) that are going directly to illegal alien programs - and increases in services - at all levels of government.

Point 4: The cost of health care in this country is being driven up by illegal aliens who use the emergency room as their primary care facility and free pharmacy. Get rid of the 12-40 million leaches on the health care system and costs could come down (whether the companies that run them would actually pass that savings onto consumers is another thing).

Point 5: Energy consumption in this country is skyrocketing not only because of Americans, but because of overpopulation. Without the time to build up a suitable energy infrastructure, the system has been overwhelmed as illegal aliens come here and have multiple children as anchor babies in hopes that they can play the sympathy card if they are ever caught and also in order to gain access to even more social services like welfare.

While I'm not a kook who blames everything on illegal immigration, to totally ignore its direct impact on significant portions of America's systems is to be outright ignoring and lying about the issue. Don't trust any politicians who refuses to accept that illegal aliens have a negative impact on society, not only financially, but in quality of life for all the other legal people living in this country.

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Posted by Digger on December 15, 2007 03:24 PM (Permalink)

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I went on a left wing socialist (theft, Robin Hood "ethics") web site yesterday that was attacking Ron Paul, accusing him of "big business" support and "hatred of the poor."

I attempted to engage them on the issues, including illegal aliens, and was immediately attacked with mock black language (sho 'nough) and the old "racist" charge.

In addition to the illegals disrespect for our laws, I mentioned the sexism/racism of affirmative action policy (legal advantages for women and minorities at the expense of white males).

On top of direct curse word insults, I was told I had a "polluted viewpoint" by the web "monitor" and my comments were deleted. So much for liberal freedom of speech and "open mindedness."

I find it interesting that when I oppose sexism/racism I am a called a racist and evil for REACTING to affirmative action. When Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus she was a hero for addressing an equally racist policy(?).

The left wing psychos are demented and inconsistent. Racism, according to them, is fine against whites but no one else. They are unprincipled.

To think I was a registered dem less than a year ago. My eyes were opened wide May 1,06 (million illegals protest), cemented by this summer's amnesty attempt (accusing racism against those who oppose amnesty) and the dem's miami debate where every candidate agreed to work for spanish as an official US language (so much for "they only want to assimilate").

The hypocrisy and the absolute certainty of the dem's; the arrogance to the claims of their superior positions is a joke which cannot be approached by the Republicans. Their personal attacks, coupled with their inability to defend their positions, is evidence of this. Forget the Iraq war, it now is a distant number two issue, I am working hard for a dem surprise defeat in '08.

Posted by: ken pope on December 17, 2007 12:24 AM

I hear all the comments about people who are here without someones permission. No one asked me, but everyone act's as if their permission is needed. I myself came from two american citizen inside of the U.S. bounderies. I attended no school, but lived and learned from my grandfather. Later I enlisted into the Uninted States Military and found that even though I was born here of american citizens there was no record and I was not considered an american. The military had me file for citizenship and for many years had no problem sending me to defend this countries interest around the world until I retired. I have always been a defender of this country and thank the military for the education and lessons that were taught to me. Later in life I built and ran a recyling company, which I sold to buy my farm. I now find myself looking at and questioning those around me who have never given to this country, but think they should dictate who can be part of this country. If this veiw were prevelant in my youth then I would have been cast out, even though I was born here of american citizens. I have lived with many people of many races in my life and find most are like me,loyal to this country and trying to acheive the american dream. So what is the american dream you ask. Let me explain, to live and acheive a better life for my children, to love and protect this country and you, to hold my hand out to those with less and help went I can, and last but not least to take a stand against those who would not want all to acheive the american dream. Today the moral standards that I was raised with are not to be found in most american citizens and this change will always breed a hatred for others who come to this country and acheive, legal or not. The future of this country is dependent upon the immingration of others, just look around at the game playing, bot bellied ,couch potatoes who are not going to protect this country or you. They have no pride in this country, just the additude that you and I owe them something just becuase they were born here. Do you owe them, I don't, they owe this country, they owe you and I who have given service for our citizenship. The illegals who are perrsicuted should be welcomed for this is the new blood this country needs to build a better future for our children and theirs. They will have the pride in this country that is so lacking by the now american generation. This country need the good, we can send back the bad, wish we could do that for most of these owed americans....From the 6' 2" white forever american boy age 65.

Posted by: Lynn on January 11, 2008 11:59 PM

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