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Mexican Trucks Roll Today - Say Goodbye To Your Safety, Security And Money

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First it was agriculture where apparently no American wanted a job. Then it was construction where apparently no Americans would work. Then it was manufacturing sent to China because no American wanted those jobs. Then it was tech, where apparently not enough Americans wanted a job so H1-b's were brought in on a mass scale. Now, today it's the trucking industry where apparently no Americans want a job.

It seems Americans just don't want to work, according to our leaders.

Mexican trucks begin their insecure romp through our country unabated today as once again our safety and security is put aside in order for unscrupulous businesses to make a quick buck.

Say hello to more drugs. Say hello to more illegal aliens. Say hello to lower wages and less jobs for Americans. Say hello to the simplest way yet for terrorists to ply their trade.

An untold number of Mexican trucks will cross our borders today as 100 Mexican truck companies have been given the go ahead in a "pilot program". 100 Mexican companies is not a "pilot program" it is a full blown operation.

Is there anything our government won't do to destroy the working class of this country?

And guess what, in the end you get to pay for this lovely privilege! How? Because now you get to also pay for all the welfare and social services that these displaced American truckers will now have to take, all so that a few business owners can make a few dollars more.

Isn't this such a win-win for the American people? I'm glad our president is looking out for us!

Here's a take from an all-American trucker on Family Security Matters (via Freedom Folks):

Who will be driving these trucks? Quite frankly, we do not know. The U.S. Department of Transportation will have you believe they will be driven by hard working Mexican truckers, fluent in English with full working knowledge of our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration laws regulating the U.S. trucking industry. Yes, just like they would have you believe the millions of illegal aliens who have invaded our country are here just to pick lettuce.


Why pay an American driver 45 cents per mile to haul freight to the Mexican border when a company can dispatch a load to their Mexican driver in the U.S. for a fraction of what the American driver would make? According to OOIDA president, Jim Johnston, in the August/September issue of Landline Magazine:

“Mexican drivers typically earn less than a third of what American drivers earn. Consequently, Mexican trucking companies will be able to deeply undercut U.S. rates and still earn substantially more than they can south of the border.”

Like the illegal alien invasion in the construction industry, the driver pay of the American trucker will decrease further, as we barely earn a living wage now.

And from Frosty Wooldridge, a former trucker.

Thousands of Mexican drivers without formal driving standards, without drug testing and without legal passports to identify them to us—shortly will invade America’s freeways.

They lack the ability to write and read in English, jeopardizing safety checks and logbook protocol. To top it off, they lack experience driving in snow and major metropolitan gridlock traffic.

As a former United Van Lines truck trainer and safety officer, I charge President Bush and Congress for contempt of American truckers and American jobs. Of all the lowball frauds Bush perpetrated on American workers—this one takes the cake. Soon, he’ll be telling us that these Mexican drivers “do the jobs that American truckers won’t do.”


As Mexican drivers spread across the USA, they will grab loads from independent truckers by charging less per mile. They’ll undercut our drivers, thus slamming them into unemployment lines. Companies will make more money for their executives, while we’ll pay unemployment checks for our out-of-work truckers.

I'm waiting for them to put bloggers out of work, since obviously it's work that people like me really don't want to do.

And from Tony Dolz we have the kicker to end all kickers for what kind of job your kids will have in the future...

Trans-national capital has already outsourced the bulk of all the production that was worth outsourcing and today there is less instances of outsourcing as the investment capital is going to China and other cheap labor countries directly. These developments have left behind in America mostly service jobs and certain kinds of jobs that are by nature locked to the land/culture, for example, truck driving, law practice, real estate and government jobs.

Yep, they've left behind service jobs because they couldn't be outsourced, then they left the borders wide open so that illegal alien cheap labor can come in here and fill those service jobs for a lower cost.

So the answer to "What job will your kid have when they get out of school?" is: None!

What a joy the future of our country is looking to shape up to be for American citizens!

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I am sorry to disagree but how can you say that our children will have no jobs if immigrants (which are not all mexicans) come in here and take them all no im sorry but that is not what i tell my children ever. They are not here to invade the US and i am really bothered by the kind of things you can write about this, it isnt only because of mexicans that your loosing jobs i am sorry to say but if you want a good paying job go back to school, and you know its so sad to see american citizens complain about this country you would never hear a humble person from nigeria or sudan or darfur or even mexico complain about all the opportunites given to us by this country. Not even i complain and i am a citizen of this country that gives you everything its like my mom said "si trabajas duro y con todo tu corazon todo esta a tu alcance" "if you work hard and with all your heart anything is in your reach"

Posted by: lizett on October 29, 2007 06:17 PM

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