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Text Of My Speech In Freeland, Pennsylvania August 26, 2007

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Text of the speech I gave in Freeland, Pennsylvania August 26, 2007 at the Voice of the People immigration rally followed by the video.

How Much More Are We Supposed To Take?

I have one question for you today. "How much more are we supposed to take?" How much as Americans are we supposed to put up with?

We currently have illegal aliens in this country openly "hiding out" in churches.

We have our low wage earners being displaced from jobs as illegal aliens are hired by unscrupulous businesses.

We have sex predators, drug runners and other assorted criminals crossing our borders daily.

We have leaders in communities setting up so called "sanctuary policies" in their towns and cities so that these criminals can reside there without fear of law enforcement.

As far as jobs let me ask you to take this into consideration. Much has been said about how illegal aliens are receiving taxpayer funded benefits - and they are, billions alone in California - , but you hear little mention of the costs we are incurring by those American citizens and legal residents displaced from their jobs by those same illegal aliens. These legal low wage earners also have to use taxpayer funded benefits, of course they do have a right to these benefits, but we could avoid having to shell out these taxpayer funds if they could continue to work in their field of choice.

I received a comment the other day on my website. An old tired argument thrown out by the illegal alien community that "as soon as there is a recession everyone blames the illegal aliens". Well I'd just like to point out that we are not in a recession currently. That means there is another reason that people are fed up with illegal immigration. That reason is because it is inherently wrong, a crime and is destroying the fabric of communities across this nation.

How much more are we supposed to take?

In this country we have a right to protest. A right to have our greivances addressed, but so far all we've gotten is lip service from our leaders. These leaders are feeding us this lip service because they want the problem to continue.

Earlier this month in Chicago, Jake and Michelle Jacobsen of the website FreedomFolks.com were attending a once monthly rally in support of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. Arriving early, a group of 30-40 illegal aliens and their communist and socialist supporters, surrounded this married couple and separated them as they shouted "Death to the Minuteklan". Now I met Jake in Washington DC about 5 months ago and he's not a little guy, but this crowd forced them apart. They assaulted Michelle and as they shoved Jake around stole his thousand dollar video camera from his hands. It was found later smashed to pieces on the ground.

In Los Angeles members of the group ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism) began spreading a rumor that Ted Hayes, National Chair of Choose Black America a group that fights for the rights of black Americans who are losing their jobs to illegal alien labor, was working for the KKK. That's right a black man working for the KKK. Although these myths were quickly rebutted by Mr. Hayes he was assaulted and spit upon recently at a press conference denouncing violence that has been occurring against blacks in Los Angeles by illegal alien gangs.

In Maywood, California last year, members of the group Save Our State protested the city's sanctuary policy. Now Maywood is 96% Latino and while its official population is 28,000, even local city officials admit that if illegal aliens were also counted the true population would be 45,000. Illegal Aliens and their supporters, including the above mentioned ANSWER and the Mexica Movement, which is a group of racist "reconquistas" who claim that the southwest of the United States is still part of Mexico, vandalized Save Our State protesters cars. In addition illegal aliens stormed the area pulling down the American flag and raising the Mexican flag on federal property.

Is this what you want for your community? Because if we don't act now, this is what's coming your way.

My question to you again is "How much more are we supposed to take?"

I leave you with one thought.

We are in the right on this issue and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sometimes Truth, Justice and the American way needs a little wake up call. Unfortunately, in the past, it has come in the form of Pearl Harbor and September 11th. Well we are currently under another form of attack today. A "shadow invasion" being openly supported and pushed by businesses and politicians in this country.

So as I began, I end on this question... and you can say it with me... "How much more are we supposed to take?"

I want to thank you for coming here today and attempting to give Truth, Justice and The American Way a little wake up slap and call to action.

No to amnesty. No to sanctuary cities. No to the continued injustice we are being forced to accept.

Thank you for your time and thanks to Voice of the People for inviting me.

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