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Why Does Diggers Realm Show John McCain Ads?

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OK, I've been getting a number of emails asking why I am sponsoring John McCain advertising on my website. For instance here is an email I just received from reader David who is now questioning my integrity.

I always enjoyed reading your website, but now I question your choice in paid advertisers.

Seeing that you have ads posted by John McCain and Linsey Graham, who are two of the biggest supporters of giving amnesty and too numerous support to Illegals, I question you on your reasons.

I was a lifelong Republican and a supporter of John McCain, until all these dirty and behind closed door deals happened.


Linsey Graham will get his walking papers from the citizens of South Carolina...Hey there Linsey, don't let the door hit you in the ass! Adios amigo

Thanks for allowing me to give my opinion, and for you thinking about being picky with your advertisers!



First of all thanks for reading and writing David. I appreciate all comments that people send in, even critiques.

Let me assure you that this is not truly my doing. The advertising that you see on the top of the website and in certain spots in my design are through Google.

Here is a reply I sent to reader Carolyn asking why I allow immigration attorneys to advertise here.

I use Google AdSense on my website for advertising. Google uses the content of my pages to display ads that they feel are relevant to it. I did not "sell out" to some attorneys and I did not pick these advertisers myself as sponsors. I do have the ability to block advertising, but I have to do it ad by ad and I simply can't block the thousands of attorneys advertising on the Internet through Google that may appear on my website.

There is one thing you can take solace in throughout all of this if you ever see an ad on here from an opposing viewpoint. That is that they are spending money to advertise here and thus they are funding their opposition by doing so and allowing me to continue to attack them and show them to be the anti-American people they are.

I know they're annoying and I hate to see them myself.

But if you ever do see an ad like that here on The Realm now you can smirk to yourself knowing that they are only defeating themselves.

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