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Open Borders Activists Beaten Back By Border Patrol After Inciting Violence

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Open borders proponents and anti-war activists participated in a 6 day even called the No Borders Camp near the border in Calexico. On the last day of the event these open borders proponents decided it would be a good idea to lay down in traffic and try to dismantle the border fence in the area. As things escalated and the activists taunted the Border Patrol Agents on the scene and got in their faces more Border agents showed up. After repeated warnings the open borders activists proved once again that like the laws in this country declaring a border and against illegal immigration, they again refuse to obey directives of law enforcement agents.

The Border Patrol had no choice but to take into custody those who were inciting violence against them and assaulting them in order to keep control of the situation on both sides of the border. They ended up arresting 3 and having to push back and fire pepper rounds into the crowd to get them to obey the law and control the situation.

Several videos have been released from these groups claiming incorrect actions by law enforcement and saying they are the innocent victims. However, I have watched these videos and these people are not being peaceful at all. They are not listening to directives to back off from the law enforcement line. They are hurling insults at the agents and inciting others to act violently.

I would post the video, but the groups have heavily edited the video in their favor and not posted it to video sharing sites. It's good to see that they feel they are so correct they would want to hide the truth from public view. I also won't link to Indy Media, an anti-American hate group posing as news reporters, so there you go.


Border Patrol agents on Sunday fired tear gas and hit protesters with batons, said Rich Macgurn, a protester with No Borders Camp, a group that organized the demonstration.

"They were indiscriminately firing pepper spray and charging the crowd," he said. "It's really outrageous the way they behaved."

No Borders Camp, which describes itself as a group that opposes borders, posted a video of the clash on its Web site.


Border Patrol and Calexico police officials did not return phone messages Monday. The Imperial Valley Press reported that Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol, said the demonstrators had begun to destroy government property and assaulted agents.

The three demonstrators were arrested on suspicion of assaulting federal agents, the newspaper reported.

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Posted by Digger on November 13, 2007 05:38 AM (Permalink)

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Well IF the border were a militarized zone as you claim, there would be no illegal activities like human trafficking & drugs would there!
But it is not, and your article is full of lies and misleading information that you want to push to the public.
The fact is the Border Patrol do a great job of patrolling our borders and IF you even had 1/1000th of what it takes to be a BP agent you would be a good person, but you choose to think that there are laws, and then there are laws...some of which you will obey, and some of which you will not obey.
Having a "Campout" at the border is just about the most stupid thing I have ever ever heard of! What were you expecting the BP to do? Bring over marshmallows?

Please keep up this bad behavior, it only shows that your stupid cause is without grounds, and is made up of left wing socialists who want to turn the USA into a 3rd world garbage can like Mexico.

Posted by: Ken Dreger on November 13, 2007 10:54 AM

I am for legal immigration and I want the borders closed, especially from illegals. But you are a victim of the left/right paradigm. Who is in control? George W. Bush. He like Nancy Pelosi want an open border so that the multinational corporations can exploit the Mexicans, Canadians, French, German (yes there are white illegals too)for their cheap labor. And by using them to manufacture goods, why should they pay Americans...no, citizens of the United States a decent wage with benefits, when corporation you shop at like Wal-Mart and other non-union stores hire illegals, exploit them and eventually call the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to deport the illegals after their work is done. And the U.S. citizens they do hire, they lay off and have them on welfare. again, the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family are banking off the sweat of illegals. Does the Republican National Committee care about Americans? No. Why? Because they endorsed and supported a fascist dictator who would give Amnesty to illegals. Another person who did this and caused an influx of illegals was former President Ronald Reagan. And the amnesty was NOT just for Mexicans.

NY Times

The so-called liberal commies never allowed amnesty. So prior to 1980s, was there an immigration problem? Not really but when Reagan allowed amnesty, illegals came in droves to become citizens. it was /is the party you support, the Republicans who support illegals. The conservatives, along with the communists who want this New World Order. Except for one Republican and that's Dr. Ron Paul and one Democrat: Dennis Kucinich.

Please keep up this bad behavior, it only shows that your stupid cause is without grounds, and is made up of left wing socialists who want to turn the USA into a 3rd world garbage can like Mexico.

Posted by: Ken Dreger at November 13, 2007 10:54 AM

If you're calling the people wanting amnesty bad and evil people, you know commies and lefties, then you're attacking the wrong people. The people to go after are the:

Council on Foreign Relations
Tri-Lateral commission

and other elite organizations that create that left-right party. Do you REALLY want to stop the flow of illegal immigration? Do you REALLY want citizens other than people who have green cards, visas and other legal documents to work here? Do you really want the borders secured with out a militarized zone, thus violating the Constitution and Habeus Corpus? Undo the Reagan tax cuts, and do what conservatives and liberal speakers recommended, speakers like:

Alex Jones
Jim Marrs
Frosty Woolridge
Mike Malloy
Thom Hartmann
Randi Rhodes

Had said: don't go after the illegals and deport them, go after the businesses that hire them. As Woolridge said, "If you close Disneyland down, people will go home." Have the business owners arrested. Then after they learn that you will be fined millions of dollars and imprisoned, what business will run the risk of losing everything? None. because they hired the illegals to save money. Fine them and imprison them, they will not hire illegals. And with no jobs, the illegals will return home to their native lands. Educate yourself folks and realize that the president we have in office does not care about you.

Posted by: Patriotic truther on November 14, 2007 05:41 AM

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