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Tancredo's Stance On Energy Independence, Taxes, Health Care, Education And Iran [Video]

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California Yankee of Redstate asked Tom Tancredo some questions last week about Tancredo's focus should he become president. Tancredo responded generously with a video of his answers rather than just a written reply.

California Yankee has sent Tancredo some further questions and Tom has once again put together a video of his answers while driving in his car.

Tancredo responds to a question on climate change and energy. Tancredo believes that becoming "energy self sufficient" and relying more on nuclear, biofuels, solar and wind power is the way to go. He seems to stress nuclear as a center point. Tancredo also says that energy self sufficiency should be set as a goal on the order of putting a man on the moon. He says that it is not only a national security issue, but using alternatives to petroleum will reduce our carbon emissions. Tancredo does believe in drilling off of the continental shelf to reduce dependence on foreign petroleum and to gather as much energy as we can from within the United States while we transition to other forms of fuel.

Regarding taxes Tancredo reiterated the he believe in the fair tax, a consumption tax, which would result in an economic explosion and that the United States would become a tax haven for companies around the world creating economic opportunities, jobs and lower cost goods

For health care Tancredo believes in providing more opportunities for individuals, such as health savings accounts which would allow the use of pre-tax dollars for individuals to purchase services directly. He believes associations should be able to come together to offer their members lower cost insurance through pooled resources, such as YMCA's and associations like that. He says that current federal regulations prevent groups like that from getting together to lower insurance costs. Tancredo also says that people should be able to choose insurers in other states and that there is no reason why someone in one state shouldn't be allowed to buy from an insurer just because they're licensed in another state and where they can get a better deal. It would create competition in the marketplace.

He also says that cracking down on illegal immigration will reduce costs. He points out that 86 hospitals alone in California closed in a study dated 5 years ago and that it's probably well over 100 now. California is spending $1 billion a year just on illegal immigrant health care.

Regarding education, Tancredo believes in school choice and vouchers. In 1992 Tancredo got vouchers put on the ballot in Colorado. He says choice is good because it provides competition. He states that if you scour the Constitution you will find no role of the federal government being involved in the education system. Tancredo says that it is a local and state responsibility, but even moreso it should be the parents responsibility to send their child to the best school possible, including homeschoolers whom he supports completely.

The final question was on Iran and nukes and their support of terror. Tancredo states that we should not allow them to become a nuclear nation and that it would create very serious problems for the Middle East and enormous nuclear proliferation throughout the world. Tancredo says we should take every step possible in differing levels of severity to prevent that including economic, diplomatic, interdicting of gasoline supplies and lastly military intervention.

I tend to agree with Tancredo on pretty much all of his statements above. From nuclear energy to school choice to health savings and stopping Iran.

Watch the video below.

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Posted by: an American citizen on July 6, 2007 01:36 AM

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