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Texas CBP Agents Told To Limit Checks On Vehicles And Allow Terrorists In

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The Customs and Border Protection El Paso field office Director Luis Garcia sent out a memorandum in August that all agents screening at the Texas-Mexico border need to start ignoring thorough checks of vehicles and their passengers in order to speed up passage into the United States. That's right, he is basically telling these agents to allow terrorists into this country because things are just too slow at the border crossings. He could have actually worded it that way, but I suppose he chose not to. It could be worded this way "If a few terrorists slip in, or a few more drugs or illegal aliens, who cares."

Can we please get some real people in a position of power who actually care about America and the American people?

Washington Times

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Texas have been ordered to abbreviate national security checks at one of the nation"s busiest ports of entry to speed up travel between the United States and Mexico, according to official documents and multiple interviews with agents.


"At 30 to 40 minutes of 'wait time,' we were querying the driver only at the request of our supervisors," said an El Paso customs agent, who spoke with The Washington Times this month on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.

"Basically, we were only running the documents of the driver every fifth vehicle, so everyone else was coming in without being checked to the same standards. Even if you stick with the letter of this memo, it still falls short for national security purposes."

The memo includes the following determining factors on whether terrorists, drug runners and smugglers should be let into our country:

  • If wait time is 45 minutes or less, officers are required to query all drivers and passengers older than 18 and ensure that the license plate is correct.
  • If wait time is 45 to 60 minutes, customs officers are to query only the driver and 50 percent of the passengers. Also, the officers are not to conduct compartment checks and density-meter readings used to find contraband.
  • If wait time is 60 to 120 minutes or more — the average wait at the numerous crossings — they are to query only the driver and ensure that the license plate is correct.

Nice to know what El Paso field office Director Luis Garcia's priorities are.

The memo also includes wait time's for pedestrian traffic:

According to the memo, if the pedestrian crossing wait is more than one hour, "query at a rate of 30 percent of pedestrian traffic."

And it even gets better. In another memo Customs and Border Protection Chief George Carpenter sent out, customs agents were told not to deny permits to any person, even if they've overstayed visas in the past.

CBP Chief George Carpenter, shift commander, sent a memorandum to all border inspectors informing them never to deny I-94 forms, which allow non-immigrants extended stay in the United States, even if those people failed to turn in previous forms required by law. All the El Paso inspectors were required to sign the memorandum.

And to make sure his memorandum was enforced - rather than federal law - agents who actually denied entry were reprimanded.

So who's looking out for you? Well the group NumbersUSA is! Rosemary Jeknks points out that the memorandum violates federal law

In Section 110 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, all border inspectors are to collect a record of departure for every alien departing the United States and match the records of departure with the record of the alien's arrival in the United States.

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure the attorney general has the ability to identify people who overstay their visas for national security reasons.


"Without an exit system, we have no way to determine whether visa holders have violated our immigration law," Ms. Jenks said. "It creates a huge loophole by which aliens can exploit and gain from the system and remain in the United States far longer than their visa allows."

Other agents said this written memorandum has been a verbal order for years and that they didn't specifically put it in writing because they could then get away with it and deny they made it if there were any questions.

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