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Aztlan Website Celebrates Al Qaeda And Recent Oil Bombings In Mexico

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Stating that "Al Qaeda's goal to collapse the US economy seems on track" on the front page of Aztlan.net, Ernesto Cienfuegos of La Voz de Aztlan brings us "Mexican insurgents cause record $80 per barrel crude oil price".

In the article (which I will not link), Cienfuegos states that:

In addition, the Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (Stratfor), through the US State Department, is now offering its services to President Felipe Calderon. Stratfor is supposedly a private intelligence agency founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas but insiders know the outfit as "The Shadow CIA". Stratfor analysts say that the EPR has "evolved greatly". They believe that the recent sophisticated operations by the EPR can not be the work of simple "campesinos". Stratfor says that they believe the recent bombings were led by very experienced bomb makers. They note that the recent operations against PEMEX have evolved greatly from what is usual for the group. The range of the attacks are much more widespread and are coming much more frequent. They are also worried about the much more sophisticated and much more powerful Improvised Explosives Devices (IED's) the EPR has been using.

This basically tells us that the EPR, or Popular Revolutionary Army, are working with a more advanced terrorist group. This group is not only teaching them exactly how to carry out attacks, but also how to make those attacks more successful and devastating.

Mexica Movement
Emery over at Just Build the Fence has an excellent post on the Mexican terrorists groups currently working in Mexico and the United States including: the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR); the Zapatist National Liberation Army (EZLN); the Zapatist National Liberation Front (FZLN); the Mexica Movement (Indigenous Movement of the People of Anahuac). That last group should seem quite familiar to anyone who has been reading here about the illegal immigration protests in this country. The picture to the right is the Mexica Movement flag that was spotted at a Save Our State rally in Baldwin Park in May, 2007.

This Mexica Movement is riding on the coattails of the recent marches made by illegal aliens through our streets. The y have infiltrated the illegal alien movement in this country, yet their stated goals are not to give citizenship to illegal aliens, but to take over the southwest of the United States.

Emery also ventures that one of the only groups that could be training these terrorists in Latin America with such sophisticatedly techniques is Al Qaeda. I tend to agree with him - as having covered illegal immigration and terrorism for years - there have been numerous reports of the spread of Al Qaeda in Latin America, gangs like MS-13 working with Al Qaeda, Iraqis coming across the southern border and Middle easterners posing as Hispanics as they cross the border. With the recent elections of leaders like Hugo Chavez, who are looking for money any way he can get it, you can almost guarantee that he would allow a group like Al Qaeda, that is aligned against his common enemy the United States, to set up shop there and perform any form of training or production of weapons they like there to attack the US.

You really do need to head over to Emery's post and read it through, there's some well thought out other connections there.

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