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Paul Tibbets, Pilot Of Enola Gay And American Hero, Dies At 92

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The crew of the Enola Gay

Paul Tibbets
Paul Tibbets After His Historic Flight
Pilot of the Enola Gay, Paul Tibbets died yesterday at the age of 92. What this man did was courageous and needed in a time of World War. There apparently are those out there that think there is still a debate worthy of discussion on whether we should have dropped the bomb on Japan. I however see no debate existing as I've made up my mind years ago that it was a necessary thing.

As a student of history and having the joy of studying World War II extensively I can tell you that it had to be done.

The question really seems to be should we have allowed a ground invasion, where American troops would have been killed by a vicious military machine in Japan at the time, or whether we should have bombed that military machine into submission.

I am always with saving American lives. Anyone who thinks that Japan wouldn't have used the bomb on the United States if they had it simply hasn't done their proper research and investigation.

And now comes the time when everyone comes out of the woodwork and calls me a racist. Saying that I hate Japanese people.

Paul Tibbets In The Cockpit Of The Enola Gay
To those let me point out that I busted my ass in the Navy in order to graduate as close to the top of my class so that I got to choose my duty station. Why did I do this? Because my top duty station selection was Japan. Forget Bermuda or Hawaii, I wanted Japan. I have had a love of the Japanese ever since I was young. The running joke in my family is that I have a sticker on my ass that says "Made in Japan", because that is where I was conceived.

I have total respect for the Japanese people and a definite fascination with them, but if the Japanese ever somehow turn over their current pacifist ways and attack the United States again, I would be once again 100% behind dropping a nuke on them, or any other country that threatens my fellow Americans for that matter.

Paul Tibbets was vilified by years by the anti-bomb crowd. The same crowd that many quite possibly would never have been born if it was not for his ending of the war, for their grandparents may have been killed. To them Paul gave no chance to make a spectacle out of his death. His ashes are being scattered at sea and there will be no official funeral or headstone for the anti-nuke/anti-war crowd to desecrate.

In 2001, Paul Tibbets told the Palm Beach Post, "Our young people don't know anything about what happened because nobody taught them and now their minds are being filled up with things that aren't true." and I couldn't agree more.

Thank God for men like Paul Tibbets - and Harry S Truman - who saw a need to end the war immediately and took action towards that end.

Rest in peace my American brother.

More at Debbie Schlussel

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