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MD State Delegate Pat McDonough To Introduce Illegal Alien Crackdown Bills

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Pat McDonough

There are a few heroes in Maryland to go along with the countless villains in that state that want to open taxpayer funded labor sites for illegal aliens and continue to hand them millions and billions in taxpayer services and funds.

Pat McDonough is one of those heroes.

McDonough, who represents part of Baltimore and Harford counties, plans to introduce what he calls his "Five Star Citizen Action Plan”. The five parts of that plan are

  • banning contractors who hire illegal aliens from receiving state government contracts
  • ID verification at the polls to prevent illegal aliens from voting
  • Denying illegal aliens Maryland driver's licenses
  • Regulated day labor sites to ensure that there are no illegal aliens there
  • Prevent passages of laws giving illegal aliens in-state tuition

McDonough is also pushing to make English the official language of Maryland.

“We are in probably the worst state in the nation when it comes to protecting constitutional rights and fighting against the invasion of illegal aliens.” McDonough told ABC.

Among the group of people at a VFW where McDonough laid out his "Five Star Citizen Action Plan" were the two below who are fed up with illegal immigration.

“I'm pretty upset about the way that we allow criminals into this country and we tell them, ‘Yeah come on in and by the way we're going to give you free things,’" said Bob Jones of Randallstown.

“I'm concerned about the number of illegal aliens entering our country, added Barbara Forcey of Glen Burnie. “I’m concerned about the fact that it's an illegal activity."

We here at The Realm stand behind McDonough in his efforts.

The Pat McDonough Offical Website

Tipped by: Jeff Quinton of Inside Charm City

Source: ABC

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Posted by Digger on October 4, 2007 03:23 PM (Permalink)

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At the anti-tax rally yeaterday you said, I believe, that you had posted the names of the 39 semi-conservative Democrats who might be convinced to vote against the Governor's tax proposal on your web site, but I couldn't find the information. Did I miss it, or could you send me the information directly.
Henry Borger, Secretary, Republican Central Committee for P.G. County

Posted by: Henry Borger on October 30, 2007 12:33 PM

Hi Henry,

I wasn't at the anti-tax rally yesterday. If i was in the area I would have been though. I believe this is the website and webpage you are looking for though:

Annapolis Politics: list of Senators

Posted by: Digger on October 30, 2007 02:09 PM

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