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Surfers Carjacked, Held At Gunpoint In Mexico - Say No To Mexican Vacations

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Three American surfers headed to Baha, Mexico to catch some waves. Never did they expect that they would be held at gunpoint by police, carjacked, have all their money taken, be forced to climb down a cliff, fear for their lives, be ignored when trying to file a report, almost end up kidnapped and have a contract put out on them.

That's what happened to these three though and you can read all about it, not in your local paper, but in Surfer Magazine

They crossed the border at 4:30 a.m. and preceded toward the toll road, driving along the well-worn road that hugs the border and then climbs the steep hill toward the Tijuana beaches, the bullring and coastal destinations further south. It is the road that everyone who has ever traveled into Northern Baja has been on. And the guys were fired up and optimistic as they followed the road south and descended less than half a mile from the USA/Mexico border. Then the blue lights hit their rear view mirror. Cops.


They were being pulled over. "This stuff comes with the territory," explained Roger. "Duke and I didn't feel the least bit apprehensive; pay the cop for whatever bullshit reason he comes up with and move on. Good surf awaited." The three surfers knew the drill; this area is notorious for the $40 Mexican cop shakedown.


"Open the door, " the cop said to Roger as he rolled down the passenger window. A handgun pointed at Roger's eyes. "Open the f-ing door," the cop said a second time as he slammed the gun against Roger's right temple, reached in and pulled the door open.


With a black semi-automatic gun to his head, Roger was led to the roadside guardrail by the masked man and into a dark, open lot with a formidable cliff 30 yards away.


Meanwhile Walt ... was dealing with his own nightmare. "One of the Mexicans jumped in next to me pushed his cocked gun into my face pushing my head onto the dashboard," ... "The thug on the passenger side grabbed my shirt and put me over the road-side guardrail," explained Walt. The Mexican forced Walt's head over the guardrail and cocked the gun against the back of his head. Walt was waiting to die. Walt glanced up and out of the corner of his eye saw Roger down on his knees over by the cliff with a gun pointing on him.

Read the rest of the story and then answer this question.

Do you still want to take a trip to Mexico?

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